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#45 Forgive him

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"Grandpa ..." "Wen Ruoqing was completely shocked. What's going on?"

    She originally wanted to test the appearance of Old Man Wen, and wanted to solve Ye Sishen's affairs, but now Ye Sishen's affairs were not resolved, but instead pulled out a Qin Wushao.

    Who did she provoke, and why is she so unlucky?

    Outside the window, Ye Sishen's eyes slowly turned to Qin Wushao, the horror of icy eyes.

    "Third Brother, I was wronged." Qin Wushao is really wronged at the moment. He is the one who provokes anyone, and he is the one who is unlucky every time.

    "Qing Qing, the kid from the Qin family is really good. At a young age, he is already the director of the Public Security Bureau. And this kid is doing his job well and there are no messy things. Grandpa feels very good. This is feasible.

    "Grandpa, but the Qin family did not come to raise their relatives." Wen Ruoqing secretly took a breath, and refused as gently as possible.

    The baby is bitter in his heart, really bitter, what is this called?

    "As long as Qingqing is willing, the Qin family is absolutely okay. The Qin family didn't come to raise relatives. Grandpa can talk to the Qin family. This matter is absolutely okay with the grandfather." Said, Master Wen completely misunderstood Wen Ruoqing's meaning at the moment.

    Old Man Wen thought that Wen Ruoqing was willing, just because the Qin family did not come to raise their relatives, so embarrassed.

    "Qing Qing, in fact, such things don't necessarily have to be mentioned by the man, but by the woman, as long as the two are happy after marriage." As long as Wen Ruoqing feels happy, it doesn't matter much.

    "............" Wen Ruoqing was completely speechless. Why did this cause problems after marriage? Grandpa's rhythm is too fast?

    "Qing Qing, I'll call the Qin family to talk about it now." I didn't expect Mr. Wen to say that the wind is the rain, and he even called immediately.

    "Grandpa ..." Wen Ruoqing's face changed slightly, trying to stop Mr. Wen.

    "Don't worry about Qingqing, leave it to grandpa, grandpa will handle it, and will never let Qingqing suffer any grievances." But, at this moment, Grandpa Wen couldn't hear any rejection, and had already picked up the phone.

    Outside the window, Ye Si Shen looked at Qin Wushao's eyes obviously a little bit colder, and vaguely with a dangerous murderous intention.

    "Third Brother, I'm really wronged. It doesn't matter to me?" Qin Wushao was about to cry now. He was really wronged. How did he know that Mr. Wen would suddenly come out like this.

    Ye Sishen didn't speak, only a pair of eyes slowly squinted, the dangerous breath was more obvious.

    "Third Brother, I understand. I will solve it immediately. I will solve this matter immediately." Qin Wushao is such a clever person that he immediately understood the meaning of Ye Sishen.

    The third brother did not mean to let him apologize, but to let him solve the matter.

    However, he was also shot while lying down, and Mr. Wen suddenly came out like this, and he didn't know how to stop it.

    However, Qin Wushao deserved to be Qin Wushao, his eyes turned slightly, and suddenly had an idea.

    "Third Brother, I have a way to ensure that this matter is solved perfectly." Qin Wushao looked at Ye Sishen, with a kind of pleasing smile.

    He believed that if he could not solve this matter at this moment, the third brother could not get around him.