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#72 Go back early.

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"Mommy "Tang Zixi is holding Wen ruoqing and scattering Jiao. He has some weakness in his murmuring voice.

Just back to a city, Mobao is very good, but Xibao is not satisfied with the situation, but it's OK, it's more sticky.

"Yes. "Wen ruoqing held her in her arms and touched her forehead. The temperature was normal and there was no fever, but her daughter was not comfortable and her heart was not well.

Babe has been playing all morning, but also tired, lying in her arms not long fell asleep.

He Tong Tong stands on one side and looks even more distressed. However, she thinks of another question: "is the Secretary Shen coming back tonight?"

"Yes. "Wen ruoqing answered with a deep voice. Yesichen said yesterday that she would come back today. Like Xibao, she was not sure to leave. But yesichen had doubted her. If she didn't go back, she would cause other troubles.

She was afraid that if she didn't go back, yeshishen would find two treasures.

"So you're going back today?" He Tong Tong also knows her situation and how dangerous the man is.

"Can I not go back?" Wen ruoqing looks at Xibao. She really can't bear it.

"Yes, but I'm sure your husband will find me in a short time, and the two babies will be exposed." Although he Tong is usually careless, she has always been thoughtful about the two babies.

Qingqing hasn't brought two babies back for so many years, but she doesn't want to hurt them,

Unmarried first pregnant, even do not know who the father of the child is. If these things are exposed, not only will Qingqing's reputation be damaged, it will certainly hurt the two babies.

"Even if he comes back today, it shouldn't be too early. I'll ask him when he will come back. "Wen ruoqing thought about it, took out the phone and dialed out the number of the night manager.

"Hello. "When the phone rang three times, he picked it up. The voice was a little low, but it was still magnetic and very pleasant.

”Husband, are you back today? When do you get home? "Wen ruoqing asked directly.

At the other end of the phone, the night manager was slightly stunned, and the corners of her lips were slightly raised. The woman's performance in these two days was pretty good. She even called him every day to ask when he would go back.

”It will be very late, after 11 p.m. "When saying this, the deep eyes of the night division seem to have a little more expectation.

”Well, I see. It's a good trip. "Wen ruoqing answered softly, and then hung up.

Looking at the phone that was hung up like this, the night manager was shocked. She hung up his phone like this? He thought she would say to meet him at the airport.

”He won't arrive until after eleven in the evening. I can coax baby to sleep and go back without delay. "Wen ruoqing breathed a sigh of relief. In this way, it didn't have much influence. Xibao was very obedient when she fell asleep at night.

”Well, that's OK. When you go back, I can sleep with babe. "He Tong Tong also put down his heart, because he Baobao is a little uncomfortable, so he is a little noisy before going to bed at night. If Sunny is not there, he Baobao is afraid to cry before going to bed.

Wen ruoqing takes a taxi to go back to the villa after coaxing Xibao to sleep in the evening. When she returns to the villa, it's a little over 10. Wen ruoqing finds that the light in the room is on. She's shocked. The Secretary Chen Mingming says that she will not get home until 11. Is it early?

Wen ruoqing was thinking that the door suddenly opened from inside.

"It's a wife, isn't it? "A middle-aged woman came out, very enthusiastic:" I am sister-in-law Li, is the gentleman asked me to take care of his wife? "

”When did you come here? "Wen ruoqing was stunned. She didn't expect that yesichen had invited someone to take care of her, but she didn't come back at all these days.

”I came the day before yesterday. "Mrs. Li didn't think much about it. She naturally replied. She still had a warm smile on her face.

”Well, go to have a rest. I'll go back to my room first. "Wen ruoqing answered in a low voice. He didn't say much. Some things, the more you say, the more others think about them. Therefore, Wen ruoqing didn't mention anything about the things she didn't come back these days, but went directly back to her room.

Mrs. Li was stunned, but she didn't say anything more.

"And Madame?" It was already 11:30 when the night secretary came back. When he entered the door, he saw only Mrs. Li alone, with a slight frown on her brow.

"My wife is back in the room." Mrs. Li was a little restrained in the face of night Secretary Chen. Her lips moved. She seemed to want to say something else. However, seeing the cold face of night secretary, she didn't say it after all.

Night Secretary Shen looks up at Wen ruoqing's room, and then steps up the stairs. Wen ruoqing's door is unlocked. Night Secretary Shen pushes it open, but after pushing the door open, he sees her lying on the bed, already asleep.

Night division murmured a sigh. He thought she asked him when he would come back, to pick him up, or to wait for him to come back. He didn't expect ,

But it's not too early to think about it.

In the next few days, Wen ruoqing will call yesichen at about 5 p.m. every day to ask when he will come back. Then she will settle her two babies every day, and then go back. Every day, she will arrive home more than half an hour earlier than yesichen.

Yesichen has a strong sense of time, so when he says to go back is when to go back, generally there will be no difference.

So, every time she went back, the time was just right and there was no mistake.

Yeshishen happens to be busy these nights, so she goes back later. Every time yeshishen goes back, she "sleeps", and yeshishen doesn't get up when she leaves every morning.

Wen ruoqing deliberately reduced the chance to meet him. She wanted to appear in front of him less. At least he would not remember her things from time to time.

As for the phone call, it's a must.

Sister Li's eyes changed a little, but she didn't say much.

"Honey, when are you coming back today?" Wen ruoqing calls yeshishen as usual, asking him when he will be back today, and seeing the two babies having a good time, Wen ruoqing's lips can't help rising.

"There's a party today, it's 10 o'clock." he seems to be used to her daily phone call, which he doesn't seem to reject.

”Yeah, OK. "Wen ruoqing is still a warm and peaceful voice.

Night division Shen Hung up the phone, eyes light flash, he came back from m country, these days night, every day back later, and every time he went back, she fell asleep.

After thinking about it, the Secretary immediately got through to Secretary Liu: "I canceled all the activities this evening.". "

He didn't want to go to the party tonight. He wanted to go back earlier