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In this photo taken from the angle that Secretary Liu stood, Bai Yirui held Wen Ruoqing's wrist, Wen Ruoqing stood with her head down slightly in front of Bai Yirui, and could not see the expression on her face. With a bit of shyness.

    And because Bai Yirui was holding her wrist, the distance between the two was close. The photos taken by Secretary Liu at this moment, the two looked closer, and it seemed that the two were about to stick together.

    Secretary Liu sent such a photo to Ye Sishen! !

    When Shen Si got off the plane and received the photo sent by Secretary Liu, his eyes narrowed quickly.

    "Are you a dead man?" Ye Si Shen made a surprisingly cold sentence after dialing Secretary Liu's phone.

    Secretary Liu gasped hard, he was not a dead person, but what can he do in this situation? Would you like to pull my wife over?

    He doesn't have that courage!

    "Take the phone to her." Secretary Liu was thinking, and the cold, bitter voice of Ye Si Shen came again.

    "Oh, good." Secretary Liu responded quickly and immediately understood the meaning of his president, but Secretary Liu was a little strange why the president didn't call his wife directly?

    The president is afraid that his wife will not answer his phone in this situation?

    After receiving the order, Secretary Liu quickly walked towards Wen Ruoqing. With the president's call, he became famous.

    "Mr. Wen, our president's phone." Secretary Liu went to Wen Ruoqing and handed the mobile phone that was on the phone directly to Wen Ruoqing.

    Wen Ruoqing froze for a moment, then smiled secretly, and Ye Sishen was really good! He must have been intentional.

    Wen Ruoqing did not rush to answer the phone in the hands of Secretary Liu, but looked at Bai Yirui and said slowly: "Mr. Bai, I don't know anything about the mall. If you want to talk about this matter, please talk to my husband. , My husband has experience with things in the mall. "

    Her voice was not very high and would not be heard by those watching from afar, but it was not low enough to be heard by Ye Sishen on the other end of the phone.

    The point is that when she said this at the moment, the tone was obviously with trust and dependence on Ye Sishen. When she said the last sentence, she also carried a pride, and even seemed to have such a show off The meaning is, of course, the pride and flaunting of her husband.

    Wen Ruoqing also directly broke away from Bai Yirui holding her hand.

    Secretary Liu was dumbfounded when he heard Wen Ruoqing's words, Madam ... this is too great? !

    Just as the wife just said, it would be able to instantly extinguish all the anger of his president.

    Bai Yirui's face became very ugly for a while. He never thought Wen Ruoqing would do this. Did she deliberately embarrass him? Is she still blaming him?

    Of course, Ye Sishen on the other end of the phone, as Secretary Liu expected, all the flames were extinguished at the moment, and there were still some little jumps.

    Listening to her, she already told Bai Yirui about their marriage? !

    What she did was enough to show that she had no other thoughts about Bai Yirui.

    He was very satisfied. Of course he was more satisfied with the proud and flaunting tone when she talked about him. It seems that his wife started to learn.

    "Hello, husband." Wen Ruoqing answered the phone and yelled gently, the voice was very gentle.

    Bai Yirui's face was even more ugly.

    "What's the matter to talk to me?" At this moment, Ye Shen's tone has been completely eased, and can even be described as gentle.

    "For Wen's shares, Qingrui acquired 56% of Wen's shares." Wen Ruoqing did not conceal anything, and said it was very clear.

    And at the moment Wen Ruoqing is not talking about Bai Yirui, but Qingrui. In this way, it is completely demarcated from Bai Yirui.

    Bai Yirui looked at her, and his face changed a few moments. He originally thought that her previous words were only intended to be told to him, but she didn't expect that she really told Ye Sishen everything.

    Secretary Liu's eyes flickered. This matter should indeed be discussed with the president of his family. My wife has a good strategy! !

    Awesome! awesome! !

    At the other end of the phone, Ye Si Shen was stunned, and then her lips and lips could not help but lightly, she told him such things enough to explain her trust and trust.

    "Okay, this matter will be solved for you when I go back." Such a thing, Ye Sanshao naturally agreed to be extremely refreshing. How could this opportunity to please his own wife be missed.

    Ye Sanshao's call was originally for "professing to blame the teacher", but at this moment it turned into a show of "love"! !

    Secretary Liu is okay. His president and his wife, En, love and love, and his life will naturally be better, he is naturally happy.

    But Bai Yirui was stuffed with countless dog foods at this moment, and he who was directly stuffed was about to vomit blood.

    Wen Ruoqing didn't pay any attention to Bai Yirui. While making a phone call, she walked towards the Wen's building. Of course, after approaching the company, she didn't say anything that exposed her relationship with Ye Sishen.

    Bai Yirui was reluctant anymore, and it was not good to say anything in this case. He originally thought that he had 56% of the shares of Wen's in his hand. He and Wen Ruoqing's things would turn around, but he did not expect Wen Ruoqing to say a word Just lightly solved everything.

    Yes, with the relationship between Wen Ruoqing and Ye Sishen, if Ye Sishen came forward to help her, what could not be solved?

    Wen Ruoqing and Secretary Liu entered the company together. After entering the elevator, the crowd outside the building door suddenly fry.

    "What's the situation? What was the situation just now?"

    "It seems that the president of Qingrui is entangled with our president, but it seems to be rejected by our president to Gao Leng."

    Although everyone thought it was incredible, it just seemed to be the same thing.

    "What is the relationship between Qingrui's president and our president?"

    "I don't know, but it looks like an acquaintance, and the relationship seems unusual."

    "Who did Secretary Liu just give us the president?"

    "Secretary Liu's call, let our president answer it, won't it be the nightclub?"

    "Isn't that possible? What kind of person is Ye at night, how could he call our president? Even if Wen's now cooperates with Ye's, the nightclub wouldn't take Wen's eyes for fear.

    "What if it's a nightclub?"

    "If it is a nightclub, it must be a serious problem in the cooperation between the two."

    At this moment, no one thought what other relationship Wen Ruoqing and Ye Si Shen would have. After all, in everyone's eyes, it was absolutely impossible.

    "I've already entered the elevator, you must be busy first." Wen Ruoqing entered the elevator and hung up the phone, and then returned the phone to Secretary Liu.

    "Madam, great." Secretary Liu looked at Wen Ruoqing at the moment, with a look of admiration.