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In fact, the hope of this matter is really slim, but in such a coincidence, Wen Ruoqing still can't help but have so much hope.

Wen Ruoqing knew that her mother had always wanted to find loved ones.

"Sixty-two years old, according to his own account, she has been doing this for more than 40 years ago." The man's information is still very fast and very specific.

"Okay, I'm in the past." Wen Ruoqing's eyes lit up. If so, maybe he can really find a clue.

As long as she can find clues, she will check again, maybe she can really find her mother's relatives.

Wen Ruoqing knew that it was her mother's last regret. As a daughter, she had to do some things.

"Very good, thank you Ms. Tang. Ask me in a hurry. Where is Ms. Tang? How do you want Ms. Tang to come? We are here to arrange someone to pick you up." The person was very enthusiastic, and things were arranged very carefully.

"No, you send me the specific location, and I will go by myself." Wen Ruoqing has never liked to trouble people, not to mention that she has not set a time yet.

"That's okay, then Ms. Tang will contact us when we arrive. We will arrange for someone to pick up Ms. Tang, who attaches great importance to this case. Our leaders are also very serious. At that time, our leaders will personally welcome Ms. Tang "The other party is obviously a babble, especially talkative.

The other party particularly emphasized their leadership!

Wen Ruoqing didn't care, and didn't think too much. She saw two babies sleeping on the side.

It has been three days and Tang Zhimo has completely recovered. Tang Zhimo is now in a private hospital.

Although it is a hospital, it is not big. There are only two floors in total, and there are no other patients except Momo in the whole hospital. In addition to their people, there are no other people going in and out these days.

The doctor just came over every day to see the situation of Momo. The doctor was a friend of the senior, and he was also regarded as the private doctor of the senior.

Therefore, Wen Ruoqing has lived here for a few days now. Everything is designed here and there are no other people. It is no different from living at home.

Although Tang Zhimo has completely recovered, he has not been discharged. Because it is not necessary, Wen Ruoqing observes that they should have lived here when they were in the country.

She now needs to go back to city a. She wants to be able to find some clues that her mother was trafficked.

The people over there wanted her to go back to help solve the case, so Wen Ruoqing didn't know how long it would take.

Although Tang Zhimo is now recovering, Wen Ruoqing was very upset when she thought of leaving two babies again.

It was at this time that Yue Hongling knocked on the door and saw that Wen Ruoqing was sitting in a daze, then pushed open the door and came in.

"How do I find out that you are often in a daze after you come back this time, wouldn't you be thinking about someone?" Yue Hongling glanced at her, half-truthfully joking.

When Yue Hongling said this, her eyes flickered. She is the most aware of Tang Baiqian's feelings for Wen Ruoqing, but it is a pity that Wen Ruoqing never knew.

Wen Ruoqing: "..."

Wen Ruoqing looked at her with a blank face.

Yue Hongling shook her head and suddenly smiled, this girl is an emotional idiot, so she was not in a daze because she missed a man.

Yue Hongling thought that if there was a man who really made Wen Ruoqing so nagging, he would never sit here in a daze, sitting here thinking, this girl might have flew directly to the man's side.

Wen Ruoqing is a little sluggish in feelings. That's because Wen Ruoqing has always stuck to his heart and won't let himself be involved in emotional matters. If he doesn't involve or want to, he won't fall in love.

The so-called emotional insensitivity is just that she never let go of her heart, let herself love, not let herself touch the emotional things, would not think too much, and invisiblely turned away the love of others. .

But once falling in love, Wen Ruoqing is definitely not the current Wen Ruoqing.

With Wen Ruoqing's high IQ, if he really falls in love, it should be more violent than others.

Yue Hongling thought that if Wen Ruoqing once loved, she would definitely love it more than everyone else.

I don't know which man will have such a blessing, and will be loved by Wen Ruoqing in the future?

Tang Baiqian should not be possible. For all these years, Wen Ruoqing has never had any feelings for men and women towards Tang Baiqian.

Over the years, Wen Ruoqing has regarded Tang Baiqian as a family member. The longer the time, the stronger the concept of this family member will be, and the more there will be no more men and women.

Tang Baiqian loved Wen Ruoqing, but he never told Wen Ruoqing clearly, he was afraid that Wen Ruoqing would be rejected, so that it would become increasingly impossible between the two.

Yue Hongling suddenly thought of Ye Si Shen, the one who married Wen Ruoqing.

The night Si Shen she felt should be special, otherwise, Wen Ruoqing could not marry him, but it was a pity that he divorced so quickly.

"Sister Hongling, I'm going back to a city." Yue Hongling was thinking about Ye Sishen and suddenly heard Wen Ruoqing's voice.

"Go back to Ye Sishen?" Yue Hongling came up with such a sentence because she was thinking about Ye Sishen.

"Ah? No." Wen Ruoqing stunned, thought for a while, and then explained: "I have divorced him, and we have no relationship. I have a personal thing to do this time, not to find it. he."

Wen Ruoqing explained in some detail at the moment, and it seems to have a hint of emphasis,

Yue Hongling's eyes flashed quickly, Wen Ruoqing's temperament has never been explained in such detail, and she has always spoken to her simply because they are smart people and do not need to be so detailed.

So now why does Ruoqing explain this big pass?

"Oh, I didn't go back to find him, maybe I will encounter it." Yue Hongling's lips slightly ticked, and a pair of eyes looked straight at Wen Ruoqing.

When Wen Ruoqing heard Yue Hongling's words, she was stunned for a while, and the hand on one side seemed to hold it subconsciously for a moment.

Previously, she was hesitant because of her uneasiness. Now Yue Hongling said that she suddenly felt a little uneasy again.

Don’t know what happened?

"Why? Fear of meeting him? You are all divorced, it doesn't matter, what are you afraid of?" Yue Hongling saw Wen Ruoqing's appearance, and the smile on her lips seemed to be deeper.

"No, why should I be afraid of him? You also said that we are all divorced and it doesn't matter. What am I afraid of?" Wen Ruoqing retorted quickly. Wen Ruoqing said that she was very straightforward, she felt The thing is that way.