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But in the past six years, Xi Ji has never looked at her directly. At ordinary times, Xi Ji never even held her hand, let alone touched her.

    At the beginning, she also wanted to be like jade for Xi Jishou, but he didn't want her. She is a thirty-year-old woman. She has the needs of a normal woman, so she often finds some little boyfriends to meet her needs. Of course she did these things secretly.

    Because her marriage to Xi Ji is coming, she went to hymen repair surgery two days ago,

    Yang Qingqing thought that she did these things seamlessly, and no one would know, but she never thought that He Tongtong would even tell her things to President Li in public.

    Fortunately, He Tongtong was only talking about Mr. Li. Fortunately, there was really a contract talk that time.

    "Talking about the contract?" He Tong ’s eyebrows were slightly selected. "Li always has a wife. Miss Yang and Mr. Li talked about the contract together for three days and three nights. They did n’t know Mr. Li ’s Does your wife know? "

    "What are you talking about? We are talking about contracts. Our Yangs and Li have always had business dealings. It is normal cooperation and negotiation. Don't talk nonsense if you don't understand." Yang Qingqing will definitely not admit it at this moment. It is always a good excuse to cooperate with Li.

    "Really? In fact, you talked about the details of three days and three nights. I don't want to know. Ms. Yang didn't need to explain too much to me." He Tongtong looked at her and smiled meaningfully.

    Yang Qingqing suddenly realized that she had just acted too much and talked too much. She really didn't need to explain this to He Tongtong. She should completely ignore He Tongtong, regardless of what He Tongtong said.

    After seeing the change in the expression on Yang Qingqing's face, He Tongtong easily guessed Yang Qingqing's thoughts. After spending so long with her family Qingqing, she also learned some methods of observation.

    He Tongtong's pupils chuckled a little, and the afterplay was still behind.

    When seeing Yang Qingqing slightly relieved, He Tongtong opened her lips slightly and said slowly: "But I know that two days ago, Miss Yang went for a minor operation, as for what operation, Ms. Yang should n’t forget it yet? "

    At this moment, He Tongtong's words were gentle, but the voice was not low enough to be heard by the onlookers.

    Yang Qingqing's whole body was stiff, and seemed to be struck by thunder all at once. She could not move at all. Her eyes opened wide and stared straight at He Tongtong. There was uncontrollable fear in panic.

    How can He Tongtong know about her surgery?

    What makes Qingqing Yang more afraid at the moment is that she is not sure what other things He Tongtong knows?

    If you let Xi Ji know that she had undergone hymen repair surgery and knew what she did, then she ...

    At this moment, Yang Qingqing wanted to leave quickly. She was afraid that He Tongtong would speak more shocking words. She was even more afraid of being known by Xi Ji.

    "What surgery did Miss Yang do?" However, Yang Qingqing hadn't come and fled, and Xi Ji's voice came over so suddenly.

    Yang Qingqing's body trembled visibly, and then slowly turned her eyes, looking in the direction where the sound came, and when she saw Xi Ji who was walking, she gasped violently.

    Xi Ji heard it!

    "Aji, you are here. We are going to try the wedding dress tomorrow. My aunt said she will accompany us ..." Yang Qingqing is indeed quite brain-minded. She knows that at this time, she can never discuss that issue anymore, , She found a suitable topic to cover up the past, and did not forget to use Mrs. Xi as a shield.

    "Miss Yang had just had surgery, so it might be bad to work too hard." However, Xi Ji is not a fool, how could she be so fooled in the past, Yang Qingqing's look just changed enough to let him know that surgery Seeing no light surgery.

    At this moment, Xi Ji thought of abortion surgery.

    Yang Qingqing's face became even more ugly when he heard Xi Ji's words.

    Xi Ji sneered, and then turned to the people around her: "You go and check what surgery Yang did two days ago ..."

    "A Ji, there is no surgery. I happened to meet Miss He today. I originally wanted to say hello to her. I did n’t understand how Miss He said that, and I did n’t know where Miss He heard these from. Coming? "Yang Qingqing's face was scared for a while. The reason why she used to do those things before was because she could not control what she did.

    If Xi Ji went to check, he would definitely find out.

    "A Ji, if you really don't want to get married, I can tell my aunt, you know, I won't embarrass you." Yang Qingqing pretended to be empathetic.

    "You know, I have loved you so much for so many years, so, for you, I can endure everything, I can sacrifice everything, and I can even ..." Yang Qingqing looked at Xi Ji with a deep expression of affection, of course, that deliberate pretense It came out pitifully.

    Xi Ji looked at her and was really disgusted. He Tongtong had just heard about Yang Qingqing and President Li. He had heard about it. As soon as Yang Qingqing responded, he didn't need to check to know what happened.

    The operation is not 100% good.

    It was really because she could say such a thing.

    "Are you paralyzed above your neck?" Xi Ji's mouth has always been poisonous and never merciless.

    Xi Ji scolded people without any dirty words, and the level of this scolding was too high for most people to understand.

    "Ah? What do you mean?" Yang Qingqing froze, stunned, and didn't understand Xi Ji at all.

    But Xi Ji ignored her and took He Tongtong away.

    He has already planned everything. What he has to do is to fundamentally solve the problem. He does not have the time to talk nonsense with Yang Qingqing here.

    What Yang Qingqing did did not matter to him.

    "He means you are mentally disabled." There was a little girl who was very kind to help Yang Qingqing explain.

    Most of the people present didn't understand the meaning of Xi Ji's words. At this moment, when the little girl explained, everyone couldn't help laughing.

    "Fuck, who the hell is the third person, the development of this plot is a bit unexpected."

    "The men are affectionate and the women are gentle. At first glance, they are a pair. This paralyzed person above the neck is funny."

    "I like that man so much. It's so handsome. If a man can protect me like that, let me be a little three."

    "Just like the attitude of the man just now, do you think he will make the woman he likes to be a minor three? This paralyzed man above the neck is nothing at all, not engaged, not even married, and even a girlfriend is not, just that It ’s clear that the elder sister is the right one. "