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#41 I need a wife

100-Day Trial Marriage Tiga 3454 2020-04-10 13:42
Why is he so close to her?

    However, one thing Wen Ruoqing can now be sure that this man really stood here to block her.

    But why did he do this? At this point, Wen Ruoqing couldn't understand why.

    "Yes, something." Ye Si's eyebrows were slightly selected, and the low voice slowly spread out. The answer was direct and very simple.

    Wen Ruoqing heard him say something, and waited for him to continue.

    It's a pity that his short two words are gone.

    Wen Ruoqing waited for a long time, and never heard him speak again.

    "Excuse me, what's the matter with this gentleman?" In the end, Wen Ruoqing broke the silence, her face remained silent, but her heart was dark and depressed. If you have something, hurry up, can you not waste time?

    "I need a wife." He looked at her, his lips moved slightly, and the word of the word came into her ears so suddenly and clearly.

    "..." "Wen Ruoqing was completely stunned. Even if she was calm again, she couldn't help but be shocked at this moment. She just had a problem with her ears, did you hear it?

    What did he just say?

    Does he need a wife? But what does it matter to her? He needs a wife, so he just went to find a wife, is he necessary to tell her?

    "Sir, I don't quite understand what you mean." Wen Ruoqing can see that this man cherishes words like gold, so she doesn't dare to expect his initiative to explain, she can only ask.

    Wen Ruoqing's question needs to be made clear.

    "I need a wife, and you just fit." Ye Si looked at her, her lips slightly raised, but explained to her patiently.

    This time, it was clearer.

    "Why? Where do I fit?" Wen Ruoqing slightly stunned, her eyes blinked quickly, she fit? Where is she suitable? She changed it to an inappropriate one, okay?

    "I don't like being too beautiful, nor do I like being too smart." Ye Si's deep lip angle is a little deeper, and there seems to be a slight flash of smile in her eyes.

    Hearing his words, Wen Ruoqing, who had always been calm, was a little annoyed at the moment. Did he say that? He might as well say directly, because she is stupid enough, she is ugly enough, so he feels appropriate.

    This man is really amazing, is there anyone who chooses his wife like this?

    However, Wen Ruoqing secretly told herself to be calm in her heart, she is a lady, well, yes, she is a lady, so keep the lady's elegance and politeness.

    "Does this gentleman want to marry the Wen family? If so, you can go tell your grandfather that there seem to be many people going to mention this matter with grandpa today."

    Since he wants to marry the Wen family, send him to grandpa and let grandpa solve it.

    "Yes, there are indeed a lot of relatives today, so it's not bad for Yejia." How could Ye Sishen not see her mind, this woman's ability to disguise is really powerful enough, he just said that deliberately on her face There was no slight anger.

    Okay, okay, he wants to see when she can pretend.

    Yejia? Wen Ruoqing was shocked. There were not many surnames in City A. There was only one family she knew. Was he?

    No, is it impossible? ! Ye's mythical existence in city A, would he rarely marry Wen?

    No, absolutely impossible! Wouldn't he be a fraud by pretending to be a Yejia?

    "Ten tomorrow, see you at the Civil Affairs Bureau." Wen Ruoqing was thinking secretly, and Ye Sishen's voice suddenly sounded above her head.