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It's obvious that ye Yunan hasn't come to his senses and believes what Li Yun said.

What ye didn't know was that at the moment, he looked like a clown.

"Mr. Ye, you really flatter yourself." Night division Chen lightly swept his one eye, that one eye clearly has no any mood, but can only despise ye Yunan directly to the dust.

“……” Ye Yunan is dumb. He is even more shocked by the eyes of the Secretary Shen at night. He dare not say a word for a while.

Night division Chen's eyes clearly do not have any mood, but he felt a chilling sense of killing.

Yesteren wants to kill him? Why? He never offended the overnight secretary.

Of course, even if Yesi Chen kisses wenruoqing in public, ye Yunan can't think of wenruoqing's body, or that Yesi Chen wants to kill him for wenruoqing.

At night, the secretary did not look at Ye Yunan again, and left with Wen ruoqing.

A moment later, all the people came back to their senses, and all the women screamed wildly.

Some are upset, some are angry, some are even more sorry.

Wen ruoqing went out of the shopping mall, got on the car, and then suddenly thought of a thing, his face changed quickly: "it's over."

"What's the matter?" Night division Chen sees her appearance, eyebrow angle tiny pick? What can scare her like this?

She was never afraid of heaven or earth. He saw her for the first time.

"Just now, things just happened in the mall will definitely spread, and my grandfather will definitely see them then." Wen ruoqing's body is slightly stiff. What happened to her just now? How can I take the initiative to hook up with yeshishen.

As expected, impulse is too harmful.

However, she thought that the most important thing is to cooperate with her symbolically. She didn't expect that she would kiss her in public.

If Grandpa saw such a picture, she would not want to explain it clearly. Grandpa would never give her any chance to explain.

Grandpa once said that if the night family really has that meaning, Grandpa would marry her to the night family even if he broke the pot and sold iron. What's more, Grandpa suspected that she had something to do with the night company.


And at this time, Wen ruoqing's phone rings suddenly. Wen ruoqing takes out the phone and sees the number shown on it. His face is as gray as a flash, and he is loveless.

Grandpa knows so soon. It's over. It's over.

Grandpa called her so soon, I can see how excited grandpa was.

Wen ruoqing can guess what Grandpa will say without answering the phone.

Wen ruoqing tightly holds the mobile phone, does not want to answer, also dare not answer.

Night division heavy Mou son light twinkle, in the position that she can't see, lip Cape slowly draws up.

If Wen ruoqing doesn't answer, the phone rings all the time.

Night Si Chen did not speak, very quiet waiting.

Wen ruoqing secretly breathed a breath, and finally pressed the answer key.

She was afraid that she would never answer, and the old man would worry about her.

"Grandpa." Wen ruoqing's voice was full of care and worry, so it was obviously a little lower than usual. She was ready to be bombed by the old man.

"It's sunny." Mr. Wen said, his voice was very quiet and normal.

"Well?" Wen ruoqing, so calm? Don't you know, old man? Or the calm before the storm?

"Do you remember aunt Qin?" The old man's voice is soft, without any abnormality.

"Aunt Qin? Which aunt Qin? " Wen ruoqing can't get back to God for a while. Why did she suddenly mention aunt Qin? Which aunt Qin?

"It's your mother's friend, you don't remember?" Old man Wen was stunned. He seemed to be hesitating whether to continue.

"Oh, I see. Aunt Qin, I remember. What's the matter?" Wen ruoqing is obviously relieved, and his tone is also obviously relaxed.

It's true that there's such an aunt Qin, but she doesn't have much friendship with her mother. However, when she came back to Wen's house, she claimed to be her mother's good friend and got many benefits from the Wen's house.

However, it has not been contacted for many years. Why did grandpa suddenly mention her?

"Aunt Qin said that she would come to city a these two days and say that she would like to meet you and tell you something about your mother. Do you want to see her?" Mr. Wen's tone at the moment is all discussion, that is, he will listen to Wen ruoqing completely.

"About mom?" Wen ruoqing frowns slightly. Aunt Qin knows what's the matter with her mother?

Want to use this excuse to get some more benefits from Wen's family? Or do you really know something?

After all, she now suspects that her mother died in a strange way, so she is sensitive to things about her mother.

"Well, that's what she said, but grandpa doesn't think it's true. It's up to you to decide." Mr. Wen really loves her and respects her.

"Well, I see. I'll see her when she comes." Wen ruoqing decides to meet her in case she really knows something.

"Grandpa doesn't know yet!" Wen ruoqing hangs up the phone and looks to the Secretary at night. It seems that the old man still doesn't know. However, Wen ruoqing doesn't relax completely at the moment, but there is obvious worry in his words.

She was worried that the old man might know at any time.

It's only a short time since it happened. Maybe the old man hasn't got the news, but she knows that it won't be long before she conceals it. Maybe it won't be long before the old man knows it.

"Don't worry too much." Night division looks at her, light light smile, the voice is very gentle.

"Well." Wen ruoqing was slightly relieved to hear what he said. He meant that he would deal with everything, so she didn't have to worry too much.

Although he is a little dark sometimes, he is reliable at the critical moment. With his ability, as long as he is willing to deal with this matter, it should be OK. At least it's OK to hide from the old man, so she can rest assured.

The night division looked at her one eye, the lip angle slowly rises up, and then slowly made up a sentence: "the old man is not deaf, the eye does not spend, will know."

Will know! Will know! Will know!!

“……” Wen ruoqing looks at him, stupefied, she is such a smart person, but now she is just stupefied for a few seconds to understand.

She's worried, she's worried, but is that what she's worried about? Can't she still worry that the old man won't know about it?

"Yesi Chen, you, are you on purpose?" Wen ruoqing returns to God and looks at his eyes with a little more anger,

He was obviously intentional. She didn't have to worry about what he said. She was just grateful for him.

What happened?!

"You hooked me?" The innocent face of the night division sinks, the lip corner still seems to have some grievance to leave, obviously get cheap and sell the kind of good.