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But, next, what Ye Sishen said, Wen Ruoqing couldn't laugh out of the blue! !

    "Small white face?" Wen Ruoqing, the "flower twitching" of Ye Si Shen Wangxiang smiled, her eyebrows picked slightly: "Then you keep it, keep it forever."

    "..." Wen Ruoqing's laughter came to an abrupt end, a pair of eyes wide open, staring at him like a monster.

    What did he just say? Let her keep it, still keep it?

    She is just crazy, and it is impossible for him to raise his ‘little white face’.

    She thought, he must be kidding, definitely!

    Moreover, there is an agreement between her and him, they can have up to a year, absolutely not talk about ...

    "Why? Is there a problem?" Ye Sishen was so funny and angry when she saw her reaction. Was his words so scary? Was she scared like this?

    When he said this, his body rubbed her deliberately, obviously with a sense of evil.

    "I have no money, I'm poor." Wen Ruoqing explained again and again, this joke is really a bit big.

    She feeds him? It is estimated that I really can't afford it.

    Although she is not short of money and not poor, her money is certainly incomparable to him.

    "It's okay, I don't need money to feed me." Ye Si's deep lip corners slowly lifted up, and his lips fell gently on her body. The meaning of the ambiguous breath was obvious: "It's enough to use here."

    The implication is that he doesn't need to raise with money, only with her.

    "..." Wen Ruoqing suddenly felt a thundering billow. Now that the night is low, it is increasingly impossible to communicate normally.

    Enough is enough!

    "You should go to work." Wen Ruoqing saw that he continued to kiss on her body, and he stopped him hard with both hands. If he were to let him kiss like this, I was afraid ...

    "In the evening, wait for me to come back ..." This time, Ye Si sank to a halt, but what he said at the moment made Wen Ruoqing stiffen, and this person really fell in love with her!

    Are you really going to ask her to pay the debts every night?

    Can this day be better?

    Ye Sishen kissed her lips again before getting up. Seriously, he really couldn't bear to leave, but the company did have things waiting for him.


    Secretary Liu came to the business department and went directly to Team Leader Sun's office.

    After Team Leader Sun was hung up by Ye Sishen, she was uneasy. Although she didn't believe that Wen Ruoqing's wild man would be Ye Shi's president, she couldn't help worrying.

    Seeing Secretary Liu now, her heart sank, and she suddenly had a very bad hunch.

    Is Wen Ruoqing's wild man, no, Wen Ruoqing's man is really the president? Is it really the president who just answered the phone.

    And she just said the president on the phone?

    It's dead, this time it's really dead.

    "Secretary Liu, do you have anything?" Although Team Leader Sun knew that Secretary Liu was not good this time, he still greeted him with a smile.

    "Leader Sun does not have to worry. I have notified the relevant departments to come over. Are you waiting?" Secretary Liu gave her a glance, but she felt a little sympathy for her, because this time, the president was really too cruel.

    It's just that she doesn't offend anyone, but offends the President's wife.

    Isn't this the way to death? Who can blame?

    The president was really ruthless this time. It must be said that for a Ye ’s employee, the expulsion was already a heavy punishment. Yes!

    "Relevant department? What relevant department?" Team Leader Sun was shocked. What department is the relevant department? This matter seemed more serious than she thought.

    "You will know in a moment." Secretary Liu did not directly answer her question.

    Team Leader Sun didn't dare to ask more, but he was even more disturbed at the moment.

    "Are you Sun Yufang? Ye's reported that you asked for money from the cooperating customers, private rebates, the suspected amount is huge, our hospital has verified, the evidence is conclusive, you have been arrested."

    Team leader Sun never thought that she was waiting for someone from the procuratorate and the police station.

    Team Leader Sun was a little bit lost for a while. She did n’t greedy much money and things. They were all “gifts” from some customers. She was not the only one doing this in the company, and the company did n’t care much about it. Why is she arrested now?

    However, an extremely detailed list was immediately placed in front of Team Leader Sun.

    Team Leader Sun looked at the data in that group, and her face was getting paler. She was not greedy twice or twice, but there have been countless times in the past twenty years.

    Team Leader Sun was directly paralyzed on the ground and then taken away by the relevant law enforcement personnel.

    Soon after Liu Qin entered the company, he did not have the opportunity to be greedy, so he was directly expelled from the company, but the record was overwhelming, and with Ye's intervention, it would be difficult to find a good job in the future.

    Moreover, the unbearable videos of Liu Qin and President Li were then put online, and Liu Qin's reputation was completely ruined.

    As for Mr. Li, who had nothing overnight, the company went bankrupt, he was forced to get debts by all parties, and with the special “care” of Mr. Li, Mr. Li's life was not as good as death. .

    Of course, these were all done by Ye Sanxiao, but Wen Ruoqing didn't know about it.

    Wen Ruoqing wanted to see the two babies after Ye Sishen left, but she called He Tongtong. He Tongtong said that the two babies had gone to kindergarten and would not leave school until 4 pm.

    However, in the afternoon, Ye Sishen called her to prevent her from running around, and asked her to wait for him at home.

    Therefore, she could not go anywhere.

    In the evening, Ye Sishen came back very early. The dinner was made by Liusao, who accompanied her to eat at home.

    When Wen Ruoqing returned to the room, someone naturally followed behind. Obviously, the time of sleeping in separate rooms had long ended in the consciousness of Ye Sanshao, and Ren Wen Ruoqing could not resist any use.

    Ye Sanshao finally officially started his happy life,

    Late at night, in an underground venue.

    "Leng Shao, Li Xiong is hiding inside. Ye Sanshao releases his words to rectify him. He must be alive and dead in the next days. Even if he hides here for a long time, he will definitely be found soon. It was also just news that he was hiding here, Leng Shao, you please. "A man in his fifties looked flattered at the Leng Shao stepping forward, desperately pleased.

    "En." Leng Shao snorted softly, his face a little heavy, and his eyes slowly looked towards the meeting place, as sharp and sharp as an eagle, making people creepy.

    "Leng Shao, what do you do with him? He offended Ye Sanshao. At this time, everyone avoids him far away ..." The middle-aged man was still curious, so he couldn't help talking.

    Leng Shao's eagle-like eyes suddenly swept towards him, causing him to silence for a moment.