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At this moment, Wen Ruoqing's phone rang suddenly, it was her internal contact number. Each of their internal calls Murong Duanyang did special treatment, and outsiders could not get in.

    Wen Ruoqing's face was dull, and she knew who had called the phone without looking at it.

    Chu Ling'er's face changed slightly, and he quickly took Wen Ruoqing's mobile phone and glanced at Shen, said: "It's Zhong Yue."

    Chu Ling'er pressed the speakerphone directly after connecting the phone.

    "Wen Ruoqing, did you get the information back? But the above has been urged several times. The above has been ordered. Tonight is the deadline. If you can't bring the information tonight, you will know the consequences."

    "Upper? Which is higher? We listened to the boss's direct command. The command above didn't tell us. You don't need to press the top to press us." Chu Ling'er got angry when he heard it, and went straight back mercilessly.

    "Chu Ling'er, I might as well tell you directly, if Wen Ruoqing can't get the information back tonight, Tang Boss won't be able to protect her, and Tang Boss is going to perform the task, I'm afraid there is no time to take care of it." Zhong Yue smiled. Laughing wildly and arrogantly: "It's seven o'clock now. You can't get back the information before 12 o'clock. You will be at your own risk."

    Chu Ling'er hung up the phone directly.

    "Fuck, she really thinks of herself as a scallion. What did she rely on to get into the organization? Does she have any points? She will do anything other than seduce men? She has the simplest task every time, but Every time someone needs to wipe her ass. "Chu Ling's childish face turned white:" Everyone knows that your task has never failed, so she is clearly here to grab ready credit, she also There is a face to accuse us. "

    Chu Ling'er said more and more angry: "Yeah, it annoys me, I just blow her up."

    Wen Ruoqing didn't speak, she could ignore Zhong Yue's words, but the information must be retrieved as soon as possible.

    Not only because of the above command, but also because if the information was always in the hands of Ye Sishen, she was afraid that it would cause unnecessary trouble to Ye Sishen.

    However, it was clear that the plan she had arranged had failed. If Shen Si did not check the memory card again, she could not get back the information inside.

    Outside the hotel, Ye Sishen held his purse, his eyes narrowed slightly, and then he suddenly turned around and walked back.

    "President, President Li is waiting with President Xing." Secretary Liu, who had just stopped the car and came over, was shocked to see that his president was leaving.

    Mr. Li and Mr. Xing are the main co-workers of Ye Family. Today, the two of them came from City C to meet the President. What happened to the President when he was about to leave?

    "Give me the car key, you go first." Ye Sishen did not explain too much, took the car key directly from Secretary Liu, and then left quickly.

    Secretary Liu could only go in and greet him.

    When Ye Sishen approached the car, he directly opened the door and got into the car. He sat in the back seat and opened the dedicated privacy device.

    Ye Sishen took the memory card out of his wallet. He was pretty sure that although the man had just touched his wallet, it was absolutely impossible to replace the memory card inside.

    He knew that the man had just arrived at the memory card in his wallet, but the man just touched his wallet and left.

    This may seem unreasonable at first glance, but then he thought of a possibility, the two smoke bombs set in front of her, so this man was just afraid of grabbing his wallet.

    She asked someone to grab his wallet, but she didn't let the man take the memory card, so the talent would leave so quickly.

    And she should want to give him the illusion that the memory card may be passive.

    If he suspects that the memory card is passive, he will definitely check it for the first time, and then she can retrieve the information in the memory card.

    Ye Sishen held the memory card, her lips slightly raised, and she had to say that her ring-by-loop design was indeed very powerful.

    Unfortunately, the person she arranged to pretend to grab his wallet was too bad.

    He saw through all her plans, and he was also sure that there was no problem with the memory card in his wallet, but he still took out his dedicated computer at the moment and opened the memory card.

    He knew that their organizational discipline was very strict. If she could not get the information back on time, she was afraid that she would be punished.

    If the woman is his wife, he naturally cannot punish his wife.

    If not, he does not need to hold this information.

    If the woman is not his daughter-in-law, it has nothing to do with him, he will not waste any more time.

    He married Wen Ruoqing, regardless of whether things were as he had previously guessed, he would not divorce Wen Ruoqing for any reason.

    Of course, Ye Sishen still believed that his guess would not be wrong. Originally he took this memory card to force her to "appear", but now he changed his mind.

    Everyone has already married home, he has the opportunity to slowly catch her fox tail, not in a hurry at this time, because, he can not let her in any danger.

    Wen Ruoqing's office.

    "Qingqing, we must get the information back as soon as possible?" Chu Ling'er became angry, but she also understood the seriousness of the situation. She was anxious to see Wen Ruoqing standing still.

    "I know." Wen Ruoqing responded with a deep voice. Zhong Yue said that before 12 o'clock this evening, she had previously failed to arrange so much, and now there are still several hours. Get the information back?

    "Qingqing, we don't have much time." Chu Ling'er looked at Wen Ruoqing still standing still, more anxious: "Qingqing, even if you think that you can ask Ye Sishen to get the information back, you can't let Zhong Yue White Lotus ... "

    Chu Ling'er's words weren't finished yet, Wen Ruoqing's mobile phone lingered again.

    "Fuck, Zhongyue, this bitch is not over yet." Chu Ling'er thought it was Zhongyue's calling again, and was directly angry. He picked up the phone without looking at it, and planned to scold the little bitch fiercely. pause.

    "Qing Qing, the information is available." Only, Chu Ling'er hadn't come and scolded, and Murong Duanyang's voice came over: "It's my Qing Qing, I was fooled, and the plan was very successful."

    "Obtained the information! That's great." Chu Ling'er reacted and cheered directly.

    Wen Ruoqing was stunned to hear Chu Ling'er's cheers. As for Xiao Wu's previous statement, her plan was obviously a failure. In such a situation, Ye Shen would definitely not be fooled.

    So why did Sishen go to check the memory card? And still so fast? So anxious?

    Wen Ruoqing's Ye Si Shen was intentional.

    on purpose? Why did he do it on purpose? why……