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Ye Si Shen listened to the cry and suddenly became disturbed, unable to calm down as usual.

Hearing the cry of the child, he felt as if there were a lot of needles puncturing his heart straight, and he felt a little pain.

It feels weird! !

However, Ye Sishen will certainly not show any strange appearance.

"Ye Sishen, what do you mean? You brought someone in here, but I have a legitimate reason to do anything." Tang Baiqian looked at Ye Sishen with a smile on his lips, but his eyes were Extremely cold.

What he said at the moment was light and windy, but he was more worried and nervous than anyone else, because the situation at this moment was completely beyond his plan, and things outside the plan were often difficult to control.

"The child cried like this, was it sold?" Ye Si glanced at him faintly, and suddenly such a word came out.

Zhang Ping was stunned obviously, his lips twitched fiercely. He just said that it was a joke, wouldn't the boss take it seriously?

No, no, didn't the boss come to Wen Ruoqing? Why did I suddenly care about the child so much, the boss's focus seems to have shifted.

Tang Baiqian was also stunned, apparently did not expect that Ye Sishen would directly pull on the child at this moment.

He thought that Zi Xi's cry might cause Ye Sishen's attention, but he didn't think that at this moment, Ye Sishen didn't follow Wen Ruoqing's situation, but directly asked about the child.

Hearing Ye Sishen's words, Tang Baiqian's heart trembled, wouldn't Ye Sishen know anything?

Ye Sishen wouldn’t know two children?

However, he had concealed the affairs of the two children before, and it was absolutely impossible for Ye Sishen to find out.

Unless Wen Ruoqing told Ye Sishen, Wen Ruoqing didn't know that the man who was five years ago was Ye Sishen. He didn't know that the father of two children was Ye Sishen.

Wen Ruoqing didn't even know it, and it was impossible to tell Ye Sishen.

"Yi Sishen, you are too wide. Even if I really sell children, it is not your turn." Although Tang Baiqian was amazed, there was no strangeness on his face.

Tang Baiqian directly yelled at the words of Ye Sishen, and also deliberately delayed the time.

Ye Sishen is such a fine man, how can he not see that Tang Baiqian is deliberately procrastinating time, he did not follow Tang Baiqian nonsense, and stepped directly upstairs.

The child's crying made him more and more uncomfortable, so he had to look up.

See what is going on? No one's cry has ever made him feel so uncomfortable.

Tang Baiqian's eyes narrowed, his hand waved, and then the people who followed him directly took out their guns, all aimed at Ye Sishen.

Tang Baiqian knew that under such circumstances at this moment, it was absolutely impossible for Ye Sishen to see the two children. At this moment, Zi Xi had been shouting to ask her mother. If that time Ye Sishen asked who Zi Zi's mother was.

Zi Xi will definitely answer, and by then everything will be hidden.

Ye Sishen is now chasing Wen Ruoqing. If Ye Sishen knows that Wen Ruoqing has given him two children, then...

So, he must stop...

Naturally, the people around Ye Sishen quickly took out their guns, and the situation suddenly became tense.

Ye Sishen's face didn't look the same, but when he looked at Tang Baiqian, there seemed to be a slight smile in his eyes: "Tang Baiqian, do you think you can stop me like this?"

"You can try it." Tang Baiqian also sneered, although the situation has changed, but his plan has not changed. At this moment, the person he arranged has been dressed up as Wen Ruoqing, led by Song Yun, and left from the back door. .

He thought that Ye Sishen would definitely get the news soon.

However, at this moment, in order to prevent Ye Sishen from going upstairs, Tang Baiqian smiled and suddenly said: "Yesi Shen, you are here to find Qingqing, I can tell you that Qingqing has returned to China and returned to City A."

What Tang Baiqian said at the moment is true, but he is very clear. At this moment, he will definitely not believe Ye Sishen. He thinks that the more he says this at the moment, Ye Sishen will not believe it.

Ye Sishen would not believe that Wen Ruoqing had returned to City A at this time.

Ye Sishen doubted what he said now, and even if Ye Sishen found out that Wen Ruoqing had returned to City A, he would also suspect that he had deliberately released it.

Tang Baiqian wanted this effect.

Ye Sishen heard Tang Baiqian's words, and his footsteps stopped suddenly. He looked straight at Tang Baiqian, frowning slightly, and then suddenly took out his mobile phone and dialed a number: "Check, See if Wen Ruoqing has returned to City A?"

Ye Sishen didn't believe what Tang Baiqian said at the moment, it was a matter of Wen Ruoqing, even if he didn't believe it, he would check it out as soon as possible.

With the last time that Secretary Liu had done a divorce due to a misunderstanding, Ye Sishen is now very serious and extremely rigorous in everything, and now he absolutely will not allow any more mistakes.

Tang Baiqian said that Wen Ruoqing had returned to City A. He only had to ask the people in City A to check it out.

Tang Baiqian was stunned. He had thought that Ye Si Shen would completely doubt him, and would completely overturn the line.

Tang Baiqian did not expect that Ye Si Shen even believed it, and even asked people from the other side of City A to investigate.

Was he actually lifting a stone and hitting his foot?

At this moment, Tang Baiqian regretted that he had just said that.

What Tang Baiqian didn't know was that Ye Sishen didn't believe his words, but Ye Sishen had many people. Therefore, Ye Sishen's investigation was not defenseless, and there was no loss anyway.

Upstairs, Zixi's crying continued.

"My little ancestor, you can do it well, don't cry, I'm so sad that you cry, I can't help crying with you." Yue Hongling is really distressed, this child cries so loudly, will Are you tired? Is your throat uncomfortable?

Tang Zhimo stood aside at the moment, didn't speak, he seemed to be listening attentively, and seemed to be completely unaffected by Zi Xi's crying.

"Ink, hurry up and coax your sister, what's going on?" Yue Hongling had no way at this moment, she could only ask for help.

Seeing Momo standing in a daze, he did not persuade Zixi. Yue Hongling was a little strange. Usually Momo was the most painful sister. When Moxi usually cried, Momo would try to coax, what is happening today?

Why are you standing alone in a daze?

"What's the situation below?" Tang Zhimo didn't go to coax, but just suddenly asked, he heard someone talking below, and the voice was a bit like Ye Sishen.