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At that time, when she was 20 years old when she was pregnant, she thought that having a baby would be no problem at all. I didn't find any problems during the pregnancy test, but by the time she gave birth, she almost killed her baby because of the defects in her body.

    If it were n’t for Sister Hongling, she might actually die.

    However, she did not regret it. If she was asked to choose again, she would still choose to give birth to the baby. The baby is hers and the treasure she loves most.

    No matter who the man was then!

    This may also be one of the reasons why she never wanted to let the man five years ago know about this matter.

    Because she was too baby, these two children, she was too afraid that someone might snatch her child. That was the result of her hard work.

    Fortunately, in the past five years, the man has never appeared and has never known about the two children.

    She hoped that the man would never know and never come to grab two babies with her.

    If one day, the man really came to grab two babies with her, she thought, she would work hard with the man.

    Somehow, Ye Sishen suddenly felt that his heart was more painful, and there seemed to be something that was piercing his heart, as if he wanted to pierce his entire heart.

    That pain, very strange, but very clear.

    "Okay." Ye Si responded with a deep voice, and now that she didn't want to say, he certainly couldn't force her to say.

    "Children, we are not born." Ye Si hugged her tightly in his arms, his face struck her neck, and the soft voice suppressed too much, too much distress.

    Although she said the clouds were light and windy, and although her look seemed to be the same as usual, he knew that she must be very painful, which must be a pain that could not be mentioned to her.

    She must have been in pain at the time, too.

    The more Ye Si contemplates, the more painful his heart is.

    He really wanted a child, a child he and her, this idea has been madly violent since it took root in his heart, and it is getting stronger and stronger, but now ...

    He vowed that if he were to know who had hurt her, he would have killed that person.

    "So, you can take it easy in the future, don't run out of 'elastic food', but keep it and have a baby with your future wife." Wen Ruoqing joked with a tone of relaxation as much as possible.

    Although she has never regretted it, the atmosphere will always be a bit depressed when it comes to such topics. She doesn't like this atmosphere.

    She didn't want the previous pain to affect her current life.

    When she said this, she pushed him hard, and his whole body was pressing on her at the moment, and her weight was almost breathless.

    Does he want to crush her?

    Ye Sishen suddenly looked up, a pair of eyes squinted quickly, staring straight at her, she could do it! At this moment he was so cruel to kill her.

    Because of her words, the original stinging heart instantly filled with anger, it seemed that all the pain was squeezed away.

    Only anger and danger remain, and the dangerous breath seems to be able to immediately take a person's breath.

    "You, what are you doing?" Wen Ruoqing was taken aback by him. She was always afraid of herself, and she shrank her body subconsciously, but at the moment, he was all pressed on her, and she had no place to shrink.

    "I really want to kill you." Ye Sishen is definitely saying what he really said at the moment, since he can't be sincere anymore, he really wants to kill her.

    So, when saying this, Ye Si Shen took a bite on her neck. Although he didn't give up too much, it would definitely hurt.

    "Yi Sishen, are you a dog? You bite people if you don't move, why do you want to bite me? Why?" Wen Ruoqing was angry, how could she catch her mouth?

    Did she mess with him? She clearly helped him before, even if this person didn't know how to be grateful.

    "You ask me why? We are a husband and wife, you let me go to find another woman?" Ye Si looked at her who didn't realize what was wrong, and even gritted her teeth.

    "I didn't let you go now, I mean, after we divorce, you marry again ..." Wen Ruoqing froze for a while, and then explained that she said they were divorced, and he married his wife again, and Did not say it is now.

    Now, she and Ye Sishen are legal couples who have obtained the certificate, and have slept together again. If at this time Ye Sishen really finds another woman outside, she will never let Ye Sishen touch her again.

    Although they are married by agreement and have nothing to do with love, she feels that she ca n’t accept the physical aspects alone. She may feel dirty, do n’t know if it is a cleansing habit?

    Of course, Wen Ruoqing didn't say this. At this moment, Si Shen was obviously angry and wanted to kill her. She really didn't dare to talk nonsense.

    However, after they divorced according to the agreement, he was free and he could marry another woman.

    At that time, she couldn't control that much.

    Originally, Wen Ruoqing was somewhat dull in terms of feelings, and their marriage started from coercion, and there was an agreement between them. Wen Ruoqing was also a kind of person who particularly kept his promises. It is their agreement.

    "You just want to divorce like this?" Hearing her voice was all divorce, Ye Si's sullen chest began to hurt, no, not only chest pain, but also head pain.

    Not only did she want to divorce him, she also wanted him to marry another woman, but she also wanted him to have children with other women. She thought so thoroughly.

    Wen Ruoqing looked at him and blinked: "This is not a question that I want or not, but it is something that we have already agreed upon, clearly written in the agreement. By the way, you drank the wine last time and kissed me, The new agreement signed when I was confused was clearer and clearer, and the new agreement clearly stated that as soon as you got the shares of Yeshi, we would divorce immediately, and you especially emphasized If you were not in City A or were inconvenient, I can ask Secretary Liu to handle the divorce. "

    Regarding the new agreement, Wen Ruoqing remembered it very clearly and analyzed it thoroughly.

    That day she was a little confused, so she thought that these were all the meaning of Ye Sishen, did not know that they were all proposed by her, and she did not know at all, the second one was that she forced Ye Sishen to choose one The result.

    Ye Si looked at her and looked at her so straight, how could it be his meaning?

    What is he particularly emphasizing? That was all she meant, and she forced him to agree.

    Ye Si's lips twitched slightly, trying to defend herself, but at this moment, Wen Ruoqing suddenly added a sentence slowly, making Ye Sanshao silence for a while.