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She was sad when she divorced? very sad? What does this mean?

Explain that she actually divorced him?

is it really like this? !

"Ah, my wife must have been sad and sad at that time." Secretary Liu returned to his mind, and then remembered the situation of Wen Ruoqing at that time, so I added another sentence: "But the lady was always cheering and laughing..."

Mrs. Liu’s wife at that time must have smiled, and it must be like this! ! !

"You can get away. Don't let me see it again in the future, otherwise..." Ye Sishen's eyes sank quickly, severely interrupting Secretary Liu's words.

She cheers and laughs? Does Wen Ruoqing smile with a strong face?

She was really happy and smiled sincerely.

She had been thinking about divorcing him all the time, and finally the divorce was successful. Can she smile unhappy?

Only Secretary Liu is a fool who thinks that she is smiling.

And he just thought...

Secretary Liu was still in a daze, wondering what happened? What does the president mean? Let him roll and never show up again? Is it to dismiss him?

What did he do wrong?

Ye Sishen didn't pay any attention to Secretary Liu, because he was afraid that he could not help kicking Secretary Liu directly. Although this was not all the fault of Secretary Liu, the divorce was done by Secretary Liu. On this point, he killed Secretary Liu ten times. Not excessive.

Ye Sishen left the office quickly. What he had to do now was to get her back as soon as possible.

No matter where she went, no matter who she was with, he would find her, and even if it was robbed, he would rob her back.

She secretly handled the divorce while he was on a business trip. In order to divorce, she calculated him step by step, and then escaped for him.

He thought she could escape, did she really treat him to death?

This time, even if she fled to the end of the world, even if she went to heaven, he would find her out.

When he finds her...

Wen Ruoqing, wait for him.

Ye Si sank out of the office, and Xi Ji just came over. Xi Ji was optimistic about him and froze for a moment. Suddenly thinking of his divorce, he couldn't help but ask: "Third Brother, you're back, yes, I heard You divorced yesterday, what happened? I called my elder brother yesterday to say this, did you really divorce?"

Ye Sishen's footsteps stopped and looked at Xi Ji. He was very depressed at the moment.

Hey, he’s divorced. Everyone in the world knows that he was the last one to know.

"Tang Ling also knows this?" Ye Sishen suddenly caught this.

"Yes, my elder brother said he would contact Sansao, no, it was Wen Ruoqing..." Xi Ji replied naturally, and even changed his name directly. Sange and Wen Ruoqing were both divorced, and they must not call Sansao anymore.

He understands this.

When Xi Jizheng was secretly proud of his understanding.

"Wen Ruoqing is also what you can shout." Ye Si Shen glared fiercely at Xi Ji, and that look seemed to be ruthless to kill Xi Ji directly. This damn Xi Ji was intentionally stimulated, even in front of him. Change the name on purpose.

"Then what do I call?" Xi Ji froze, what does third brother mean? Why can't he call Wen Ruoqing? By the way, Wen Ruoqing is several years younger than him.

"Shout three sisters-in-law." Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed slightly: "Unless, you don't recognize my third brother."

"Aren't you divorced?" Xi Ji froze, shouting Sansao when they were both divorced? Is this appropriate?

"I don't agree, even if you leave." Ye Sishen suddenly laughed, the word-by-word words listened to the extraordinarily madness and extraordinarily overbearing.

He disagreed. Even if the marriage was divorced, it could not be counted. In this life, she could only be his woman, only his wife. This could never be changed.

After saying this, Ye Sishen left directly.

"Don't agree? Didn't the third brother agree?" Xi Ji froze, and saw Secretary Liu standing on the side couldn't help asking.

"Yes, the president clearly agreed at the time." Secretary Liu responded stunned, but the more he thought the more things went wrong.

"Me, am I not doing something wrong? I didn't understand the meaning of the wrong president at that time?" Secretary Liu was not stupid, and finally understood it at the moment.

"I think it's very possible." Xi Jijue's attitude just from his third brother, it is absolutely impossible to agree to divorce Wen Ruoqing, so it may be that Secretary Liu is really wrong.

He felt something was wrong last night. Sure enough, he was still very prescient.

"Secretary Liu, take care of yourself. If you have an accident, it's purely your own responsibility. No wonder others. I'll burn some more paper money for you." Xi Ji patted Secretary Liu's shoulder with sympathy, he felt This time, it was difficult for Secretary Liu’s life to be afraid.

Secretary Liu was patted by him, and his body shuddered obviously, and a heart shuddered.

It seems that the president just wanted him to roll, or else he would roll.

If the president returns, his life may not be guaranteed.

Ye Si went out of the company and contacted the pilot of the private plane directly. He now knew where Wen Ruoqing had gone without checking.

She must have returned to country m. Regarding her situation in country M, he has almost mastered everything, including Tang Baiqian's secret base, he knows clearly where.

Therefore, as long as he hurries to country M, he can guarantee to get her right.

However, he also understands that it is a little late now. If he knew about this matter last night, he immediately rushed from country c to country m and would definitely be able to catch her directly at the airport.

But yesterday he...

Last night, he called the old man. If the old man told him the truth at the time, he would immediately understand what had happened, and he would go directly to the country m.

But the old man lied to him, Ye Sishen's lips slightly raised, and a trace of creepy coldness was drawn.

Ye Sishen took out the phone and quickly dialed out: "Destroy Ye Shi for me."

"How to ruin the law?" The other party froze for a moment, then asked with a slight smile.

"The more thorough, the better." Ye Sishen's voice at the moment was cold with no temperature.

For Yeshi, he is not rare at all, and he has never had any feelings. He has remained in Yeshi for so many years. One is to cover up his real power, and the second is because of his mother. For his mother, he cannot let Yeshi In the hands of the mother and son.

but now……

He is going to ruin Ye Shi now, the first is because Ye Ye deceived him last night.

The second is that because Wen Ruoqing and Ye's ruined, they will never be able to successfully fall into his hands. She will never complete their agreement, and this marriage cannot be divorced! ! !