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Ye Sanshao just stood there without any response.

    The test results showed that the fingerprint on the cup he took did not match the fingerprint originally extracted in the police station.

    He wondered what went wrong?

    She had used the drinking glass, and he saw it with his own eyes, and there was absolutely no way wrong.

    Then there must be something wrong with the police station, and at the moment Ye Sansuo firmly believes this.

    Because, even after reading this result, Ye Sishen still suspected that Wen Ruoqing was the same woman as the woman at the police station that day.

    "Third Brother, I said it could not be Wen Ruoqing. How could Wen Ruoqing have that ability." Qin Wushao firmly believed that it was another result. He firmly believed that the woman who came to the police station that day could never be Wen Ruoqing.

    Of course, it turned out that he was right.

    Ye Si Shen is thinking about things, his brows are slightly frowned, and his face is obviously a little heavy at the moment.

    Seeing his appearance, Qin Wushao secretly exhaled and asked carefully: "Brother, will you divorce Wen Ruoqing?"

    He knew that the third brother married Wen Ruoqing because he suspected that Wen Ruoqing was the woman five years ago.

    But now it seems that Wen Ruoqing is not the woman that the third brother is looking for, so the third brother must divorce Wen Ruoqing, right?

    Ye Sichen, who had no response at all, suddenly raised his head and looked at him, his eyes icy and cold.

    He finally married his daughter-in-law, why should he divorce?

    Yes, he originally married Wen Ruoqing because he suspected that she was the woman five years ago, and he is still investigating the matter.

    However, even in the end, all the results prove that the woman who was five years ago was not Wen Ruoqing, and he could not divorce Wen Ruoqing.

    Since this marriage is over, he will never leave.

    The reason why he signed the agreement was that she was afraid that she would not agree, or that she would be anxious and she fled again.

    Of course, he still felt that Wen Ruoqing was the woman five years ago.

    Anyway, there is one year, one year, enough for him to check everything, and then ...

    "Brother, did I say something wrong?" Qin Wushao met his eyes and suddenly shivered. The eyes of Sange were really terrible!

    he? Did he say something wrong?

    Why did the third brother look at him like this?

    "You think, will the fingerprints on those objects really belong to her? She, a criminal psychology expert, will leave such obvious flaws?" Ye Si Shen originally wanted to know the result, so she ignored this point. Now, this clue is too simple.

    This is nothing to ordinary people, but it is obviously unreasonable to an excellent criminal psychologist.

    "Brother, do you suspect that the fingerprints on the objects are the smoke bombs she deliberately made?" Qin Wushao's eyes flashed quickly, his lips slightly pursed, thinking for a while before continuing: "Three Brother, there ’s one more thing I did n’t tell you before on the phone ... "

    Qin Wushao is the chief of the police station. He naturally thought of a lot of things. If he was not completely sure, he would not let Ye Sishen use fingerprints to test.

    "Yeah?" Ye Si Shen frowned slightly, his expression remained unchanged, but his eyes were slightly sinking.

    "At the time, when she was interrogating Mu Shaobai in the interrogation room, she used the notes in the interrogation room. I used the pen she used to detect it. The fingerprints extracted from the pen were exactly the same as those extracted from those items." At the moment, Qin Wushao's expression was obviously more solemn.

    Originally these things needed to be kept secret, so he didn't tell Ye Sishen on the phone.

    Ye Si Shen's eyes narrowed quickly, and there was a slight change in his expression.

    "When she was interrogating Mu Shaobai, I was standing outside and watching. When she took the pen to make notes, I saw it with my own eyes, not only me, but also the police officer who interrogated with her and other people present. All police officers have seen it. "Qin Wushao is the chief of the police station, so many times, the first thing he thinks of is how to prove that enough proof can make things more credible.

    "So, the fingerprint extracted from that pen is definitely not wrong." Qin Wushao finally made a conclusion.

    "Show me the surveillance video of her interrogation at that time." Even though Qin Wushao said it was extremely affirmative and reasonable, but Ye Sishen still doubted.

    He needs to see for himself and judge for himself! He always felt that things were not that simple.

    "Her interrogation monitoring at the time was deleted, not only the monitoring of her interrogation, but all other surveillance videos that had taken her were deleted." Qin Wushao naturally understood what he meant, in fact, he also wanted to call up the surveillance video again. Look at it again, but it can't be adjusted.

    Ye Si's squinted eyes quickly raised and stared straight at Qin Wushao.

    "I asked my elder brother about this matter. My elder brother said that her identity is special and needs to be kept secret. The surveillance video was deleted by his elder brother." Qin Wushao explained the seemingly murderous gaze of Shang Ye Si Shen.

    "Big Brother deleted it?" Ye Si Shen Weizhen seemed a little surprised, but it didn't seem to be a special accident.

    When he called Big Brother earlier, Big Brother kept her identity secret.

    Now for the sake of her, the eldest brother has deleted all the surveillance videos taken by the police station?

    What is Big Brother's relationship with her?

    "Yes, she's the one sent by Big Brother. It's normal for Big Brother to do this." For this matter, Qin Wushao did not doubt anything, not to mention that it was their big brother. He certainly wouldn't doubt Big Brother.

    "Normal ..." Ye Si couldn't hear too much emotion in his low voice, and could not hear whether it was doubt or other tone, but there was a hint of darkness in his slightly constricted eyes.

    Qin Wushao looked at him like this, and couldn't help being shocked. He didn't dare to speak for a while.

    "Is the record she made in the interrogation room still there?" Ye Sishen suddenly asked. Qin Ting said that she made a record during the interrogation. He wanted to see what she remembered or could find.

    Moreover, he feels that this font may also become a breakthrough.

    He signed an agreement with Wen Ruoqing before receiving the license. The agreement was signed by her personally ...

    "Yes, still." Qin Wushao was stunned, and nodded again and again after the reaction: "Just in my office."

    Qin Wushao entered the office, quickly found a piece of paper, and handed it to Ye Sishen: "Third Brother, this is the record she made at the time. In fact, she didn't remember much, just remembered ... "

    Ye Si Shen didn't wait for him to finish talking, and quickly pulled the paper in his hand.

    Qin Wushao was stunned. This was the first time he was so anxious to see his third brother.

    Ye Sishen's eyes fell on the paper. He saw only a few symbols on the paper. At the next moment, his eyes flashed, and his eyes opened slightly. These symbols ...