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Wen Ruoqing's eyes suddenly turned around and suddenly saw the car model on his bookshelf. His eyes lit up, and he also forgot the embarrassment. He blurted out and said, "Can you send me the car model on your bookshelf?"

Saying this, Wen Ruoqing's voice was a bit surprised.

My son especially likes this car model, but it has not been found because it is a global limited edition, and there are only two in the world.

I couldn't buy it with money. At that time, my son asked the senior and Murong Duanyang to help me find it, but I couldn't find it.

Because of this, his son has been depressed for a long time. His son really really likes this car model.

Of course, this model is also absolutely expensive.

Today, since she saw it at Ye Sishen, she always wanted to try it, maybe Ye Sishen gave her generously.

"Yes?" Ye Si Shen froze for a while: "Do you like the car model?"

He has loved car models since he was a child, but there is only one car model in his office. That car model was given to him by his mother on his birthday.

Therefore, the car model is very important to him.

"Well." It was not her favorite, but her son's, but Wen Ruoqing didn't explain much.

"Good." Although the car model was important to him, she wanted it, and he would definitely give it.

What's more, she and he were originally the same family. She took it with him, isn't it the same?

"Thank you." Wen Ruoqing smiled, that kind of extraordinarily happy smile, this time the son's gift need not worry.

It just happened that the son was in the hospital, and it was definitely uncomfortable and unhappy. If she gave the car model to her son, the son would be very happy, and to a certain extent, he would have forgotten the physical pain.

Um, so good.

Hearing her laughter, Ye Sishen's lips raised slightly, and there was a little more smile in her eyes.

"Boss." Xiao Liuzi saw his boss's endless flirting with women. It seemed that he had no plans to hang up the phone. He couldn't bear it anymore and could not help but shouted.

The other person is holding a gun one by one, and now they are around them, the boss can really do it, at this time, he has been able to continue to flirt with women.

"You're busy first." Wen Ruoqing heard someone call him on the other end of the phone. Wen Ruoqing heard the person's voice with urgency, even with a bit of sorrow.

"Yes." Ye Si responded in a low voice, but the smile in his eyes seemed to be deeper.

However, this time, he did not say anything, but quickly hung up the phone.

The moment when the phone was hung up, the smile on Ye Sishen's face disappeared, and the eyes were instantly cold and cold, and the whole body was a terrifying killing.

The other person's legs only felt scared for a time, and the body couldn't help shaking.

"Things have been given to you. I want to see my person come back unscathed." Ye Sishen's eyes looked at the headed person. The cold breath seemed to freeze people instantly.

It was not difficult to save a few people originally, but country c has many mountains, many mines, and there are too many kinds of mines. In this case, it is too difficult to find a few people, mainly because it is a waste of time.

And the other party is too cruel, if they delay, the other party is likely to kill them directly.

Ruan Zhi is an example. The other party killed Ruan Zhi and sent Ruan Zhi’s body back to threaten them.

"Yes, yes, you can rest assured that we will release them immediately." The other party has already got the things they want, and naturally they don't want to have extra branches because they are all afraid of Ye Sishen.

In Ye Sishen's method room, Wen Ruoqing took the model from the bookshelf, thinking that her son would be very happy when she saw it, and she couldn't help it.

At this moment, Wen Ruoqing's phone rang again.

Wen Ruoqing froze for a moment, thinking that it was Ye Sishen's phone again. She hardly thought about it and quickly picked up the phone on her desk.

It was only after picking up the phone that I discovered that the call was not from Ye Sishen, but from Ye Ye.

Wen Ruoqing thought for a while, or accepted: "Hey."

The tone is polite but alienated.

"You know what happened to the woman with the surname Dream, but you must not tell anyone, including the Wen family." That's what the Ye Yezi's face was all about, saying Wen Ruoqing was ignorant.

Wen Ruoqing's frowning, the woman with the surname dream? whats the matter?

A woman named Dream? What Wen Ruoqing can think of at the moment related to Ye Sishen is Meng Ruoting.

But what is Ye Ye talking about? What the hell did Mr. Ye call to call her?

Wen Ruoqing thought of the matter that the old master Ye said that Ye Sishen had transferred the shares of Ye Shi to others a few days ago. At that time, her first reaction was to think of Meng Ruoting, but then she didn’t feel like it. It is Meng Ruoting.

But at this moment, the old man called on the woman who dreamed of dreaming? Then it seems that it may be Meng Ruoting.

"Well, I know." Wen Ruoqing responded in a low voice. Of course, she couldn't tell other people about Meng Ruoting. In fact, she wouldn't talk nonsense about the private things about Ye Sishen, let alone Chu. She didn't know much about Ruoting.

"That's good." Ye Ye agreed, and hung up the phone directly.

Wen Ruoqing frowned slightly, and this old man was a little inexplicable.

Wen Ruoqing picked up the car model and wanted to leave, but it was at this time that the door of Ye Sishen's office was pushed open.

Wen Ruoqing froze for a moment. When she first came in, she avoided all the people. Now is it found that there will be trouble?

However, Wen Ruoqing exhaled slightly when he saw the people coming in.

"Ma'am, why are you here?" Secretary Liu entered the office and saw Wen Ruoqing, somewhat stunned.

However, he thought that the president called him to get him back, which was a bit urgent.

But his plane was late, and President Xi just happened to be out of the company. He went into the president's office and opened the president's safe. The president would definitely not let other people do it.

Therefore, the wife should come to the company just for the sake of the president's original rush.

Secretary Liu carefully discovered that the president's computer had been passive, so he was more affirmed.

It seems that Madam has already done that.

It must be because his plane was late and was in a hurry, so the president asked his wife to do it.

What Wen Ruoqing originally wanted to leave was that she stopped after seeing Secretary Liu, and she thought of the contract for the transfer of shares that Grandpa Ye just gave her.

Ye Ye's credibility is not high. Sometimes she does things according to her own preferences. In fact, she is a little worried that she will repent when Ye Ye returns to God.

So for insurance, the best way is to complete all the procedures as soon as possible.

Of course...