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#88 He is the father of the child!

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Wen Ruoqing secretly breathed a sigh of relief. This DNA identification was uneasy for others to do, and she did not want other people to know about this matter. Murong Duanyang could not be more appropriate.

    "Paternity test? Who's with whom?" Murong Duanyang's voice on the other end of the phone was raised directly. He originally thought that she was doing a test for what case.

    Paternity Testing? ! !

    "Wait until I'm in the past." Wen Ruoqing didn't say much. She knew that Murong Duanyang could help, and she couldn't hide him.

    Wen Ruoqing hung up the phone and went out with her wrapped hair.

    Ye Sishen went to the company directly after leaving the villa, and he opened a new mail in the office.

    There are two survey materials in the email.

    One is about Wen Ruoqing, and the other is about psychologist Mrs Tang.

    The information about Wen Ruoqing is very detailed. From the medical treatment she received at the medical center in country M five years ago, to the situation where she later improved and then went to university in country M, the email records are clear.

    The information about Wen Ruoqing in the past five years is not only detailed and accurate, but almost accurate to her daily life. During these five years, Wen Ruoqing has recorded all the major and minor events in detail.

    In detail, people can't find the slightest mistake, and there is no space to hide anything. From these materials, we can't see any difference in Wen Ruoqing's life.

    After Wen Ruoqing left Jincheng five years ago, she spent the first year in Yiliao, and her daily life is the same as what Ye Sishen found five years ago.

    One year and three months later, her condition improved and she went to college.

    In the survey data, Wen Ruoqing chose the art design department after attending university.

    Her grades at university are the same as before, and she ca n’t read it. The information shows that until she returned to Jincheng some time ago, she had n’t got her graduation certificate.

    There is very little information about Mrs Tang. There are only a few cases she has handled in the past two years. The cases she handled are very beautiful, but there is no other information about her, including her identity background. Know nothing.

    After reading the information from the two surveys, Ye Sishen's lips became a little colder.

    The secret work has been done in such a way that even his people can't find it, which is not something that ordinary people can do.

    Judging from the two documents, Wen Ruoqing has nothing to do with Mrs Tang, one is uncovered, the other is covered with dripping water.

    For the time being, the concealed dripping water will not be talked about for a while, but Ye Sishen can be sure that all the information about Wen Ruoqing that is not concealed may not be true.

    Ye Sishen picked up the phone and quickly dialed it out.

    "Boss, I have sent you all the information you requested, and we have checked all the information we can check." The person on the other end of the phone obviously knew that Ye Sishen was doing this, so he waited and did it without waiting for him. report.

    "Check who has moved your hands and feet behind your back." Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed slightly, and his deep voice sounded particularly alarming.

    "..." The other end of the phone was silent for a moment, and the tone changed slightly: "Boss, do you suspect that the information we found is fake? Is it a fake message that someone intentionally sent to us?"

    "However, we didn't find anything about Mrs Tang, and it can be said at a glance about Miss Wen that there is no doubt."

    "Too perfect is the biggest suspicious point." Ye Sishen's lips slowly raised, and the arc of laughter was creepy: "Go check."

    He can be 100% sure that the information is false, but he wants to see who is behind it.

    "Yes." The man on the other end of the phone whispered, paused for a moment, and then asked a little tentatively: "Boss, Mrs Tang is from the Tang sect, there should be a connection between them. Do you want to check the boss? ? "

    "Everything that needs to be checked is checked." Shen Si's squinted eyes sank, and the elder brother chose to keep it secret, but he also made a clear statement with the elder brother. He must check this matter clearly. So, everything that needs to be checked To check, no matter who it is or what!

    "Okay, I see." After receiving clear instructions, the person on the other end of the phone secretly exhaled.

    Ye Si Shen hung up the phone and looked at the two documents again. His squinted eyes flashed quickly, and then his eyes grew a little deeper and unpredictable smile.

    "The paternity test is about two babies." In the appraisal center, Murong Duanyang took the hair handed over by Wen Ruoqing. His words are not doubts, but a certain tone. Wen Ruoqing's paternity test must be related to the two babies. .

    "Yes." Wen Ruoqing did not conceal, nor could she conceal, because she did not take the baby's hair. Murong Duanyang had all the data of her baby's DNA and could directly retrieve the data.

    "Which man does this hair belong to?" To her answer, Murong Duanyang was not surprised. He was just curious about the owner of this hair that Wen Ruoqing brought.

    It's been five years, and five years ago, Wen Ruoqing has never checked anything about the biological father of two babies. How come he suddenly came over for a paternity test now?

    "Yi Si Shen." Wen Ruoqing didn't hide this question because she knew Murong Duanyang too much, and his curiosity was too heavy. If she didn't tell him, he would definitely check it by himself.

    She didn't want to involve too much unexpected trouble.

    "Who? Who are you talking about?" Murong Duanyang looked up at her quickly, a pair of eyes vigorously opened, and his face was incredibly stunned: "Yes Group President Ye Sishen?"

    For a moment, Murong Duan Yangjue's own ears might have a problem, he felt he might have auditory hallucinations.

    His eyes stared straight at Wen Ruoqing, waiting for Wen Ruoqing's answer.

    Wen Ruoqing glanced at him and said nothing.

    Murong Duanyang knew he was right.

    Murong Duanyang secretly took a cold voice, Ye Sishen, the president of Ye Group? That man is a fabulous existence in Jincheng.

    No, not only in Jincheng, but others may not know it, but Murong Duanyang is very clear that Ye Sishen is a breath-taking existence in many places around the world.

    That man is too simple.

    Even the boss ...

    How could Ruoqing have a relationship with Ye Si? No, it should be said that the two treasures will have a relationship with Ye Si.

    Ye Sishen is the biological father of two babies?

    How can this be? how is this possible?

    "Does the boss know this?" Murong Duanyang's expression changed in an instant, and then suddenly asked such a sentence.

    The issue of Murong Duanyangjue is very important, very very important.