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#75 She's innocent

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Night division looked at her feet, as if deliberately measuring her position at the moment, then a pair of eyes slowly raised, looked at her whole body, and finally fell on her face.

"Nothing to say?" Night division Shen again, the voice is still light and slow, light as willow catkins scratch the chest, not a little hard, but it makes people especially uncomfortable.

Wen ruoqing's body is stiff, her lips are slightly pursed, and there is no talk. The two babies can't talk, but Wen ruoqing doesn't want to cheat him, so at this moment, she chooses silence.

"Where to?" At this moment, the patience of Yesi Shen seemed to be particularly good. Seeing her silence, she asked again, but this time her voice seemed to slightly improve.

Wen ruoqing's heart was quivering. She knew that she would not give up today's night, but she really didn't want to cheat him. So, Wen ruoqing still didn't speak.

"You said it yourself? Or let me check? " The night Secretary sinks his lips and slightly hooks the corner of his mouth. He slowly turns the wine glass in his hand. There is no threat in his low voice, but the dangerous breath is hairy.

"I think we should all have our own privacy." Wen ruoqing breathed in a dark way. She spoke weakly. She was really afraid. The night manager would check her affairs.

If he goes to m country to check, she is not afraid of it. If there are senior students, he should not find anything so easily.

However, now that the two babies have come to city a, she is afraid that the night division will find them.

Two babies are her weak points.

She must not let the two babies suffer any harm.

"Privacy?" Night division Shen a pair of deep eyes narrowed little by little, staring at her straight, "you tell me privacy? Your privacy is pretending to go to bed in the morning. As soon as I go out, you follow me out the door. "

"Your privacy is to call me every day to ask when I will be back, just to get home half an hour earlier than me? And then pretend to sleep? " At the moment, there was a little more anger in the voice of Yesi Shen. After waiting for more than three hours, he suppressed all his anger. But now because of her words, the anger came out again.

He now clearly realized one thing, he married this woman to come back to anger himself.

Wen ruoqing can't refute the crimes listed in this article, because they are all facts.

”Give me a reason. "The voice of the night Secretary sank a little bit. He tried to suppress the anger in his heart. He wanted to know why she did this?

”It's my fault. I shouldn't lie to you. I "Wen ruoqing knows that this is her fault. Since she has done it wrong, she will take the initiative to admit it.

”I want a reason. "It's just that Yesi Chen suddenly interrupts her words. He looks at her with eyes, obviously a little colder. He wants to know why she did it.

The glass he was holding was suddenly on the table, leaning forward slightly.

When Wen ruoqing saw this movement, he thought that he would stand up and want to retreat subconsciously, but behind her was the sofa. When she retreated, she immediately sat on the sofa.

Although Wen ruoqing dare not say that the sky is not afraid, the earth is not afraid, but he is absolutely calm in his work, and he is not in a mess in the face of danger, but now he is scared to fall on the sofa by such a small action as the night manager sinking his glass.

Wen ruoqing's first reaction was to get up quickly. However, night Secretary Chen held her faster, and his body suddenly tilted towards the direction she sat.

Wen ruoqing's subconscious avoidance, she is sitting on the sofa at the moment, still being pulled by the night secretary, unable to avoid at all, and then with his strength, she is overwhelmed by him on the sofa.

It's as ambiguous as that gesture.

Wen ruoqing suddenly felt that her breathing had become difficult. Such a situation made her more confused.

"Tell me, what have you done to hide from me so painstakingly?" Yesi Shen's body pressed her tightly, leaving no space. Even her hands pressed her, making her unable to move. This made him feel a bit more intimidating.

For a moment, Wen ruoqing felt that she was going to be breathless, which was very unfavorable to her.

”I promise that I have never done anything that is not loyal to our marriage. "Wen ruoqing knows that in general, men will have doubts in this respect, so she will be angry, so what she needs to clarify first is this.

Although they are married by agreement and have nothing to do with love, such arrogant people as Yesi Shen should not allow such things to happen.

”I believe you. "The night division sinks his lips and the corners of his lips are slightly hooked. There seems to be so much smile in his voice.

In fact, his first thought at that time was whether she would go on a date with another man. After all, it was easy to be doubted that she would leave early and return late like her.

But now that she said that, he believed it for the first time.

He knew that if she didn't speak, what she said must be true, so he believed her.

Because of her words, the anger in his heart went away for the most part.

Wen ruoqing's eyes blinked slightly. I don't understand why he believed this so much. Does he feel that she is too ugly and has no temptation?

Of course, Wen ruoqing can feel that his attitude at the moment has obviously eased a little, and she just seems to hear the faint smile in his words.

Is he not angry?

If he doesn't get angry, should he let her go? It's really uncomfortable for her to be so oppressed by him.

It's just that yeshishen obviously has no intention of releasing. Her body is very soft. He can clearly feel her softness when he presses on her. It's very comfortable, so he doesn't remember.

It was a feeling that had never been felt before.

Night division Shen's body once again close to her, so wanton pressure on her body, don't know what thought, suddenly asked: "how long have we been married?"

"Ten days." His words turned so fast that Wen ruoqing was frightened in his heart and his eyelids were slightly jumping. He didn't understand the purpose of his sudden question.

She needs to be careful with him.

"It's been more than ten days!" "There is one thing, you seem to forget?" he said

"What is it?" Wen ruoqing's heart hung tightly for a moment. What did he say?

Although I married him soon, a lot of things happened. She didn't know what he was talking about now?

Did he find out about the police station...