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#126 Her plan

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All the company executives in the meeting room arrived, and Mr. Wen walked into the meeting room with Wen Ruoqing. Everyone froze when they saw Wen Ruoqing.

    Previously, Mr. Wen disclosed that he would transfer Wen's to Wen Ruoqing, but Wen's current situation is that these senior executives of the company are clear. As far as the company's current situation is, Mr. Wen is unable to return to heaven.

    Let this Miss Wen come now?

    Is this because the company is not destroyed fast enough?

    "From today, Ruoqing will be the president of the company, responsible for all affairs of the company." Everyone was secretly doubting, but Mr. Wen directly announced his decision.

    As soon as Mr. Wen's words fell, the room immediately exploded.

    "Mr. Wen, you know the current situation of the company. At this time, you hand over the company to Missy. Do you want to destroy the company directly? I know Missy's illness is cured, but this is a big business issue. Miss does not understand after all. "

    "Yes, Manager Li is right. Now that the company is in such a situation, you need to be in charge of the overall situation."

    "Mr. Wen, you clearly know that the company is struggling now. How can you make such a decision at this time?"

    Several old leaders of the company have followed Mr. Wen for many years and are loyal to the company.

    Of course, their attitudes clearly expressed one thing. They did not believe in Wen Ruoqing, and they did not believe at all.

    "I have decided this matter. From now on, Ruoqing is the president of the company. You listen to everything about her." Although Mr. Wen was also skeptical about Wen Ruoqing, since this matter has already been decided, then he will She should be let go.

    Mr. Wen's prestige in the company is extremely high. As soon as he said this, no one would dare to say anything.

    "Qingqing, let's say a few words." Master Wen thought about this situation. Wen Ruoqing was definitely going to make a speech or something. If this speech is made well, it can also play a certain role.

    "Let's break up." But Wen Ruoqing didn't say anything. Some things weren't done by words, but by doing things. It was useless to talk about anything. She always looked at the results.

    Everyone in the meeting room looked at each other, and then they couldn't help shaking their heads and sighed, it seems that this company is going to be completely over.

    Mr. Wen also exhaled secretly, so he handed over the company to Qingqing, wouldn't it be too capricious?

    He clearly knew that Qingqing didn't understand this.

    It's just that he just announced it just now, and it's impossible to take it back anymore. And what's the worse for the company now?

    "Qingqing, what are you going to do next?" Mr. Wen brought Wen Ruoqing to the office, but he couldn't help asking.

    "Recruiting a designer." Wen Ruoqing replied unhurriedly, his expression calm and indifferent.

    Father Wen: "..."

    Looking for a designer? Are designers so easy to find? In this case, will Qingrui allow Wenshi to recruit designers?

    Besides, the registration time given by Ye's side is three days. After three days, the work selection will start directly. There are still two days left, and the time is simply too late.

    Qingqing, this child thinks things too simply! !

    "Using all channels of the company to send news, the company urgently hires designers, and any condition can be discussed." Old Master Wen was thinking, Wen Ruoqing had ordered the secretary to arrange.

    Wen Ruoqing naturally understood that under Qingrui's utmost pressure, it was impossible to recruit first-class designers in these two days.

    Therefore, Wen Ruoqing only did it for others, and she arranged everything.

    Mr. Wen was stunned for a while, and then sighed silently. It seems that he was indeed too capricious! !

    But after seeing Wen Ruoqing look confident, Mr. Wen finally said nothing.

    The executives of the company waited after the meeting, although they did not believe that Wen Ruoqing would make any useful decisions, but they still had some hope.

    Until I learned that Wen Ruoqing had just issued an order to recruit designers, he did nothing but sighed one by one.

    Since a few years ago, Qing Rui has been digging up Wen's designers for a high price, so from a few years ago, their announcement of Wen's recruitment of designers has not stopped. But their design of Wen's is getting less and less, less and less.

    What's the use of Miss Wen's announcement to hire a designer now?

    In fact, in the past few years, Wen has been robbed by Qingrui not only of designers, but also of some company executives. What is left now are the elders of some companies.

    Seeing this situation in the company now, they are all distressed.

    The company's senior executives wanted to talk to Mr. Wen again, but Mr. Wen had left the company.

    Several senior leaders went to the office to find Wen Ruoqing and said some of their views and methods. No matter what they said, Wen Ruoqing nodded and said yes. In this way, Wen Ruoqing made everyone feel unconcerned. disappointed.

    "President, my wife went to Wen's today and became Wen's president, and then issued a notice to recruit designers. Then there was no more movement on Wen's side." Ye Si Shen went upstairs and had not entered the office. , Secretary Liu quickly reported this situation, and did not dare to miss it.

    Ye Si Shen stopped, he knew about Wen Ruoqing's going to Wen's, Wen Ruoqing left a note for him, and wrote it clearly.

    But does she hire a designer?

    Everyone knows that it is difficult to recruit designers in this situation, and the time is too short.

    Does she really want to hire a designer, or does she have another purpose?

    Ye Si Shen Jue's thing is not so simple.

    Originally, he wanted to test her through this matter.

    "Yeah, I see." Ye Sishen's lips slightly ticked. No matter what she wanted to do, she would definitely come to participate in Ye's activities. By then, everything was clear.

    So now he is not in a hurry.

    Secretary Liu looked at his president and his eyes flashed quickly. How did he feel that his president seemed to be calculating?

    What is the president calculating? Do you count your wife?

    "Have you checked the name of Qingrui? Have you checked?" Secretary Liu was thinking, and Ye Sishen asked suddenly.

    Secretary Liu's lips twitched slightly, is that a matter of name?

    The president clearly wants to know whether Bai Ruirui, the president of Mingrui Group, has anything to do with his wife?

    Of course, Secretary Liu just thought about it in his heart, and he certainly did not dare to say it. He had planned to report this matter to the president: "I have checked all of this matter."