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"It's not difficult, it's simple." Wen Ruoqing suddenly smiled, the smile was very bright, very bright.

    The memory card is in the hands of Ye Sishen. Strictly speaking, it is not lost. The key to this matter is how she does it.

    Zhong Yue wanted to calculate her, for fear it was not that simple.

    "Qing Qing, do you have a way?" Chu Ling'er's eyes widened, and the spirit came immediately, and he was immediately excited: "I almost forgot, that white lotus flower was never your opponent. In her hands, she defeated once. One time, one hundred battles and one hundred defeats, there is never an exception. Qingqing, please talk about your way. "

    "The most important thing now is to get the data back first." Wen Ruoqing's face was a little more dignified. Now this matter has pulled Ye Sishen in. She is afraid that it will be harmful to Ye Sishen, so she needs to solve it as soon as possible. .

    "Is the memory card really in Ye Sishen's hands now?" Chu Ling'er's eyes blinked, and there was a faint reaction in his expression.

    "Well." Wen Ruoqing was thinking about things, and did not notice Chu Ling'er's reaction.

    "Is there a way for elementary school girls to get the memory card back from Ye Sishen?"

    "Not for the time being." Wen Ruoqing's lips twitched lightly. The question is indeed a little complicated and a little difficult to deal with. For the time being, she has no comprehensive solution.

    "I have a way, primary school girl, do you want to listen?" Chu Ling'er looked at Wen Ruoqing, his eyes lit with unusual light.

    "Well?" Wen Ruoqing turned to look at her, intending to listen.

    "You went to sleep in the night, when you slept him in the dark, you can think about it. It's not trivial to get a memory card." Chu Ling'er felt that this was definitely A good way to kill two birds with one stone. First, you can get back the memory card. Second, if her elementary school girl sleeps, is she always responsible?

    She knew that the elementary school girl was very slow in feelings, but the elementary school girl was a special person in charge. As long as she slept Ye Si, she would definitely be responsible for Ye Si Shen. As long as she was responsible, then the rest of the matter would be logical.

    "Are you the first to faint? Wasn't I the first to faint?" Wen Ruoqing looked at her and answered seriously.

    Chu Ling'er: "..."

    I blew it! !

    Is this her pure elementary school girl? !

    "Elementary school girl, why don't you try it, maybe you have good physical strength and you can make him faint first." Chu Ling'er didn't want to give up, she continued to grope and routine, she now feels that this is more than getting back the memory card important.

    Of course, it is mainly because the memory card is in the hands of Ye Sishen, so she feels no need to be so anxious, after all, the elementary school girl and Ye Sishen are a family!

    Wen Ruoqing didn't answer, but he thought very seriously and seemed to be considering the feasibility of this matter.

    Chu Ling'er's heart called an excitement, it seems there is a play! !

    She was the first girl in her life to be successful, was she too proud? Are you too excited?

    "I just carefully evaluated the physical strength of me and Ye Sishen, and I can't win him." However, at this moment, Wen Ruoqing still made a serious summary.

    Chu Ling'er: "..."

    Obviously the routine is successful, why is this the end in the end.

    Primary school girl, in fact, this matter does not need to be so serious.

    Chu Ling'er still wanted to work harder, and then flickered, in case it succeeded.

    However, Wen Ruoqing took out a very thin and compact mobile phone and dialed out a series of numbers.

    Chu Ling'er immediately banned the sound, but that was their internal special number. Who would the primary school girl want to call now?

    "Secretary Qin, let's make a consultation. Secretary Qin helped me get my memory card back from the night of Shen Sishen. I will help Secretary Qin solve the problem of the case. Of course, there is more than this. I will be able to help in cases that are not possible. "After the phone was connected, Wen Ruoqing confirmed Qin Wushao's identity and directly explained her intention to make this call.

    At the other end of the phone, Qin Wu was silent for a moment, which was indeed a great temptation for him, but he knew that it was harder to get the memory card from the third brother than to go to heaven.

    "Qin Wushao can seriously consider and give me an answer." Wen Ruoqing didn't worry about Qin Wushao's answer. She then hung up the phone.

    "You think Qin Wushao can take back the memory card from your husband's hand." After seeing Wen Ruoqing hanging up the phone, Chu Ling'er spoke, and now her face was obviously puzzled.

    "No." Wen Ruoqing's back called a straightforward.

    "Then why do you have to call Qin Wushao." Chu Ling'er didn't understand it. Why did he do it if he knew he couldn't?

    "Sounding east and west, killing two birds with one arrow." Wen Ruoqing's eyebrows were slightly selected. Singing east and west is indeed a good way, but the key is to use it well.

    With good use, you can kill two birds with one stone!

    "Sounding East? Can you kill two birds with one arrow? What do you plan to do next?" Chu Ling'er looked at Wen Ruoqing with excitement. Since it was the East, the next thing is the key.

    Wen Ruoqing looked at her, smiled, and did not answer.

    "Elementary school girl, aren't you? Keep it secret to me? My glass heart is broken." Chu Ling'er held her heart very sadly, looking very exaggerated.

    "Don't pretend." Wen Ruoqing couldn't help laughing when she saw her, and whispered near her ear.

    Chu Ling'er's eyes widened and he nodded again and again, a little more excitement on his face.

    In the police station, Qin Wushao looked at the hung-up phone with some contradictions and some tangle, but then he dialed Ye Sishen's phone.

    "Third Brother, MSR Tang just called me again." As soon as the phone was connected, Qin Wushao quickly said: "She asked me to help her get the memory card from your hand and give it to her."

    "Are you sure it was the same person as last night?" Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed slightly, his lips slowly raised, and the movement was quite fast.

    "It's the same person." Qin Wushao apparently didn't expect Ye Sishen to ask this question, which was strange and slightly skeptical: "It is judged from the voice that it should be the same person."

    He heard that the woman who called her last night had the same voice as the woman who just called him.

    "The voice can be imitated." Ye Sishen's voice seemed to have a little smile, but it was very slight, and it was not easy to catch for a while.

    Qin Wushao: "..."

    As the chief of the police station, Qin Wu Shao has seen cases of imitating other people's voices, so it is too hasty to judge whether the same person is by the voice of the phone.

    He suddenly felt that this matter had become more complicated all at once, but fortunately he called the third brother.

    "Is the phone number you called last night the same as it was just now?" Ye Sishen asked quickly again, and had to say that the sentences that Ye San Shao asked were all the key.

    "It doesn't seem to be." Qin Wushao froze for a moment, and his eyes suddenly lighted up: "Third Brother, I know, I immediately found out the two numbers and sent them to you. This should be regarded as a very important clue."

    After all, Qin Wushao was the chief of the police station. He responded quickly and immediately understood the meaning of Ye Sishen.

    On the other end of the phone, Ye Sishen didn't speak, but his squinted eyes were a little more unfathomable. The arc of the corner of the lips he raised seemed to be a little bit more evil, looking at the extra sensuality. People, but I can't help but shake my heart ...