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Leng Shao turned back to his eyes and ticked his lips slightly. He came here to hear that Li Xiong had offended Ye Sishen.

    Leng Shao entered the underground meeting occasion. The underground meeting place was very dirty and messy. The middle-aged man took him around and turned to the deepest corner. Then he saw Li Xiong curling up on the ground beside a garbage dump .

    Hearing the movement, Li Xiong quickly looked up and saw that someone was approaching him, immediately stood up and planned to escape.

    "Li Xiong, don't run, we won't hurt you. Leng Shao just has a few words to ask you." The middle-aged man shouted again and again.

    "Leng Shao." Li Xiong didn't quite believe the middle-aged man's words, but he recognized Leng Shao, so Li Xiong stopped, because Li Xiong knew that Leng Shao was absolutely impossible to take orders. So Leng Shao could not do anything to him because of Ye Sanshao's words.

    Leng Shao looked at Li Xiong and his eyes narrowed slightly. Seriously, Li Xiong was really miserable. It was less than a day, and Li Xiong became like this!

    It seems that this time Ye Si Shen was really angry.

    There are not many things that can make Ye Sishen angry, and there are few things that can make Ye Sishen like a teacher.

    Leng Shao thought of Wen Ruoqing's calmness in the face of the framing that day when she was in the Count, calm and calm, thinking of her impassive resolution of all the spirits, and the later appearance of Ye Sishen.

    And that time at the hotel, the woman smashed his place, and that night Si Shen desperately looked for the woman.

    So the woman he felt that day may also be Wen Ruoqing, but he never found the evidence. He heard about Li Xiong's affairs today, and suddenly thought that this matter would also be related to Wen Ruoqing?

    "How did you offend Ye Sishen?" Leng Shao asked directly. He always didn't like nonsense, but before asking, Leng Shaozhi left the middle-aged man who led the way.

    Li Xiong heard his words, his body trembling with shock, and he could see that Li Xiong was really terribly afraid of Ye Sishen.

    Li Xiong hesitated not to speak. He is really afraid of Ye Sishen now, so he dare not talk nonsense about the day, fearing that the evil will come out of the mouth.

    "Is it related to Wen Ruoqing?" Leng Shao saw his hesitation, and asked again more directly.

    Leng Shao's direct question at this moment is considered to be Li Xiong's fraud. Of course, if this matter is related to Wen Ruoqing, he will continue to ask. If it has nothing to do with Wen Ruoqing, he will leave immediately.

    "You, how do you know?" Li Xiong was shocked, looking at Leng Shao in a daze.

    The cold eyes narrowed slightly, and it was really related to Wen Ruoqing! !

    So what did Li Xiong do to Wen Ruoqing? Let Ye Sishen treat Li Xiong this way?

    "Let's talk, what happened in the end, you know that I and Shen Si Shen Xianglai's well water do not violate the river water, so you don't have to worry about it." Leng Shao suddenly smiled a little, his voice was very soft.

    Seeing that Leng Shao was so cold, Li Xiong completely relaxed his guard, but he exhaled fiercely: "Yes, it is because of that woman, and I have been fooled by others, so I want to treat that woman ..."

    Li Xiong's words stopped, but the meaning of Leng Shao naturally understood, Leng Shao's eagle-like eyes quickly flashed a trace of killing intent.

    But soon, and the light is very dark at the moment, so Li Xiong did not see it.

    "You continue to say." Leng Shao's voice is still very gentle, can't hear any strange.

    "That woman, that woman is a lunatic. I didn't take any advantage in that woman at all, and it was also severely rectified by her." Li Xiong said at the moment that the matter of the day was shocked and scared. Regret, if things can be repeated, he will never provoke the woman again.

    "Oh, what did she do to you?" Leng Shao slightly raised his eyebrows, and it seemed that many of his guesses were correct.

    Li Xiong didn't have much precaution against Leng Shao at the moment, and Leng Shao didn't dare to ask him, so he told Leng Shao what happened that night.

    Leng Shao listened seriously, the more surprised he was, the more he guessed that the woman was not simple, but he didn't think she would be so powerful.

    It seems that he still underestimated her! !

    This matter is getting more and more interesting.

    "Leng Shao, I have told you all, can you help me." After Li Xiong finished speaking, he looked forward to Leng Shao slightly, he knew that in City A, no one dared offend Ye Si Shen, or Only Leng Shao can help him.

    "Well, I will let people take good care of you." Leng Shao looked at Li Xiong and suddenly smiled.

    help him? Well, he will ‘help’ him well! !

    Next, he will definitely make Li Xiong ten times more miserable than he is now! !

    As soon as Leng Shao finished talking, he quickly turned around and left. Leng Shao left the underground venue to deal with some things, and then hurried back to Leng's mansion.

    It was already dawning when Leng Shao returned to Leng's mansion.

    "You ... you look at you, what does it look like all day, you look at what time is it before you come back? Where are you going to fool?" At seven in the morning, Master Leng saw that he had just returned from outside. Master Leng's cold, angry beard straight.

    Leng Shao seems to have been used to it for a long time. He didn't even bother with him at all. He even stretched his waist deliberately and continued to walk towards the room.

    "Stop for me, you are all over thirty, if you want a career without a career, if you want a family without a family, you can't wait for a good army, you see what you are like now?" Cold old man jumped upright.

    "Dad, Dad, don't worry, don't be angry, watch out for increased blood pressure." Leng Shao's mother Miao Linlin's face changed.

    Leng Shao didn't pay any attention to it.

    Of course, no one knows that the reason why he came back from the army was for more important things. The things he does now know very few people, not even his family.

    He did not intend to tell them.

    "Can I not be angry? You look at him, what does it look like, I didn't tell you, let you find a suitable person for him, and let him get married soon? How come there is no letter at all, you What the hell is going on? "Mr. Leng is now in a rage, and his tone is naturally bad.

    "I found it, but he disagreed and did not go to meet others. What can I do?" Miao Linlin was also anxious, but Leng Shao was unwilling, she could still tie him up.

    It ’s just that Leng Shao, who had to go upstairs, suddenly stopped, turned around, looked at them, ticked his lips, and said slowly, word by word: “If I want to get married, you can go to Wen ’s Promote it. "