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Wen Ruoqing is also worried that the identities of the two children have been dug out. She is afraid that others will point her finger at her two babies. She is afraid that others say that her babies are wild children and have no father.

    She knew that the two children were actually very sensitive at this point, especially Tang Zhimo, otherwise Tang Zhimo would not beat the fat boy so hard today.

    She didn't want to harm her two children. In fact, she knew it was the safest.

    However, when the two children returned, she did not know when she could divorce Ye Sishen?

    She doesn't know when she can go back?

    "Well." Tang Zhimo nodded his head and answered with affirmation that Tang Zhimo's children were definitely not impulsive. He was planned, and he had important tasks to return to this time.

    He heard that his biological father was Mo Yan, so he secretly checked some things of Mo Yan, and then he found some very wonderful things, that Mo Yan and Ye Sishen have many related points .

    He went back this time to find the final answer. After all, many things over there had to be more complete and it would be easier to check.

    Wen Ruoqing thought that if the two babies went back, she didn't know when they would see the two babies again?

    She was really upset.

    However, seeing Tang Zhimo's resolute look, she can't force Tang Zhimo to grow up. As long as it is not contrary to the principle, Wen Ruoqing will respect the child's wishes.

    Moreover, in her current situation, she really cannot accompany her two children every day, and cannot take good care of the children, so let the children return first.

    "Mom, I will be back soon." Tang Zhimo saw Wen Ruoqing's reluctance, reached out and took Wen Ruoqing's hand.

    He has a mission to go back this time. When he comes back, he may have a big surprise! !

    He thought, shouldn't it be a surprise for both mother and sister?

    "Well." Wen Ruoqing naturally understands Tang Zhimo's thoughts, and her heart is warm, and her family's ink is really sensible.

    "Then I have to go with my brother." When Tang Zixi heard that her brother was going back, she had to go back. She didn't want to be separated from her brother. Miss Tang Zixi grew up with her brother, the most sticky brother.

    "Well, okay, you go back with your brother." Wen Ruoqing hugged Tang Zixi and kissed her on her face. Zhimo went back. She left Zizi here alone, and she was even more worried.

    When the two children returned, she would find a way to handle Yeshi's affairs, and strive to help Ye Sishen get Yeshi early, and then she can go back to accompany the two babies.

    "You don't plan to go back with the two children?" Tang Baiqian's eyes flickered slightly. If both babies went back, he felt it wouldn't be too difficult to persuade Wen Ruoqing to go back.

    After all, for Wen Ruoqing, the two babies are better than everything. She has always regarded the two babies as more important than her life.

    The matter of Ye Sishen can never be more important than two treasures!

    "I can't go back, I promised Ye Sishen." But, Wen Ruoqing hardly hesitated or even thought about it, so he blurted out in one sentence.

    Wen Ruoqing only agreed to agree with Ye Sishen. Others didn't say much. She would keep secrets about the seniors. The same thing between her and Ye Sishen would not let other people know too much, including the seniors.

    Tang Baiqian's heart sank, he thought she might refuse, so he thought a lot of words behind to persuade her.

    However, he did not expect that she would refuse without hesitation, or even without thinking.

    She promised Ye Sishen? What did she promise Ye Sishen?

    He thought that as long as it involved two baby things, she would always put the two baby things first.

    She used to be like that before.

    But now he felt that she seemed to put Ye Sishen in front of the two babies.

    Is Ye Sishen more important than two babies in her mind now?

    For a moment, Tang Baiqian's original preparation was stuck in his throat so hard that he couldn't say it.

    Tang Baiqian is a wise man, and Tang Baiqian understands Wen Ruoqing. He knows that in this case, he would say more that he would only make her suspicious.

    He really wanted to separate her from Ye Sishen deliberately, but at this point, he didn't want her to notice.

    "Okay, then I'll take two babies back first, and you will go back earlier." Tang Baiqian forced himself to say such a word against his will.

    "Thank you seniors." Wen Ruoqing's lips slightly raised, and she smiled faintly. The two babies grew up. There was their extended family there. They were all like relatives, so the two babies went back. She was not worried.

    She used to take care of two babies when she had a task.

    On the other side, Ye Si looked at the text message sent by Qin Wushao on the mobile phone, and his micro-squinted eyes quickly concealed something different, and then his lips slowly raised.

    When Ye Sishen received the position sent by Qin Wushao, he just walked near his car. The position sent by Qin Wushao was very close to the Ye's Building. It would only take ten minutes to pass through the middle path. If it is driven away, it will delay time.

    Therefore, Ye Si Shen intends to run over, and the speed of the 100-meter sprint can be reached in a few minutes.

    However, he just ran a few steps, Qin Wushao sent a short interest rate, and sent two consecutively.

    Ye Si Shen paused for two seconds and then continued to run forward.

    He was too clear about Wen Ruoqing's ability. The woman was scary and alert. Qin Ting only called him after seeing her.

    With her ability, it is impossible to find Qin Ting, not to mention Tang Baiqian, so Qin Ting, who was Ye Si Shenjue, was afraid that she might be discovered.

    So he felt that these two text messages were not sent by Qin Ting. If he did not guess wrong, the text messages should be sent by Tang Baiqian.

    Therefore, Ye Sishen speeded up even more. When he ran to an intersection, he quickly glanced at the phone in his hand and then saw Qin Ting's position start to change.

    As you can see, Qin Ting is driving east.

    Ye Si Shen originally thought that the two text messages were sent by Tang Baiqian. Qin Ting might have been persecuted at the time and could not resist, but since Qin Ting had left, it means Tang Baiqian had left.

    He thought Tang Baiqian had left, and Qin Ting would definitely call him to make it clear.

    However, he did not receive a call from Qin Ting, and now Qin Ting has been going east?

    Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed, and he ran and dialed Qin Wushao's phone. He thought that only Qin Ting could tell him what was going on now?

    Qin Ting, who was driving, saw his name on the phone, his eyelids jumped fiercely.

    He didn't want to deceive the third brother, he really didn't want to.