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"Secretary Liu, I will leave the company at 3:30, and I will leave the company at half past three. Can I still get the divorce certificate in an hour and a half?" Wen Ruoqing didn't even see the lawyer, but asked directly. Secretary Liu.

She hopes to walk wisely without any trouble.

Attorney Ming heard Wen Ruoqing directly asking Secretary Liu that she was dissatisfied, so she secretly mocked Wen Ruoqing in her heart, saying that she seemed to be more willing to divorce and more divorced. It was estimated that the president had put pressure on her. Had to leave! !

The agreement is very clear, the president got Yeshi shares, they immediately divorced, it is divorced immediately!

This immediately shows everything!

This must be the meaning of the president, and she can't resist.

And she has a good face and holds on.

She is too fake, who can’t tell? Who can't see it?

"Madam, I must complete all the procedures within an hour and a half, and send you the divorce certificate." Secretary Liu was respectful, as before.

Secretary Liu didn't know the lawyer's crooked ideas.

"Well." Wen Ruoqing responded softly, saying nothing more.

Secretary Liu took lawyer Ming out of the office and went through the formalities.

"Is this woman really able to pretend?" After leaving the office and walking a little distance, Lawyer Ming finally couldn't hold back and ridiculed directly.

"What?" Secretary Liu was slightly stunned, looking at him with some doubt, and for a moment did not understand what he was talking about.

"I said, Wen Ruoqing can really pretend." Lawyer Ming glanced at Secretary Liu and explained.

"You say ma'am? How does ma'am pretend? What does ma'am need to pretend?" Secretary Liu was even more puzzled.

"My wife, the divorce certificate can be obtained immediately." Lawyer Ming's lips sneered a little more.

"No, what do you mean by Mrs. Pretend?" Secretary Liu is more persistent, and must be clear when in doubt.

"Do you really not see it? Or pretend you don't know? Do you think, which woman is willing to divorce the president after marrying the president? She shows that the top looks like she is very willing to divorce, but she doesn't know how sad it is. Well, it’s estimated that the heart is bleeding.” Lawyer Ming explained this time in detail. Lawyer Ming said that these words are particularly affirmative because he thought so in his heart.

"Really?" Secretary Liu froze, just now he didn't really think so much, because Wen Ruoqing had originally asked him to do it.

It was only at the moment that he heard the words of lawyer Ming that Secretary Liu also had some other ideas in mind.

Madam really does not want to divorce, is it forced to dress?

In fact, is the lady's heart bleeding at the moment?

"I didn't see that my wife was sad," Secretary Liu thought for a while, and then said very seriously, but he really didn't see that his wife was a little sad.

"Explain that she is well disguised, don't say that she is such an ugly woman. Today, she changed any woman, married the president, but was about to divorce. Which woman would you say is willing? Which woman will not be sad?" Ming The attorney looked well-informed: "I have seen more of such things, and I have seen more of such women. I can never be wrong."

"Is this the case?" Secretary Liu's eyes flickered, his expression slightly complicated, and he didn't know what he was thinking.

"Of course, the president is so good, rich, long and handsome. Which woman do you say will not fall in love with the president after marrying the president? Even people who will not fall in love with the president will fall in love with the president's money. After three months of marriage, she had to divorce, and it was strange that she did not bleed in her heart.” Lawyer Ming slowly added another sentence. When he said this, Lawyer Ming’s lips sneered so much.

"The president is too beast." Liu Miroom heard the lawyer Ming's words, and the resentment toward the president deepened.

The wife was so nice, and she helped the president get Yeshi's shares, but it turned out that the president was so wrong with his wife.

If the wife is really forced by the president to divorce, then the president is too beast.

No, no, he wants to call the president again. He wants to tell the president that this is not the way to be a man.

"What did you say?" His voice was too low, and lawyer Ming didn't hear it clearly.

"I said my wife is too pitiful." Secretary Liu changed his mouth repeatedly. Although he was extremely dissatisfied with his president at the moment, he could not let other people hear him scold the president.

"What a pity for a woman like hers, she must have benefited from the president, and she and the president agreed that she was voluntarily used by the president and can only be said that she has gained certain benefits." The lawyer was dissatisfied with Wen Ruoqing because of Wen Ruoqing's previous attitude, so he devalued Wen Ruoqing at the moment.

"Okay, don't say it." Secretary Liu couldn't listen anymore and directly interrupted him. Secretary Liu knew that his wife was definitely not such a woman.

The previous president said that the wife would give whatever she wanted, but the wife had nothing.

As a lawyer, Mr. Ming is naturally very good at observing and commenting. He saw that Secretary Liu did not want to listen to him at the moment, so he didn't say anything.

Secretary Liu quickly found out the number of his president and dialed it out. Secretary Liu thought that he must talk to his president again about this matter.

But the phone didn't connect, but the other party's shutdown tone came.

what's the situation? How did the president shut down?

Isn't the president something wrong? After all, the president is still in country c, but it is very chaotic.

Moreover, what the president handled in the past is very dangerous, so there is a high possibility of an accident.

Secretary Liu's first reaction was to want to tell the wife of the president about this matter, but as soon as Secretary Liu turned around, he was caught by Lawyer Ming.

"Why are you going?" Attorney Ming looked at him with some doubt.

Secretary Liu was slightly stunned and quickly recovered. If the president really had an accident, he wouldn’t help telling his wife. It would only make her worry and anxious.

Secretary Liu suddenly remembered that Xiaoliuzi was with the president, and Liu quickly called Xiaoliuzi's phone.

Xiao Liuzi answered the phone quickly.

"The president? Did the president have an accident?" Secretary Liu asked quickly as soon as the phone was connected.

"No, what happened to the old meeting?" Xiao Liuzi's eyes flashed a few times quickly, and then sternly returned.

The boss just explained when he left. If the wife called, never tell the wife about it. The boss finally added a sentence and could not tell Secretary Liu because Secretary Liu was with his wife! !