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#147 The consequences of anger

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Seeing her nod quickly, Ye Sishen was even more angry. At this moment, he didn't want to hear her talk anymore, and suddenly stepped towards her, and also stretched out a hand to her quickly, obviously to grab her.

    He was going to grab her and beat him hard.

    Wen Ruoqing was surprised, retreated quickly, and closed the door at a faster rate.

    "I'm going, this speed is too fast, this is definitely practiced." Meng Ruoting eyes wide open, a look of consternation and worship, the younger sister-in-law is really too powerful.

    However, how did Xiaosao practice this speed?

    Ye Sishen had already seen her reaction speed, so there were not many accidents at this moment, but she only saw the closed door, and her cold eyes narrowed a little: "Open the door."

    "Do not open, I have said that it will be kept secret. Are you killing or killing your mouth?" Wen Ruoqing pressed tightly against the door of the room. At this time, he could not open it.

    Ye Si Shen Weizheng, he killed her mouth?

    Did her eye see him killing her?

    He was so angry that he couldn't strangle her, but what does it have to do with extinction?

    Isn't she an expert in criminal psychology? Isn't she able to see through everything at a glance? Why can't I see why he is angry at this time?

    Yes, Wen Ruoqing is an expert in criminal psychology. She has never made a mistake in the case she has taken, but in terms of feelings, she is extremely slow. Murong Duanyang has always called her emotional idiot.

    Or the sentence that really should be, there is no perfect person, one aspect is too good, or another aspect will be lacking.

    "Poof ..." Meng Ruoting heard the murderous words and couldn't help but laughed directly, but Wen Ruoqing was hiding in the room at the moment, and she didn't see or hear it.

    "Open the door first." Wen Ruoqing exhaled secretly, trying to make his voice as quiet as possible, but it was still horrifying.

    In the room, Wen Ruoqing didn't speak or open the door.

    She just opened the door when she was so stupid that he just couldn't kill him.

    "Do you open it yourself, or do I take the key to open it?" Ye Sishen's anger was rising more and more intensely, and the sound of it sounded terrifying.

    In the room, Wen Ruoqing heard his voice, trembling with a sharp heart, and Ye Sishen had the door key, so she was useless even if she locked it.

    Wen Ruoqing glanced at the window and walked over.

    At this moment, Si Si was in a hurry, even if she wouldn't kill her, she was afraid ...

    She should avoid it first, and she will not bother them anymore when she leaves.

    Exactly, she just happened to be able to see two babies.

    Other things, after his anger disappeared, calm down and talk about it.

    Ye Si Shen waited outside the door for a long time, but there was no movement at all. His eyes flashed and quickly took the key to open the door, but there was no shadow of Wen Ruoqing in the room.

    Apart from the door in the room, the only exit is the window, so, obviously, she left through the window.

    Ye Si's squinted eyes were filled with anger, and she quickly dialed her phone, but no one answered the phone.

    Wen Ruoqing all fled through the window and escaped, and he certainly would not answer his call at this time.

    Okay, well, he wants to see where she can escape? For a while, she can escape for a lifetime!

    This is her home, she must be back, he will wait for her to come back.

    "Sister-in-law, you were scared. You climbed the window and escaped?" Meng Ruoting was shocked at the moment. The sister-in-law was really surprising.

    "Brother, what you just looked is really scary, no matter who changes it, you will be afraid." This can't blame the little sister-in-law, just like the brother was just too scary, too scary.

    "Clean up your things, and quickly go back." Ye Si Shen coldly glanced at her, and rushed directly.

    There are some things that he can't tell her yet, but if Ting continues to stay here, I'm afraid she's getting more misunderstood.

    Meng Ruoting's lips are cruel, and her brother is directly chasing her sister-in-law. It seems that her brother really cares about the sister-in-law.

    Meng Ruoting felt that she should call Wen Ruoqing before she left. Of course, because of the events of that year, her identity must not be said, but she can at least explain it.

    "Hello, this is Meng Ruoting." The phone was connected, and Meng Ruoting reported to her door.

    "Miss Meng, do you have anything?" Wen Ruoqing was a little surprised, apparently did not expect Meng Ruoting to call her.

    "There is one thing that I want to explain to you. In fact, the relationship between me and Ye Sishen is not what you think. You misunderstood." Meng Ruoting directly explained what she meant.

    Wen Ruoqing was slightly stunned, her eyes blinked quickly, she saw it with her own eyes, can it still be fake?

    Meng Ruoting specifically called to explain to her that she might still worry about her nonsense, so she echoed Meng Ruoting's words: "Well, well, I know."

    Meng Ruoting heard her words somewhat perfunctory, but she could only say so much.

    "I'm leaving, you come back quickly." The main purpose of Meng Ruoting's call is to let her come back quickly, otherwise, my brother doesn't know what will be done.

    "Are you going?" Wen Ruoqing's voice suddenly increased by a few points.

    Her sudden reaction made Meng Ruoting stunned. She wanted to leave. The sister-in-law was so excited? Want to let her go? Still don't want to let her go?

    "Miss Meng, Ye Shao is not in a good mood now. What if you go like this?" Wen Ruoqing realized that she had just lost her gaze, and her voice calmed down quickly.

    "You can come back to accompany him ..." Meng Ruoting's eyes flickered, what made her go, and this matter could not be done?

    "I'm useless to go back. You can see the situation in the morning. I will only add fuel to the fire. Only you can appease him." Wen Ruoqing thought about the appearance of Si Shen in the morning.

    If Meng Ruoting was gone at this time, she went back, Ye Si Shen would definitely think that she forced Meng Ruoting away.

    She dare not think about the consequences.

    Meng Ruoting's lips twitched slightly, and her sister-in-law's words really made her unbearable. Only her sister-in-law could appease her brother.

    But it was obvious that the sister-in-law did not realize this at all.

    "So what do you say?" Meng Ruoting wanted to hear what the younger sister-in-law wanted her to do?

    "Don't leave in a hurry, I just happened to have something to do these days, and I can't go back. That's it. I still have something to hang up." Wen Ruoqing finished talking, and hung up the phone just before Meng Ruoting refused.

    Meng Ruoting looked at the phone that was hung up and couldn't get back to her for a long time. What happened?

    Does she go, or doesn't she go?

    She felt that if she left like this, the misunderstanding of the younger sister-in-law would be frozen. Then, did his brother still keep the day when the moon came to light?

    So Meng Ruoting finally decided to stay and help her brother, of course, the most important thing is to watch the drama.