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"What does Mrs. Ye mean?" Mr. Wen's face sank directly. He might be able to endure other things, but if someone scolded his family Qingqing, he could not bear it.

    Although he is very satisfied with Ye Sishen, even if he is still satisfied with Ye Sishen, he can't force his family Qing Qing to marry Ye Family hard.

    Mrs. Ye's words are really too annoying.

    "Nothing else, it is to advise some people not to toad to eat swan meat." Mrs. Ye looked at Mr. Wen, a sneer sneer obviously on her face.

    Everyone listened to the words of the elderly at night, and they all froze one after another. What is the situation?

    Could it be that the stupid and ugly young lady Toad of the Wen family wanted to eat swan meat and wanted to hit the night with the young man?

    If this is the case, Miss Wen is really too self-control, too shameful.

    "Toad wants to eat swan meat? Since Mrs. Yeh said, why didn't she dare to make it clear..." Mr. Wen has never been a bully, let alone his family's Qingqing, so even at this moment He is from the Ye Family, and he has no intention of retreating at all, so he will make it clear.

    "Okay, okay, don't quarrel." Master Qin, as the master, naturally came out round the field.

    "Why, this set of jewelry worn by Mrs. Ye Lao today is really beautiful." Mrs. Qin responded quickly, trying to find ways to divert Mrs. Ye Lao's attention.

    "This is specially designed by Yunan for me." I have to say that Mrs. Qin's method is still very effective. Mrs. Ye laughed on the face and turned to look at Qiao Yunan, who was speaking to her. His eyes are very kind, and his attitude is more obvious.

    "I have long heard that Miss Qiao is a genius in the design industry, and it really seems to be well-deserved." Some people watched Mrs. Ye's attitude towards Qiao Yunan, naturally flattering.

    "But I looked at this set of jewelry worn by Mrs. Ye Lao as familiar as if I've seen it somewhere." Mrs. Zhong looked at the jewels worn by Mrs. Ye, frowning slightly. Mrs. Zhong has always loved jewelry, and she is also quite concerned about jewelry There is research, and Mrs. Zhong has always loved the most.

    "How is it possible? This was specially designed for me by Nanan." Mrs. Ye was slightly stunned when she heard her words, and was somewhat dissatisfied, but her face did not show it.

    Qiao Yunan, who stood next to Mrs. Ye, changed her face slightly, and her eyes quickly disappeared with a little panic. Impossible and impossible.

    "But I really look familiar." If you change someone else on such occasions, you might not say much, but Mrs. Zhong is a person who especially loves more real people. She thought it very seriously. I thought, and then exclaimed suddenly: "Right, I remembered that when I was at a banquet last time, Mrs. Lan was wearing such a set of jewelry at that time, almost exactly the same."

    Qiao Yunan heard Mrs. Zhong's words, her face changed instantly, and her body froze obviously. She never thought that things would be so coincident.

    "Mrs. Lan? Which Mrs. Lan? I haven't heard of it." Mrs. Ye's eyebrows were a little bit more dissatisfied. Of course, the gesture was as proud as ever.

    "Mrs. Zhong, don't talk nonsense on such occasions." Qiao Yunan was very nervous at the moment, but she tried to control herself. What she said to Mrs. Zhong can be said to bring a few There is a clear warning.

    If you are an ordinary person, you will definitely stop here, but you just met a brainless Mrs. Zhong.

    "I didn't talk nonsense, I took the picture at that time, you see, this is it, it's almost the same." Mrs. Zhong took out her phone, quickly turned over a few photos, and then handed the phone over.

    Originally on this occasion, everyone likes to watch the liveliest. Everyone sees Mrs. Zhong taking out the photos, and naturally they go to see them one after another.

    "The jewelry worn by this lady is exactly the same as the set worn by Mrs. Ye at night. What's going on?"

    "Will someone plagiarize Miss Qiao's design?"

    "But this picture was taken by me six months ago." Mrs. Zhong heard the question from the man and repeated the sentence.

    "Who designed the jewelry worn by Mrs. Blue at that time?" Someone asked again deliberately, and the meaning of this sentence was a little more complicated.

    "I'll check." Mrs. Zhong was too serious in her work, and checked on the spot. Then, her eyes suddenly lifted up and looked at Qiao Yunan, her expression changed a little strangely for a while: "Mrs. Lan designed this The designer of the jewelry set is also Miss Qiao Yunan Qiao."

    As soon as Mrs. Zhong's words came out, Qiao Yunan's stiff body shook obviously, and her heart was suddenly cold for a while. She really didn't expect that this would happen.

    Yes, she used the design once before. This time she couldn't think of a better one, and there was no usable design in the design draft she had stolen, so she used it again.

    She thought it was there, and Mrs. Lan only wore it once. She thought no one would recognize it, but she never expected it to happen.

    "In this way, Miss Qiao's jewelry specially designed for Mrs. Ye has been used by others before." Mr. Wen said with a sneer. This is not necessary for Mr. Wen to say that everyone knows it, but at this moment, Mr. Wen said so Out, it makes some people more embarrassed.

    Mrs. Ye Lao looked at Qiao Yunan. When she saw Qiao Yunan's reaction, she instantly understood everything. Mrs. Ye Lao's complexion turned ugly for a time. When did she suffer such humiliation.

    She originally wanted to humiliate Mr. Wen, but now she was humiliated by Mr. Wen, but because of this she could not refute it.

    "Ah, Mrs. Wen's jewelry is so amazing." Just now, Mrs. Zhong suddenly exclaimed.

    Everyone heard Mrs. Zhong's words, and then they looked to He Xiuping who had been standing beside Wen Old Master silently. For a time, he was shocked by the jewelry worn by He Xiuping.

    "Really beautiful, this is the first time I have seen such beautiful jewelry."

    "Yeah, yeah, it's really amazing at a glance."

    Women love jewellery, and these ladies are even more in love, with their eyes straightened.

    He Xiuping was a little embarrassed by them, but there was a little more comfort and pride on her face. This was designed by Qing Qing for her. These people praised this set of jewelry, which is also a praise for Qing Qing.

    "Lady Wen, is this your new product from Wen's? I'll hurry to order a set." Mrs. Zhong has always preferred jewelry, so such a beautiful piece of jewelry will naturally be ordered.