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However, he may not hesitate to listen to Mayor Lu, and after Tang Baiqian left, Mayor Lu called to specifically tell him that he must listen to Tang Baiqian, so he must do what Tang Baiqian said.

    Mayor Lu said that this time Tang Baiqian was invited from above and handled a secret case a few years ago.

    Mayor Lu said that the secret case reminded Qin Ting of the incident a few years ago. At that time, many people died, and it has not been broken for so many years.

    Therefore, Qin Ting did not dare to carelessly.

    "Third Brother." Qin Wushao breathed hard, and then pressed the answer button.

    "What's going on?" Ye Si Shen was so shrewd and aware of the problem.

    "Third Brother, I'm following them. Come here." Qin Wushao tried to calm down his mood and try to make his voice as usual.

    At this moment, the car behind was desperately honking, probably because Qin Wu Shao answered the phone and the speed was slow.

    "You're sure." Although the sound was messy and the sound of the horn masked other sounds, Ye Sishen heard Qin Wushao's voice uncomfortable.

    He felt that Qin Ting was lying.

    However, he did not want to believe Qin Ting lied to him.

    Qin Ting heard Ye Sishen's voice, his eyelids jumped a few times again, he wanted to tell Ye Si Shen's truth, but the mayor's words circulated in his mind again, the secret case was not broken, and the dead person was in trouble .

    He is the chief of the police station. This is his responsibility, so he has no choice at all.

    And he really felt that the third brother who had married Wen Ruoqing shouldn't be entangled with the woman five years ago.

    Qin Ting secretly gritted his teeth and slammed his head, shouting: "Third Brother, they turned in front, I try to keep up with them, you hurry up."

    Qin Ting was afraid that Ye Sishen would hear the strangeness in his voice, and that Ye Sishen would continue to question him, so he hung up the phone quickly after the roar. .

    And he continued to drive forward, because the car behind was so aggressive that he could only speed up.

    At this moment, Ye Sishen had ran to the place where Qin Wushao stopped, which was the intersection where Wen Ruoqing had previously stood, but at this moment, Qin Ting had left, and Wen Ruoqing and Tang Baiqian had also left.

    Ye Sishen raised his head and looked up. There was a surveillance camera at the intersection, but he did not have time to check the surveillance now, and he knew that Tang Baiqian was there, he would not be able to find anything even if he went to the surveillance.

    Qin Ting left towards the east.

    Qin Ting said that he was chasing Wen Ruoqing and Tang Baiqian!

    Ye Sishen looked in the other direction. Qin Ting should have stopped by the mall just now, and it was just a crossroad not far from the front, that is, the four directions of southeast, northwest were all open.

    They can leave in either direction.

    Choose one of the four, 25% hope, if you choose the wrong one, you will go farther and farther. In this case, if you change the average person, you will definitely choose to believe Qin Ting.

    After all, other possibilities are even smaller.

    Ye Si's squinted eyes quickly looked around, and the corners of his lips seemed to tick slightly, and then quickly got into a taxi.

    Ye Si Shen has always been in and out of special cars, this is the first time to take a taxi.

    "Sir, where are you going?" The taxi driver saw Ye Sishen's disguise for a moment, and was very polite.

    "Turn right ahead, and then I will tell you how to get there." Ye Si's squinted eyes were faintly cold, and his voice was a little cold.

    "Okay." The taxi driver shrank, and although Ye Sanshao said ambiguously, he didn't even have a specific address, but the driver didn't dare to ask a word at the moment.

    Turn right ahead and head south, which is the direction that Tang Baiqian and Wen Ruoqing just left.

    Why did Ye Sanshao choose to go south?

    Qin Ting is heading east now. If he did not lie to him, then there is Qin Ting over there, and he can let other people chase him.

    If Qin Ting lied to him, then it was Tang Baiqian who let Qin Ting go east. According to the common sense, Tang Baiqian might go west, and the opposite is the first choice for ordinary people.

    However, Tang Baiqian is not an ordinary person after all.

    Therefore, he felt that Tang Baiqian could not go west.

    As for the choice of north and south?

    There is a saying called the opposite.

    Ordinary people generally choose the difficult ones in this case, and the difficulty of the other people is more difficult for the other party.

    Ye Sishen now chooses the simplest, right turn to the south, the simplest and most convenient.

    After getting in the taxi, Ye Si Shen sent a short message to Qin Wu Shao-car model? Car color? number plate?

    This text message follows his usual style, simple but cold.

    Qin Wushao received Ye Sishen's text message for a moment, but he answered quickly one by one. This time, Qin Ting did not conceal or false.

    It's a necessity to cheat the 3rd Brother, he naturally can't hide anything in these matters.

    He just saw them clearly, and he just saw that there were other people in the car, because at that time he saw the window lowered, but he had not yet seen the inside of the window. .

    He didn't pay too much attention to those then, because his attention was all on the woman.

    Ye Sishen saw the text message from Qin Ting, his eyes narrowed little by little ...

    ‘Send your position to Fly, and I will let him find you. Ye Sishen sent another text message to Qin Wu Shao.

    ‘Brother, ca n’t you come? 'Qin Wushao's text message was sent immediately, very quickly.

    ‘Third Brother, I ’m afraid I ’ll lose someone. Qin Wushao sent another text message immediately.

    Ye Si Shen glanced, his lips slightly colder, at this moment, he no longer wanted to believe but had to admit that Qin Ting lied to him.

    He did n’t blame Qin Ting the last time he was in the police station, because he understood Qin Ting ’s hardship, and that case was not broken. At that time, Mu Shaobai was released again, fearing that others would be killed.

    Qin Ting, as the chief of the police station, cannot risk his life.

    But this time?

    What was Qin Ting for this time?

    To cover her away? To cover Tang Baiqian's departure?

    When did Ye Si Shen become a viper and beast? Is he so terrible?

    And last time Qin Ting stopped him, he respected Qin Ting as a man.

    But this time Qin Ting was cheating on him! !

    Ye Sishen took out the phone and quickly dialed a number. His call was made to Xi Ji.

    The phone rang a few times before it was picked up over there.

    "Third Brother, what's the matter?" Xi Ji is handling the acquisition of the Yang family's company, which is busy at the moment, and also the most critical moment.

    "Do me a favor." Ye Sishen knew about Xi Ji's acquisition of Yangjia Company, so he knew that Xi Ji was very busy at the moment, but only Xi Ji could do this.