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Even the old man could not treat his daughter-in-law.

    At the same time He Hitomi's residence.

    Xi Ji has always been reluctant to leave, and He Tongtong really has no way to take him, and in the end he can only rely on him. Therefore, Xi Ji moved all his things over, obviously planning to make a long stay.

    Tang Zhimo, who watched it, couldn't help but marvel, chasing his wife really needed a cheeky face, and this method of dead skin and shameless face obviously still worked.

    Hitomi's mother started to catch up, and now even help Ji Ji to pack things up, Tang Zhimo's children thought, next, they want to live in a world of two people, wouldn't they bother him and Zi? Drive him and Zixi out of the house?

    At the moment, Xi Ji was packing things up with He Tongtong, and the beautiful one in her heart was an excitement. In fact, he had deliberately messed up things deliberately before, so that He Tongtong couldn't see it anymore, so he came to help him clean up.

    Xi Jijue is really getting smarter.

    It was at this time that his phone rang suddenly, and Xi Ji glanced at it, then walked out of the room and went to the balcony, and then connected the phone.

    "Master, your wife knows that you are with Miss He again ..." The phone was connected and Wu Guanjia's vigorously suppressed voice came over.

    "Uncle Wu, you said that I was with Miss He again? You mean, I have been with her before?" Xi Ji very sensitively grasped the information in Wu Guan's words, although he felt He must have known He Tongtong before, but that was only his guess after all.

    He still didn't remember the previous things, he asked He Tongtong, and He Tongtong didn't say.

    "..." There was a moment of silence from Wu Guan's house, and finally he couldn't bear it, and said in a low voice: "Yes, the young master brought Ms. He back, saying that Ms. He did not marry, and his wife did not agree. Home, then the young master entered Yeshi. "

    "Uncle Wu, when I was involved in a car accident and lost my memory, did my mother and Yang Qingqing drive He Tongtong away?" Xi Ji is not a fool. Although he only spent a day with He Tongtong, he could clearly feel it. To He Hitomi's love for him, so he is not difficult to guess that He Hitomi certainly did not leave him by himself.

    "Yes." Wu Butler was not provoking divorce, but what he felt was the year. The young master had the right to know that since the young master asked, he could not deceive the young master.

    "I see." Xi Ji's face was a little colder, as it was.

    "Master, now my wife will definitely not agree with you to be with Miss He. The wife said, no matter what happens, your marriage with Miss Yang will not change. The Yang family seems to have negotiated conditions with his wife. And if the marriage changes, the Yang family will definitely not give up, so you must be mentally prepared, Master. "Wu Guanjia's voice has too many concerns.

    Xi Ji's lips sneered faintly. Although he lost part of his memory, it did not mean that he didn't know what his mother did with the Yang family.

    "Well, I know, I will arrange it." Xi Ji's face was a little more decisive.

    He used to think it didn't matter, and thinking that it was his mother after all, it was really not easy for his mother to support Xi Ji alone for so many years, so he finally agreed.

    But now that he has the person he really wants to marry and the person he wants to protect, he can never compromise.

    "Master, my wife already knows about the two children. The wife asked Ari to take the hair of the two children and said that she would do DNA identification. The wife asked Ari to do this. I'm afraid it will hurt the two children. "" Wu Guanjia has been in the Xi family for more than 30 years. He is too aware of Mrs. Xi's style, which is why he called Xi Ji.

    Xi Ji's face went down quickly. Not only did his mother want to dismantle him and He Tongtong, but also wanted to hurt two children?

    His eyes narrowed slightly, and he made a decision in his heart.

    After finishing the call with Wu Manager, Xi Ji immediately dialed Ye Sanshao's call.

    As soon as the phone was connected, Xi Ji opened the door and said: "Third Brother, I want to transfer all the assets under my name to my woman."

    He knew his mother. The reason why his mother asked him to marry Yang Qingqing was that he was so frustrated that the Yang family couldn't get into his eyes.

    In this case, why didn't he let his woman have that kind of capital!

    Possess capital that those people can't catch up with.

    He wanted to see, how will the Yang family bully his woman then? He wanted to see how his mother would dislike her by then?

    Of course, this is only his first step plan, he promises that it will be more and more exciting later! !

    "Well." Ye Si Shen paused for a maximum of one second, and then just murmured.

    He did not ask any questions about Xi Ji. Although Xi Ji's shares were far less than his, he had a significant influence on the company, but Ye Sishen didn't even ask.

    When Ye Sanshao agreed to Xi Ji, he suddenly turned his eyes to Wen Ruoqing. Why didn't he think of this way before?

    If he transferred all the assets under his name to Wen Ruoqing's name, then she would be tied to him, and it would be even more impossible for her to divorce.

    Thinking of this, Ye Sanshao's lips slowly chuckle a little, this idea is good, he will arrange it when he goes back.

    Ye Sanshao was driving at the moment and was wearing headphones, so Wen Ruoqing could not hear their conversation, but felt that when Si Si was staring at her, her eyes were strange. Somehow, she had a feeling of being sold by him.

    "Third Brother, thank you." Xi Ji heard Ye Sishen's unhesitating promise. He was really grateful. He knew that his sudden action would have a big impact on the company, but San Brother asked He didn't even ask a question, it was just him.

    This is the third brother's trust in him, and the third brother's connivance to him.

    "Brother, I will take my woman someday, and you will take Sansao. Let's have a meal together. I think my woman and Sansao should come together." After the business was over, Xi Ji began to hide again, although she knew The two children are not their own, but they still can't help showing off: "There are also two cute little babies, and let the third brother meet you, hahaha ..."

    Ye Sishen's complexion fell immediately, did he just agree to be too refreshing?

    "Is Sange not wanting Sansao to have a baby? I can guarantee that Sansao will give birth to Sange immediately after seeing two babies." After all, Xi Ji is not a person without conscience. .

    "Are you sure?" Ye Si Shen could not help asking Wen Ruoqing again.

    "I'm sure to add affirmation, don't believe the third brother, then try it," Xi Ji's voice was obviously a little bit more smiling, he never knew that the third brother had such a cute time.

    "Well, you choose the time, choose the place." Obviously, Ye Sanshao agreed.