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The reason why Qin Wushao called Sange so urgently was because Sange went crazy to the police station last time to stop her.

    However, when Qin Wushao talked about his boyfriend, he suddenly thought that his third brother had said that s Tang was the woman of Huanyu Hotel five years ago.

    Therefore, the topic of Qin Wu Shaojue's boyfriend should not be mentioned.

    Although the third brother has married Wen Ruoqing now, Wen Ruoqing is actually not bad, but he knows that the third brother must not have forgotten the thing five years ago.

    Qin Wushao said quickly, and the previous words poured out like a pour of beads.

    So that night Si Shen who had just returned to God had not come and spoke.

    Then Ye Sishen heard Qin Wushao said that Wen Ruoqing was with a man, and also heard Qin Wushao said that the man was very good and was Wen Ruoqing's boyfriend.

    "You said she was with a man?" At that moment, Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed quickly, and the word of word swept through the dangerous killing intention.

    He knew who the man was without guessing, it must be Tang Baiqian.

    She went to see Tang Baiqian? It also removed the disguise on the face and dressed up beautifully.

    In front of him deliberately ugly, to see Tang Baiqian is the most beautiful look.

    There is a saying called a woman who pleases herself! So she is pleasing Tang Baiqian, and in front of him she is a disguise every day, and she has always been angry about how he came.

    She is really good.

    At this moment, if Wen Ruoqing was in front of him, he believed he would kill her without hesitation,

    "Third Brother, this is already a matter of five years ago, you ..." Qin Wushao did not understand the real situation. He heard the words of San San at the moment, his cellphone almost fell to the ground, and the voice of San Ge just now very scary.

    The third brother's tone listened to the wife who wanted to catch his own cheating with other men!

    He knew that the third brother thought that the woman was the woman in the Huanyu Hotel five years ago. It was just that it was a matter of five years ago, not to mention that the third brother had already married Wen Ruoqing. From the last thing, it can be seen There is no intention to divorce Wen Ruoqing.

    So the other person Tang is with other men. Isn't the third brother's breath like this?

    "Where are you?" Ye Sishen didn't want to talk nonsense with Qin Wushao. At this moment, he didn't have time to talk to Qin Wushao. He just wanted to know where the angry woman was.

    So, Ye Si Shen gritted his teeth again and added: "Where is she?"

    Ye Sanshao's remarks were more clear.

    "Third Brother, are you okay? I don't want to kill you when I hear your tone?" Qin Wushao listened to Ye Sanshao's words, and felt that the matter seemed more and more terrifying.

    The third brother has been married to Wen Ruoqing, and his third brother is still good to Wen Ruoqing, but now the reaction of the third brother makes his third brother care more about the woman five years ago,

    He felt that the third brother he knew should not be like this.

    "Third Brother, her boyfriend doesn't look good." Qin Wushao raised his eyes and glanced at Tang Baiqian, who was standing in front of Wen Ruoqing. He felt that it was necessary to remind him.

    At first glance, the man knew that it was the kind of irritating master.

    "I ask where are you now? Send me your position." Ye Si Shen narrowed his eyes a little more irritably. He really had no time to talk to Qin Ting now: "Hurry."

    "Oh, oh, okay." Qin Ting responded, then hung up the phone and began to send a position to Shen Si.

    However, Qin Ting's position had not been sent out, and suddenly he felt a dark spot in front of him, and then his mobile phone was robbed.

    Qin Ting looked up and just wanted to scold others, but when he saw the person standing outside him, when he reached his mouth, he pressed down hard.

    This is not the boyfriend of Tang, would n’t he be discovered?

    "Director Qin, do me a favor." Tang Baiqian looked at Qin Wushao, his expression was very gentle, and his voice was very gentle.

    "What?" Qin Ting couldn't recover for a while. This man came and grabbed his mobile phone and said he was going to help?

    "Director Qin knows her identity, so Director Qin should be able to guess my identity." Tang Baiqian ticked his lips, seeming to smile a little bit, but not too much, and his voice was still soft.

    Qin Wushao's eyes flashed, no answer, but nodded slowly.

    "We are performing secret missions this time, and we can't disclose any information, so please ask Director Qin to keep us secret, and don't disclose our whereabouts to anyone." Tang Baiqian's eyes narrowed slightly, and then added A sentence: "including Ye Sishen."

    Hearing Tang Baiqian's words, Qin Wushao was shocked, damn, who are these people, how did he know that he was going to tell the third brother?

    "I know, just now Secretary Si Shen asked Secretary Qin to pass the position over? In this way, we are very likely to be exposed, so please ask Secretary Qin to help next." Tang Baiqian is at this moment a complete consultation The tone is very kind.

    "What do you mean? What can I do for you?" Qin Wushao frowned tightly, a little puzzled.

    "Secretary Qin can give the position to Shen Si Shenfa, but next, please ask Secretary Shen to walk in the opposite direction to us, just go all the way." Tang Baiqian's expression looked more gentle, then he said very well It's light and windy.

    When speaking, he returned the phone to Qin Wushao.

    "What? Do you mean to cheat my third brother? Impossible, absolutely impossible." Qin Wushao heard him and exploded directly, shook his head and refused without thinking.

    Qin Wu Shao is not stupid. He naturally understands Tang Baiqian's meaning. It is absolutely impossible for him to deceive his third brother.

    The last time he was at the police station, he forced the woman to leave because he hadn't taken care of him so much.

    If he cheated his third brother again, the third brother would kill him.

    Qin Wushao thought that the tone in Ye Sishen's phone just couldn't help but shivered. Qin Wushao quietly moved the phone to the bottom with his mobile phone, and quietly sent Ye Sanshao a place.

    Qin Wushao thought that he was close to Sange's company. Sange should be able to come over soon, and other things would wait for Sange to come over.

    Qin Wushao thought that what he did was very secret. He thought Tang Baiqian would not find out, but all his actions fell into Tang Baiqian's eyes.

    Or it should be said that this was originally calculated by Tang Baiqian, just that phone was Tang Baiqian deliberately returned to Qin Wushao.

    Everything is in his plan.