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#138 Important things

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What is the relationship between her and Bai Yirui?

    "Brother, haven't I told you?" Qin Wushao at the other end of the phone was a little ignorant. Didn't he tell him about this?

    He didn't tell his third brother about such an important thing? !

    "Brother, didn't you let me check Wen Ruoqing five years ago? Didn't I tell you that Wen Ruoqing talked to a boyfriend when he was in high school? That person is Bai Yirui, so Bai Yirui is Wen Ruoqing's ex-boyfriend." Qin Wushao did not wait for the night to ask again, and then explained again and again.

    Ex-boyfriend? Ye Sishen's hand holding the phone secretly tightened, and a pair of eyes narrowed slightly.

    "Bai Yirui went to Wen Ruoqing's school as a substitute teacher. At that time, Wen Ruoqing's grades were too poor, and Bai Yirui took the initiative to give Wen Ruoqing a supplementary lesson, and it was good to make up for the two. At that time, I even decided to marry Bai Yirui after graduating from high school and have children for Bai Yirui. However, from the later events, Bai Yirui's proximity to Wen Ruoqing obviously had another purpose, but Wen Ruoqing's feelings for Bai Yirui must be true, and he loved deeply. After Wen Ruoqing broke up with Bai Yirui, Wen Ruoqing dropped out of school for two months, fearing that the injury was too deep, and he could not admit to the blow for a while. Qin Wushao knew that the night when Shen Si and Wen Ruoqing married had other intentions, he always thought they would Divorce, so, these words Qin Wushao said unbridled, and did not feel that there was any problem.

    Ye Sishen's face was extremely gloomy, looking at the scary outside, and the few people who followed came to a halt and dared not move forward for a while.

    Secretary Liu was also secretly shocked. Whose phone did the president answer, how did it suddenly become so terrible?

    The next moment, Secretary Liu's eyes flashed quickly, and immediately understood that this call was probably from Qin Wushao.

    Five years ago, the president he remembered asked Qin Wushao to investigate his wife's affairs, so he just called Qin Wushao to ask about the situation.

    He didn't expect Qin Wushao to move so fast. He didn't know what Qin Wushao told the president on the phone, making the president become like this.

    At the moment, Wen Ruoqing was sitting in the car and saw the change in his look. She was also a little strange, but she didn't expect this phone call to be related to her and Bai Yirui.

    Ye Si Shen hung up the phone, quickly opened the door, got in the car, and sat in the back row with Wen Ruoqing.

    Originally, Si Si wanted to take Wen Ruoqing's "twisted feet" and leave Wen Ruoqing first, but now he changed his mind again.

    Just on the phone, Qin Ting said that Bai Yirui used her back then. Now that Bai Yirui is singing again?

    He wanted to see what Bai Yirui really meant? See what Bai Yirui wants to do?

    Secretary Liu saw his president got in the car, and still sat in the back row, ran over again and again.

    "Is it true that Mr. Wen just rides in the nightclub's car?" Manager Li looked very worried, and always felt wrong.

    "What's wrong?" Chu Ling'er looked at her with special satisfaction. The family was a couple. What happened to the car? People still sleep in a bed!

    "I'm worried about ..." Manager Li is worried about many things at the moment, worrying that Wen Ruoqing has caused Ye Sanshao, and also fears that the cloudy and uncertain Ye Sanshao scared Wen Ruoqing.

    "It was Ye Shao who personally carried the elementary school girl in the car, or would you take the elementary school girl back." Chu Ling'er turned his eyes and looked at him with amusement.

    A word grab made Manager Li shut his mouth instantly.

    Ye Sishen's face was still heavy after getting on the bus, but it was much better than before.

    But he did not speak, nor did he ask Wen Ruoqing anything.

    Wen Ruoqing saw that he was in a bad mood, he did not speak, and Wen Ruoqing did not speak, and the car was extremely quiet for a time.

    When Wen Ruoqing glanced sideways, he found a car tracking behind from the rearview mirror.

    Wen Ruoqing's vigilance has always been extremely high, and her observation ability is very strong. She recognized at a glance that it was Bai Yirui's car (at the gate of Yeshi at that time, Bai Yirui was parked on the side of the car).

    Wen Ruoqing's brow frowned slightly, what did Bai Yirui want to do?

    It has been seven years since she broke up with him. In the past seven years, he hasn't had any intersection with her, and hasn't even made a phone call. What does he mean now?

    No matter what Bai Yirui wants to do, she and Bai Yirui have already come to fruition, and there will be no relationship anymore, so Wen Ruoqing doesn't want to ignore it.

    Ye Sishen also found Bai Yirui to follow them. He also saw Wen Ruoqing's reaction. Ye Sanshao's eyes flashed slightly. She should have just discovered it. It seems that her vigilance and observation are really powerful At this moment, Secretary Liu who drove the car has not yet found out.

    Since she found out, what is her reaction now?

    Yesan Shao thought of what Qin Ting said on the phone, and his eyes became a little more complicated.

    "President, there seems to be someone behind us." After walking a distance, Secretary Liu also found: "It seems to be the car of Qingrui Group President Bai."

    When Secretary Liu said this, he exhaled secretly. Bai Yirui must have followed them because of his wife. The president must be angry again?

    Wen Ruoqing did not react in any way and seemed to have nothing to do with her.

    In Wen Ruoqing's opinion, it really has nothing to do with her.

    Ye Sishen saw her reaction and raised her eyebrows slightly: "Don't worry about him, let him follow."

    Wen Ruoqing still didn't react, and didn't even move her eyebrows.

    Ye Si's lips were slightly pursed, she is so good to cover up? Still really careless?

    Maybe you do n’t care? ! After all, the love was so deep!

    For a time, the car was quiet again.

    When you arrive at the booked hotel, the meals are all set, so you will have to drink alcohol on such occasions.

    Wen Ruoqing is allergic to wine, and the smell of wine in the air is getting stronger, making her very uncomfortable. She excuses herself to go to the bathroom and leaves the room.

    After Wen Ruoqing left, he didn't come back after a long time, and the last bathroom was definitely not used for so long.

    Ye Sishen's complexion has changed somewhat.

    "Oh, the elementary school girl hasn't come back for so long, shouldn't he go on a date?" Chu Ling'er looked at Ye Si Shen and said intentionally.

    Shen Mingming, who saw Ye Siming, was anxious. She wanted to see when Ye Sishen could sit still?

    "What are you talking about? Mr. Wen said to go to the bathroom." Manager Li was startled when he heard Chu Ling'er's words, and glared at her with a little dissatisfaction. In such a case, how can such words be said nonsense?

    At this moment, Ye Sishen's mobile phone suddenly heard the sound of a short message. When Ye Sishen saw the content of the short interest, a pair of eyes narrowed ...