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However, the promise he just received was enough, and he was satisfied.

As for the previous business in the mall, he will definitely not deal with it. If he wants to use it soon, it will spread, and then Mr. Wen will definitely see it.

He had some expectations. He wanted to see what crazy things old man Wen would do? Would it be as terrible as she said?

At this moment's night three little smile like a fox.

Wen ruoqing saw the smile on his face, but he was half dead.

She was going to find him to solve what happened in the mall. Why did she end up being cheated by him and saying the wrong thing?

Why is this man so hateful and insidious.

At the moment, the lips of the Secretary Shen kept rising, and the smile on her face was more and more brilliant. She didn't want to hide any meaning in front of her sad and upset person.

Seeing his proud and open smile, Wen ruoqing wanted to bite him, right, to kill him.

At this moment, Yesi Chen has started the car. Wen ruoqing sees his sexy long fingers on the steering wheel. She really wants to bite hard.

However, she managed to control herself.

Now she has fallen in front of him everywhere. If she bites him again, what can she do in case she is wronged by him?

Now, he was a cunning, insidious fox in her eyes.

On the surface, his face is cold and impersonal, but in the dark, he can do everything.

At this moment, Wen ruoqing's heart is extremely depressed. Then, at this time, the night Secretary Chen intentionally laughs.

Wen ruo-qing felt that she could not bear it. She picked up a little doll on the car and poked it in the face.

She poked! Poke! Poke! Punch hard! Stab him to death.

"Doesn't it hurt?" Night Si Chen sees her action, some funny, she this is to regard the doll as him to abreact?

In fact, he is the one she wants to poke, right?

It seems that he really upset her!

"It's up to you." Wen ruoqing is angry at the moment, gnashing his teeth back to him.

Night division Chen Leng Leng, smile on the face more diffuse open, he likes her angry when such a toothy and claw appearance, real and lovely.

And he was unprepared.

"Or I'll let you poke. You can poke anywhere you want." Night division Shen's body suddenly approached her again, with some deliberate ambiguity in the words.

"Stop, I want to get off." Wen ruoqing quickly avoided.

She felt that she would go crazy if she continued to stay in the car with him. She wanted to go out and breathe.

Night division shen Mou son light flash, and then really parked the car to the side of the road, the car stopped, warm if clear then quickly open the door, get off the car.

Night Si Chen just looked, did not stop her.

He thought that she got off at the moment, maybe she wanted to find a way to solve the business of the mall.

It's almost half an hour since we started to launch. It's impossible for us to have complete control without any information leaking out.

He wants to see. What is she going to do? If she does something, he can catch it.

At that time, she can't get away with it if she wants to.

Wen ruoqing got out of the car and calmed down completely.

As for the business of the mall, she felt that yeshishen would not stand by.

After all, if such a situation is really spread out, it is not good for yesichen, nor is it the result that yesichen wants.

The night old man was very dissatisfied with her. He didn't want to have a wedding at all and didn't want to admit her. If things just came out in the mall, they would certainly anger the night old man to a certain extent. At that time, it would be more difficult for the night Secretary Chen to get the night family.

What's more, there is the existence of dream ruotang.

Although mengruotang knows that they have been married, mengruotang also knows that they are married by agreement. If mengruotang sees the picture of him kissing her, it will be misunderstood.

Night division Chen will not let dream if Ting misunderstood.

Therefore, it's impossible for Wen ruoqing to ignore this matter.

After thinking about this, Wen ruoqing is relieved.

Just thinking about what happened in the car, Wen ruoqing was still depressed. She felt that she needed to vent. Some people said that shopping was the best way to vent.

After Wen ruoqing got off the car, the night Secretary Chen made a phone call to fly. He told fly to follow Wen ruoqing secretly to see if she could do anything?

She hasn't been in city a for five years. In such a case, she can still press down the business of the mall, then

Wen ruoqing returns to Yinlong shopping mall again, but ye Yunan has left, and the man on the fifth floor has also left.

Wen ruoqing began to buy things. Sure enough, shopping is a good way to vent. He bought a lot of things at one go. Wen ruoqing's mood finally recovered and he felt comfortable.

Of course, when she was shopping, she was worried that yeshishen would really ignore the business in the mall. She was more worried that the old man's phone would suddenly call.

She even thought, if the old man really knew, would she take two babies back directly?

At that time, the old man couldn't find her.

If the old man can't find her, he can't force her any more!

Wen ruoqing has been shopping for more than two hours. She doesn't get a call from the old man again.

Wen ruoqing takes out her mobile phone and checks all the news. There's nothing about her and yesichen's previous business in the mall.

Wen ruoqing's lips are slightly crooked, and she finally smiles at ease. She knows that the night manager will not ignore it.

Although it's dark and insidious, it's reliable to do things in the key time.

In the office, the night manager is gloomy at the moment. Three hours have passed, but there is no news about the shopping mall.

There is no leak, not even a picture. The blocked one is complete.

Night division Shen's eyes narrowed little by little, this means is really high.

He asked the fly to stare at Wen ruoqing, but there was no news from the fly, so it should not be done by Wen ruoqing.

However, he felt it was necessary to make sure that he dialed the phone of fly directly: "what has she done in this period of time?"

"She's been shopping a lot." The sound of flies over there is very flat.

"Shopping? Just shopping? " Yesi is stunned. She got out of the car and went shopping? More than two hours?

"Yes, she bought a lot of things for children." After thinking about it, the fly added another sentence. Maybe it's necessary to mention it.

"Children's stuff?" At night, she was shocked and frowned. What did she do to buy children's things?