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#58 Failed to escape!

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"Brother, haven't the people come down yet? I just stopped on the second floor to check, and I didn't see anyone." Qin Wushao also got out of the elevator, and saw that the elevator that Wen Ruoqing sat on was on the first floor at the moment. He I just saw the elevator go down to the first floor, so I didn't stop on the second floor and followed me down.

    But obviously the woman has not come down.

    Wen Ruoqing's luck was very good. Just when she got off the elevator on the second floor, someone happened to get on the elevator and went down the first floor.

    Hearing Qin Wushao's words, Ye Sishen's brow frowned, but did not answer, and his eyes were still looking at Wen Ruoqing.

    Unlike Qin Wushao, Ye Sishen did not see Wen Ruoqing's previous appearance, all he saw was a photograph of his back.

    In addition to the publicity that made him familiar with the back of the photo, all he could see was the color of her hair and clothes.

    At this moment, Wen Ruoqing's hair color has changed, and the color of the clothes has also changed. Not only are the colors of the clothes different, but also the style and the fabric are different. The original side was a slim style. There is a belt in the middle of the windbreaker, but this On one side, it is a completely casual style, with a large, naturally fluffy pocket on each side. Of course, this is where Qian Kun is. The things she used to change her dress are all in this large pocket.

    When she came, the buttons of her trench coat were buttoned up, the belt was tied, and she was very slim. At this moment, her trench coat was open, and the clothes were relaxed to the maximum extent. The edge of the trench coat was cleverly folded to replace the original The colors are hidden.

    The bottoming of her body is low-necked, and the length is not as long as the trench coat. It was not exposed originally, so it will not cause Qin Wushao to doubt.

    She even changed the shoes on her feet. When she came, she was wearing high-heeled shoes with a length of nearly 10 cm. At the moment, she was wearing a pair of flat shoes with very thin soles.

    In other words, no one Qin Wushao saw her was the same as the one she saw at the moment.

    Otherwise, it is impossible to deceive Qin Wushao so easily.

    Of course, at this moment, her dress is actually more suitable for wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes, but if she put a pair of high-heeled shoes in the pocket of her clothes in advance, it is estimated that she has been wearing it directly. Fortunately, her legs are long, and the casual style of shoes and clothes at this moment is also Great ride.

    Although Wen Ruoqing's preparation was very comprehensive, even if she calmed down again, she was stared at by Ye Sishen at the moment, and she was a little flustered, but fortunately, her psychological quality was strong enough, and there was no slight difference.

    Ye Sishen was obviously suspicious of her, because she happened to come down at this time, and despite the change of elevator, Ye Sishen had to be vigilant.

    However, one thing Wen Ruoqing is very clear, that is, she and Qin Wushao take the same elevator down at the moment, Ye Si Shen's suspicion of her will be greatly reduced.

    This is why she wants to set up this bureau for Qin Wu Shao.

    She had calculated the curiosity of Qin Wushao and the psychology of watching the bustle and busyness, and she would definitely come down, and the moment she closed the elevator, her smile to Qin Wushao was the most important foreshadowing. The elevator behind One stop at a time, because she needs time to refit, but also to arouse the curiosity of Qin Wushao.

    Of course, her purpose is not only to get off the elevator with Qin Wushao, but more importantly, she knows that Qin Wushao will help her.

    At this moment, Wen Ruoqing clearly discovered that because Qin Wushao had just said that, the original suspicion in Ye Si Shen Eyes had been reduced by two points.

    At this moment, she also walked out of the elevator one step before Qin Wuxiao, without any evasion, without any hesitation, without any guilty conscience, and walked directly to Ye Sishen.

    Although there was no emotional change in Ye Sishen's face, she knew that she would definitely reduce Ye Sishen's suspicion of her to some extent.

    In this case, the more she avoided it, the more he doubted him. If she took the initiative, at least it would relax him.

    Ye Sishen was staring at this moment, she knew she couldn't just walk by, and he couldn't let her walk by so smoothly, so she had to do something that was in line with her dress.

    She walked in front of him and stopped, with her feet still some distance away from him, but the waist was slightly pressed and her upper body leaned forward, the distance was greatly shortened.

    As a result, the turbulence in front of her was prominently displayed in front of his eyes.

    Since it is temptation, it is natural to do it properly and not to make him suspicious. This is a technique that needs to get the benefits. If it is simply leaning forward, it must not outline such a tempting surging sexy.

    She was n’t small originally. Today, she added an inner patch and wore a thicker underwear, so it looks very spectacular. Of course, these are also to highlight the difference from usual. Because of this, she is also at this moment. I deliberately showed it to Ye Si. After all, the current surge is more than one size than usual.

    It can be said that she was fully prepared when she came today.

    Her feet didn't move, but her upper body was still leaning towards him. Although she was close, she didn't stick it. It was just that the body was soft like a goblin. It seemed that at the next moment, he could entangle Ye Si.

    Her eyes slowly lifted up, looking at him, smiling and enchanting, her eyes flickering, her eyebrows raised slightly, and she threw a tempting charm to him.

    When she talked to Qin Wushao in the elevator just now, she changed her voice deliberately, but at the moment she faced Ye Sishen, but she dared not speak easily. She was afraid that even if she changed her voice, she would still be seen by Ye Sishen, so she did n’t speak. Is the safest.

    However, even if she didn't open her mouth, she also showed that tease and temptation vividly, inside and out, there are charming and enchanting people who seem to be able to hook people.

    Even if it is a real woman of wind and dust, I am afraid that she will not reach the level of her pure fire.

    Ye Si looked at her, her look unchanged.

    Ye Si Shen's eyes turned slightly and landed on her large, fluffy pocket.

    Wen Ruoqing naturally discovered this and had to say that Ye Sishen's thoughts made her a little scared.

    His hand stretched out, it was towards her big pocket, Wen Ruoqing smiled like a peach blossom, instead of hiding, she moved closer to him. When the distance was close to a certain degree, she opened her lips lightly, facing him His face lightly sighed.

    That gesture was tempted to the extreme.

    When Ye Si san pressed her pockets, she found that the two pockets were empty, and felt her breath blowing toward him, her eyes slightly sinking, and she stood slightly straight.

    Qin Wushao looked dumbfounded.

    "Where did this woman come from?" At this moment, the elevator opened and a small policeman came out. Qin Wushao recognized that he was on the second floor.

    "Ah?" The little policeman who just came down froze for a moment, then looked at Wen Ruoqing, and then quickly replied: "It was brought back by Wu team, the bar danced, but it was not a big deal, and it was not directly related to her. Now. "

    The little policeman had heard about it, but had never seen the dancing woman. Looking at Wen Ruoqing's dress at the moment, she regarded Wen Ruoqing as that woman.

    The little police wanted to act in front of the chief, so even if he was n’t sure, he wanted to be a good girl in front of the chief and beg for it. If he had normal inferences, he would n’t be wrong, but there would always be accidents.

    I have to say that Wen Ruoqing's luck is really good, don't want it, this little policeman's words coincide with Wen Ruoqing's performance.

    Due to the words of the little policeman, the suspicion in Ye Si Shen's eyes lightened up again.

    "I still have no shame? Don't hurry." Qin Wushao's face was a little heavy, and his tone would not be good.

    Wen Ruoqing's lips were slightly skimmed, a little disappointed in his expression, and he was unwilling, but he also had the right taboo. He shrank, pulled away from Ye Sishen, stood firm, and then walked out of the gate Go, the waist will twist like a willow.

    "Stop." It's just that Wen Ruoqing hadn't walked in five steps, and Ye Sishen's voice suddenly came from behind her.

    Wen Ruoqing's tremor twitched, and after all he was discovered by him, he could not escape! !