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After Wen Ruoqing tore his clothes, he lowered his head again and took a hard bite in front of his chest.

Ye Sishen's lips twitched fiercely. It was painful, but also shocked. He was still thinking about why she ripped his clothes?

It turned out that she was biting him more conveniently, she could do it! !

At this moment, Ye Sishen could not find a word to describe his mood.

They are all drunk, why is this time completely different from the last time?

How cute she was last time! !

Why did this happen this time?

Ye Si Shen was thinking, for a while, Wen Ruoqing took another bite in front of him.

It hurts, it really hurts, because Wen Ruoqing is drunk at this moment, she doesn't know the control force at all, she really bites it, and she used the force that she didn't need, so it really hurts.

However, every time she bites him, when her lips stick to his skin, that feeling makes Ye Sishen even more crazy.

"Qing Qing." Ye Sishen's body was stiff, and it seemed that there was a current slipping where her lips fell, spreading all over his body quickly, he could not help but called her, and the voice was obviously hoarse.

He wanted to stop her. Previously, he hadn't stopped her, so she let her bite, but now...

However, after all, he couldn't bear to push her away hard. At the moment when he slightly hesitated, Wen Ruoqing had already bitten it.

In fact, Wen Ruoqing has been bitten for so long, and has been bitten tired, not as hard as before, so this time, it is not very painful, but the bit she bite, almost made Ye Si sink out of control.

However, it was clear that Wen Ruoqing didn't notice it. This time, she didn't raise her head, her lips rubbed against his skin, and she took another place and took a bite.

At this moment, Wen Ruoqing is indeed bitten, so this time the force is lighter, basically it can't be considered a bite, but it seems like a kind of alternative tease.

In addition, she didn't look up now, her lips slipped on his skin again and again, making Ye Sishen feel that he was about to die.

Ye Sanshao suddenly thought of a sentence at the moment, that is, self-inflicted life cannot be lived.

He designed to make her guilty, but now he is the one who suffers and suffers! !

There is only one thought in his heart now.

However, Wen Ruoqing is drunk at the moment, so she doesn't know what is happening now?

"Qingqing, let's change the way. If you are afraid of hurting your hands, you will hit something. Let's not bite, shall we?" Ye Si Shenjue went on like this, he would go crazy, he would collapse, so, he Try to discuss with Wen Ruoqing.

"No, I will use a bite." However, Wen Ruoqing does not listen to him at this moment. The drunken person is too self-willed and unreasonable. There is no justification for self-will.

Wen Ruoqing said, bowed his head again and took a bite

Ye Si exhaled harshly.

At this moment, Ye Sishen's body had reached the limit of patience, and she was constantly nibbling in front of him at this moment, stimulating every nerve of his body, stimulating him crazy.

However, Ye Sishen knew that he could not ask her at this time. If he really wanted her now, when she wakes up tomorrow, it is estimated that she can really kill him.

Therefore, no matter how uncomfortable Ye Si Shen is at this moment, he can only endure it, desperately.

He wanted to push her away and take a cold shower, but he couldn't bear to push her away.

Moreover, he knew that she was drunk now, he was afraid that she would push her like this, she would come up with other tricks.

At the moment, he is really afraid.

He wanted to be patient, seeing her like this, he was almost exhausted, and it shouldn't be a long time.

Yes, Wen Ruoqing really had no strength at the moment, so she bite lighter and lighter, but her bite position moved down more and more.

Slowly moving down in front of him, to his abdomen, her small hand fell on his abdomen, above his belt.

Even if she just pressed it, she touched it back and forth.

If she didn’t know she couldn’t drink, she would faint as soon as she drank, and Ye Si Shen suspected she was pretending at the moment.

Of course, if she is not drunk, it is absolutely impossible for him to do so.

Her lips landed on his skin again, exactly on his abdomen, her teeth slightly opened, and she took a bite. She might not feel enough, and then took another bite.

Ye Si took a deep breath.

At this moment, Ye Si Shen really regretted deceiving her to drink wine, regretting making her drunk.

At this moment, Si Shen felt that there were tens of thousands of small bugs biting on her body, and itching from the inside to the outside was a discomfort.

In fact, to solve this problem is very simple, because the "antidote" is beside him, but he can't do anything, only to endure, only suffer, can't do anything.

Ye Si pondered, wouldn't he be suffocated by her tossing like this? Will it be useless?

If she really suffocated him, she would no longer be'happy' in the future.

Fortunately, Wen Ruoqing was about to toss about, just tossed so much, and her strength was almost exhausted. She slowly quieted down, lying on his body, and finally closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Ye Sishen was slightly relieved, he gently supported her to the side and let her lie down.

Then he went directly to the bathroom and took a shower.

In the bathroom, Ye Si Shen lowered his head to see the patches of blue and purple on his body, and the countless teeth marks. He exhaled hard and suddenly felt that the water was not cold enough.

Ye Si Shen Chong for a long time, feeling that he was finally not so uncomfortable, and then stopped, watching what he looked like in his body. Ye Sishen suddenly had a feeling of crying without tears.

I don't know what kind of situation she will be after she is fully awake tomorrow.

Ye Sichen returned to bed again. This time, Wen Ruoqing slept very deeply and did not wake up. Ye Sichen gently took her into his arms and hugged her, just hugged her so quietly.

Wen Ruoqing woke up in the early morning for the second time. She opened her eyes and saw a strange but familiar room. She froze for a moment.

Where is this? Why is she here?

Subsequently, she remembered the situation yesterday. Yesterday, Secretary Liu called her to the restaurant and exchanged wine in her water.

She knew that it must have been arranged by Ye Sishen, otherwise Secretary Liu would never do that.