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#131 Endless good news

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Four years ago, Chu Ling'er learned about it later. When she knew it, Qiao Yunan had already returned to China. Otherwise, she would beat Qiao Yunan into a pig head.

    Murong Duanyang made a speech when she came this time. If Qiao bitch is in trouble, she must not be spared.

    She had just arrived, Qiao Yunan bumped into her muzzle, blame her?

    How can she blame her for her innocence, kindness, tenderness, and sociability, and beauty? Blame her, it's really unreasonable!

    So, of course, you can't blame her, just blame Joe Slut.

    Qiao Yunan's face turned particularly ugly at this moment, and she was spitting blood in her heart, but she knew she had to endure it now.

    She knew about the marriage of Wen Ruoqing and Ye Sishen. She also saw the attitude of Wen Siqing to Wen Ruoqing in Yejia's old house that day, so she did not dare to gamble.

    Qiao Yunan exhaled secretly, then turned to Wen Ruoqing: "I heard that the old man will come over tonight."

    "It's so good." Wen Ruoqing naturally understood Qiao Yunan's implication. Qiao Yunan meant that Mr. Ye came over and sat in Ye Sishen and couldn't open the back door for her.

    However, her Wen Ruoqing never needs anyone to open her back door.

    Qiao Yunan is not her worry! !

    Seeing Wen Ruoqing's indifferent face, Qiao Yunan slightly stunned, she was secretly amazed. Why didn't Wen Ruoqing worry at all?

    However, even if Wen Ruoqing is prepared, today, Wen Ruoqing will definitely not win her! !

    "Qiao bitch, I advise you to be honest, otherwise ..." Qiao Yunan was thinking, Chu Ling'er's hand suddenly reached Qiao Yunan, Chu Ling'er's five fingers slowly clenched into a fist, in Qiao Yu Nan shook arrogantly in front of him: "You know, I Chu Ling'er always speaks only with strength."

    "Chu Ling'er, today is more about design than fist. Your strength is useless." Qiao Yunan looked up at Chu Ling'er with a little contempt.

    Qiao Yunan knew that Chu Ling'er had a great fight, but today it was not a fight, and she decided that Chu Ling'er didn't dare to do it here.

    "Elementary school girl, she said my strength is useless?" Chu Ling'er's eyes blinked, and then blinked again, the expression was very cute.

    "Naturally is useful." Wen Ruoqing chuckled slightly, and Chu Ling'er's strength could directly scare this group of people out! !

    Qiao Yunan also dared to despise Chu Ling'er, really looking for death! !

    "Elementary school girl, after finishing the business, I plan to have a good time." Chu Ling'er's eyes rolled, his face suddenly a little more excited.

    "It's dry and dry, be careful of fire candles, and pay attention to safety." Wen Ruoqing naturally understood Chu Ling'er's meaning, and she could only understand what she said.

    The two didn't pay any attention to Qiao Yunan, and walked directly towards Yeshi Group.

    Entering the lobby, Wen Ruoqing saw Bai Yirui, because Bai Yirui was almost standing at the front entrance.

    Wen Ruoqing's eyes swept over him, and did not stay for a moment, and there was no slight change in her expression. That one glance was just so casual, it seemed to sweep a normal person.

    Wen Ruoqing's footsteps did not stop at all. He continued to walk forward at the original frequency and walked past him.

    Bai Yirui looked at her figure, her eyes were dim, six years old, and six years later, but she had n’t seen her for six years. But when she met today, she looked like a stranger to him?

    "President, the person brought by the wife just now is on the bar with Miss Qiao." Secretary Liu in the president's office knows the thoughts of his president best, so whenever there is anything about the wife, Secretary Liu comes to report immediately .

    "Why?" Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed slightly. Who offended his wife?

    "I don't know, somehow it was on the bar, but in the end the wife won."

    "President, you don't know, the people of Qiao just threatened to let Ye's people drive out his wife, and the lady said that they would make a bet to see who Ye's would chase out? That's really domineering."

    "She said!" Ye Sishen's eyebrows were slightly selected, and his daughter-in-law finally knew to 'use' him.

    "Ah? Not the wife said, it was the designer brought by the wife." Secretary Liu responded quickly, and immediately understood the meaning of her own president. Secretary Liu added another sentence after thinking about it: "The designer invited by the wife is like A gangster of the underworld, with his teeth twirled and unscrupulous. "

    Miss Chu Ling'er, a gangster from a triad society, is planning her big action at the moment! !

    "Everything is going according to plan." Ye Si Shen's eyes flickered slightly, and he was more and more looking forward to the next thing.

    "Okay, I see." Secretary Liu left the office again and again and arranged.

    When the time comes, the event officially begins, probably because there are too many people participating today, so Yeshi divided all the companies into two groups.

    The companies are grouped by lot, the simplest, the most direct and the fairest.

    Qing Rui originally had a group with Wen Shi, but Bai Yi Rui transferred to another group and transferred to the second group.

    The strength of the companies in the second group is relatively strong, and Qiao's is also divided into the second group, so the person in charge of the company heard that Qingrui was going to transfer with them.

    Because the tuning was smooth and there were too many companies participating, no one noticed this episode.

    Subsequently, each company submitted its own design works as required, and each company needed to submit five sets of design drawings, as Yeshi previously explained.

    In order to get rid of the design drawings, Wen Ruoqing has not had a good rest in these two days.

    Wen Zhiyang and Manager Li also rushed over.

    When Wen Ruoqing took out the design drawings, Manager Li was stunned: "Wen Da ... President Wen, have the design drawings been drawn?"

    "Well, it's all done." Wen Ruoqing knew that Manager Li had followed Master Wen for many years and was loyal to the company, so she was assured of Manager Li.

    "Qingqing, can I take a look at the design drawings first? No matter what happens then." Wen Zhiyang's eyes flickered, and he directly reached for the design drawings.

    "No need, I will be responsible for the situation." However, Wen Ruoqing's hand is directly avoided, and she really is not worried about Wen Zhiyang.

    Qiao Yunan went to Wen Shi yesterday, and Wen Ruoqing suspected to be related to Wen Zhiyang.

    Wen Ruoqing asked Chu Ling'er to submit the design directly.

    After Wen's design drawings were handed in, Secretary Liu took it for the first time. After all, Secretary Liu didn't hold back the curiosity. He first opened it and looked at it, only one glance.

    Then he quickly reassembled the design drawings and quickly went to the president's office.

    "President, this is Wen's design drawings." Upon entering the office, Secretary Liu quickly handed the design drawings to Ye Sishen.