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These days Tang Baiqian has not moved at all. I have to say that Tang Baiqian is indeed a hidden master. In these few days, Tang Baiqian is like a tortoise steadily retracting into his shell and then sinking to the bottom And buried in the mud, motionless.

    Under such circumstances, even if the entire river is drained, he may not be able to find him.

    But, at the moment, Tang Baiqian even called Wen Ruoqing?

    Ye Sishen suddenly realized a problem, he trapped Tang Baiqian in the city A, wouldn't it put her and Tang Baiqian together in a city? Wouldn't it create an opportunity for them to get close?

    Is he stupid?

    "It's me, I'm performing tasks outside, the phone is off, his phone is just right here with me, so I used his phone, I have a problem, I may need your help, I will send the information to you later You, help me see. "The person on the other end of the phone was not Tang Baiqian, but Yue Hongling.

    Tang Baiqian has several mobile phone numbers, and there are two most commonly used to contact them. This time Tang Baiqian returned to China with only one number.

    "Well, okay, learn ..." Wen Ruoqing echoed.

    "You just didn't seem to be in the right mood? What happened?" Wen Ruoqing just wanted to change her name, but Hong Ling on the other side suddenly interrupted her.

    "You can hear it, can I still keep a little privacy?" Wen Ruoqing froze for a moment, his lips slightly curled, and his voice was slightly coquettish.

    The elder sister deserves to be the elder sister, is very powerful, through the phone, you can hear her mood is not right.

    In fact, she felt that she had adjusted well.

    Seeing her apparently coquettish look, Ye Si Shen's cold eyes narrowed dangerously.

    She has been married to him for so long, he has never seen her so spoiled in front of him.

    Now she actually spoils her with "other men"?

    "What happened?" Hong Ling's tone brought a little gossip, and of course she was also concerned. She knew that there were not many things that could affect Wen Ruoqing's emotions.

    "It's no big deal. Someone calculated me, and a scum man wanted to hit me. It has been resolved." Wen Ruoqing's lips flicked, and he didn't hide it.

    She feels that she will always be like a child who has not grown up in front of her elder sister. For so many years, thanks to the elder sister and the elders have been helping her.

    In her mind, they have long been treated as relatives, so in front of them, she will not deliberately cover up her emotions, especially in front of the school sister.

    Usually, her relationship with Hongling's sister has been very good and very close.

    "Who is not afraid of death and dare to hit your mind?" Yue Hongling's voice didn't have any worries. Instead, she had a little bit more gloating and dared to play Wen Ruoqing's idea. Isn't it death?

    "When will you come back? I think you and the two babies." Hong Ling then added another sentence.

    "I can't pass for the time being." Wen Ruoqing sighed slightly, she also wanted to go back quickly, but the key is that she can't go now,

    "Because of your temporary husband." Yue Hongling smiled, teasing her half-truth.

    "Well." Wen Ruoqing's lips twitched slightly, her red lips slightly curled, and the words that accompanied Hong Ling also smiled half-truth: "Although it is a temporary husband, it is still legal for the time being. Wait for an agreement. It ’s over, there ’s still a long time to come. "

    She suddenly felt that the time passed so slowly, so slowly, it turned out that she had only been married to Ye Sishen for more than a month. How did she feel like it had passed a long time.

    "Oh, so you need to boil slowly." On the other side of the phone, Yue Hongling couldn't help laughing.

    In another room, Ye Sishen's face gloomed down little by little. Temporary husband?

    In her mind, he is just her temporary husband, and listening to her means that she is always ready to end the agreement?

    And, looking at her like this, it seems like spending time with him with him.

    Ok, so good, Ye Sishen believes that if Wen Ruoqing stands in front of him at this moment, he can really strangle her.

    The others looked at Ye Sishen and didn't dare to say anything.

    Although everyone knows that they have a problem with their marriage, this temporary husband is really enough ...

    They used to think that Wen Ruoqing was not worthy of Ye Sishen, but now it seems that Wen Ruoqing didn't take Ye Sishen seriously and didn't care about it at all.

    Wen Ruoqing really only regarded their marriage as an agreement, and no other ideas.

    Ye Sishen picked up the phone again and dialed it, of course the line was busy, but Wen Ruoqing still had a reminder there.

    Wen Ruoqing took the phone in front of him, looked at it, frowned slightly, but just glanced at it, and did not answer Ye Sishen's call, and still kept the conversation with the 'Senior Senior'.

    Wen Ruoqing thought, anyway, her current phone is on the phone. Isn't it okay if she doesn't answer it?

    Ye Sishen stared at Wen Ruoqing on the screen, and a pair of eyes narrowed fiercely, as if to ruin Wen Ruoqing.

    She clearly looked at the phone and knew that he had called, but she pretended not to know and continued to talk to the ‘student’ and ‘tenderness’.

    Okay, really good!

    The people around Ye Sishen took a deep breath.

    In view of this situation, all the people looked at it and couldn't help but take a breath. The woman was so brave.

    Of course, if they didn't watch all this through the monitoring screen at the moment, it wouldn't matter. After all, she was talking on the phone at the moment, and it was understandable that she didn't answer.

    But the crux of the problem is that they, including Ye Sishen, are looking at her now, and seeing that she knows that Ye Sishen's phone is not answered.

    This happened.

    Ye Si exhaled secretly and dialed it again. This time, Wen Ruoqing just glanced at it again, ignored it and continued to chat happily with the "Seniors".

    At this moment, not only Ye Sishen's face was ugly, but the expressions of other people in the room also changed.

    Ye Sishen called again and again in the past, Wen Ruoqing clearly saw it, but always pretended not to see it, and was so happy to chat with other men! !

    This scene is too TMD exciting!

    Of course, for the people in this room at this moment, it is not only exciting but terrifying.

    Ye Sishen's phone number was dialed for the third time.

    This time, Wen Ruoqing didn't even look at it, and pretended not to know.

    Xiao Qi, who was standing next to Ye Sishen, swallowed secretly, and then quietly moved a step back. He felt that there was danger of life at any time when he was too close to the third brother.

    However, Sansao was so powerful that she clearly saw Sange's phone and even pretended not to see it, but just didn't answer it.

    Dare to treat the third brother this way, he has only seen Sansao alone.