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Five years ago, the reason why he let her escape was because he did not know who she was. Now, can she still escape?

    However, Ye Sishen saw that the clothes he had prepared were missing, and she had obviously used the breakfast he had prepared. If she fled, she would not be able to eat breakfast.

    His face eased slightly, and he turned on the display in the room.

    After the incident five years ago, Xi Ji also installed surveillance in his room, saying it was 'just in case', but since then, he has not been there, she was in the car last night. It was too powerful, just close to here, and he also wanted to try her reaction, so he brought her here.

    He has never used it for monitoring, but it would be useful for him.

    He wanted to see how she reacted when she woke up? Where did you go?

    At the moment, Wen Ruoqing was on her way to work, and her phone rang again like an emergency.

    Seeing the phone display, Wen Ruoqing smiled coldly. The old witch was really cruel. She asked Liu Qin to design her last night. It is certainly not a good thing to urge her to go to work this morning.

    In fact, she is really tired today, very tired, and her whole body is in pain. She really does n’t want to go to work, but Ye Sishen has gone to work, and she remembers the choices she gave to her, so she should not go to work. Don't sleep with him in the same room.

    Although they slept together last night, she did not want to sleep with him every day in the future, so she chose to go to work.

    What's more, Ye Sishen, the thing she designed last night, shouldn't know yet. Some things she didn't want Ye Sishen to know, she could solve it herself.

    Wen Ruoqing didn't answer the phone, because it rang twice, and then the phone was dead, shut down directly, the whole world was completely quiet.

    Wen Ruoqing remembered that she was drunk last night, so the phone did not charge, and she could only wait until the company recharged it.

    Ye Sishen saw the monitoring and saw that Wen Ruoqing was woken up by the phone. She got up and left after answering the phone.

    Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed slightly. Whose phone was it? Whose phone did she leave so anxiously?

    Ye Si exhaled secretly, then took out the phone, found her number, and dialed it out.

    "I'm sorry, the phone you dialed has been turned off." However, Ye Sishen didn't even think of it, but he responded to such a cold sentence.

    Shut down? Is her phone off?

    Wouldn't she really want to escape again like she did five years ago?

    Ye Sishen squeezed her hand tightly, she left after answering the phone. Would Tang Baiqian call her again?

    He thought of the "reluctant love" and "tenderness" when she called Tang Baiqian when she was in the lord last night, and thought that she said she would go to Tang Baiqian one year later! !

    If Tang Baiqian called her again today, would she see Tang Baiqian ...

    For a moment, Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed quickly, and the danger was so extreme that he dialed out again: "Did Tang Baiqian move?"

    "Don't you let all actions be evacuated last night? I have evacuated all of them, but I can be sure that Tang Baiqian still doesn't have any actions. I have to say he is really a master ... "People on the other end of the phone seem to have some appreciation for Tang Baiqian."

    "Check if there is any record of Wen Ruoqing's ticket purchase or departure, including all means of transportation and channels." Ye Si Shen's face became a little deeper, interrupting him directly.

    "Oh." The man was stunned for a while. It seemed that he hadn't recovered for a while, and the jump was a bit big before and after. Who is this to check? The woman who seems to be the boss is going to run away?

    "No, I didn't find any of her booking records, nor did she find that she appeared in any traffic occasions that could leave City A." It didn't take long for the person to reply.

    Ye Si exhaled secretly, she did not rush out of City A! Or he thinks too much.

    So where did she go now, is it possible to go home by herself?

    Thinking of this, Ye Sishen quickly left the room and hurried back to the villa.

    Back at the villa, seeing Liusao in the hall, Ye Sishen asked quickly: "Is the wife back?"

    At the moment his voice was obviously anxious.

    "No." Liusao shook her head, seeing Ye Sishen was obviously a little scared at the moment, and shrank her neck subconsciously.

    Ye Si Shen couldn't help but feel a little disappointed, and then he asked people to go to Wen's house to check that Wen Ruoqing didn't return to Wen's house.

    He looked at the surveillance near the hotel and saw Wen Ruoqing walked out of the hotel and walked directly into the nearby subway entrance.

    Obviously, she left by subway. He found out that when she went all the way to Xiling, she walked out and behind, and he could not find her trace.

    The place where Wen Ruoqing left the station was still a little far from Yeshi, so Ye Sishen didn't expect that she would go to the company, or it should be said that he didn't think in that direction at all.

    Wen Ruoqing didn't expect that she had just been sent to the company and had not yet arrived at the office, and was sent by Team Leader Sun to inspect the construction site. Of course, Wen Ruoqing went with other colleagues.

    The construction site that Team Leader Sun sent her to was a real life-threatening TMD. It was remote and far away. The road was difficult and the task was arduous.

    Wen Ruoqing followed the others at the construction site and walked on. She was drunk last night, plus what happened later, she was already sore and soft all over, and had no strength. After walking all morning, she felt Both legs began to soften.

    However, their work was obviously not over yet. Someone prepared a lunch box at noon, which was difficult to eat, and there was not even a place to charge at the construction site.

    Team leader Sun TMD will look for it, and actually found such a place to toss her?

    Ye Sishen looked for one morning and still didn't find her. He was almost crazy.

    He called her over and over again, but her phone kept shutting down. He looked for all the places he could find, but there was no news at all.

    At this moment, he suddenly found a problem, no matter what he had married her at the time, whether she was a woman five years ago, he was absolutely impossible for her to let go.

    This is her.

    Therefore, no matter what happened, he would not allow her to leave again.

    "No matter what method is used, dig out Tang Baiqian for me." At this moment, Ye Si Shen's eyes were so extreme that he found all the places he could find, and he still couldn't find her, so he could only try from Tang Bai Qian Qian started.

    However, if he really found her at Tang Baiqian ...