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"What do I do in the company? I don't understand the company's business. I don't want to go." Wen Ruoqing's first reaction was to refuse, and firmly refused: "And I am now the president of Wen's. It is not appropriate to go to work in your company."

    Whether it is right or not is not the most important thing. The most important thing is if she will follow him to the company every day in the future, how will she go to see the two babies? Therefore, she could not agree.

    "Do you think I'm consulting with you?" Ye Si glanced at her faintly, her voice soft but threatening.

    Wen Ruoqing: "..."

    Obviously, he was not consulting with her, but continuing to settle accounts with her after the autumn!

    Count him ruthless! He didn't even know that his mouth was soft when he was eating her.

    It ’s better to feed the dog just now.

    "From today I moved to my room to sleep." Ye Si Shen suddenly remembered a more important thing, they have been married for some time, he felt that he must end the separation of life.

    From today, sleep together!

    Wen Ruoqing was thinking of ways to persuade Ye Sishen to let her agree that she would not go to the company, and then suddenly heard Ye Sishen asking her to sleep with her.

    Wen Ruoqing was stunned, his eyes wide open, and after regaining his mind, he repeatedly spoke and said, "I will go to the company tomorrow."

    She goes to the company, she will go to the company tomorrow, it is always better to go to the company than to sleep together.

    Ye Si was stunned for a moment, raised his eyes, and looked at him, his expression slightly strange.

    Did he just give her the multiple choice question?

    He told her these two things, which she obviously wanted to do, and did not let her choose.

    However, she meant that she could go to the company, but she would never sleep with him?

    Ye Sishen's complexion was so heavy, how was this woman really angry at him?

    "Wen Ruoqing, I'm not giving you a choice ..."

    "I'm going to work in the company tomorrow. That's it. I'm going to bed first, and I'll get enough energy to work tomorrow." Wen Ruoqing heard that he knew there was no good, so he slipped away.

    Wen Ruoqing went upstairs, ran into his room, and then directly locked the door, all the actions in one go!

    Ye Si's eyes flashed lightly, and there was a moment of stunned emotion, he also created a reason for her to escape?

    Want to escape? Does she think she can escape?

    One day, he will let her willingly take the initiative to sleep on his bed.

    Ye Sishen was thinking about it now, but he never thought that this day would come so fast!

    The next day, Ye Si didn't rush away after getting up, but waited for Wen Ruoqing.

    Wen Ruoqing was reluctant and reluctant, but she couldn't help it. She promised it last night and she can't regret it now.

    And now if she regrets not going to the company, she will sleep with her at night.

    So, she had no choice.

    "I want to go to the business department." Wen Ruoqing took the initiative to speak downstairs to Ye's company.

    She was forced to come to the company, but she always wanted to get a little freedom for herself.

    Ye Sishen brought her to the company just to stare at her and not let her run around. She thought that Ye Sishen would definitely arrange her into the company in the name of Wen's cooperation with Yess. Will let her stay by his side all the time.

    It would be better to kill her directly.

    "Why go to the business department?" Ye Si Shen frowned slightly, in fact, he took her to the company, just to let her stay beside him, where he can see at any time.

    "The business department trains people the most and learns the most." Wen Ruoqing's serious "nonsense".

    In fact, Wen Ruoqing is that Jue's business department has many opportunities to go out freely. Ye's company is very close to He Tongtong's residence. She can find an opportunity to see two babies.

    Of course, she did this to keep a certain distance from Ye Sishen.

    Ye Si glanced at her coolly, as if she had come to the company to really work hard.

    Her careful thinking, how could he not see it.

    "Her husband, is that okay?" Wen Ruoqing looked at him, his eyes blinking, full of unabashed expectations.

    Faced with the enthusiastic expectation in her eyes, he knew that she was pretending to be, but he nodded dizzyly.

    After nodding, Ye Si Shen recovered, and regretted it.

    "Husband, you are so good." Wen Ruoqing looked at him, but his face suddenly burst into laughter, and his voice was full of laughter.

    Seeing her with a bright, bright smile, his brow slowly spread.

    Well, she is just as happy as long as she is in the company, no matter which department she is in, it is not for him to say.

    In the company, she can still escape the palm of his hand?

    Ye Sishen didn't say anything more. Obviously, Wen Ruoqing secretly rejoiced in his heart and won the first battle!

    "You go up first, let Secretary Liu send me to the business department." In the special elevator, Wen Ruoqing watched the elevator stop at the 11th floor, Ye Si Shen wanted to come out, Wen Ruoqing stopped again and again.

    Ye Sishen, is she going to send her to the business department in person? Is it appropriate for a big president to personally send her a newcomer to the business department?

    Obviously inappropriate, and very very inappropriate.

    "Why? Am I so shameless?" Ye Sishen's face gloomed down again, and asked Secretary Liu to send her, but not to send him. Was he shameless?

    "No, your husband is too handsome. There must be a lot of little girls in the company. The younger sister-in-law loves you. If you send me personally, I will immediately become their public enemy."

    Ye Si frowned, what girl, sister-in-law, mess?

    "You don't want me to be bullied in the company, do you?" Wen Ruoqing's attitude at the moment was completely soft, and his voice was soft, making people unable to refuse.

    She knows that she can't get along with Ye Sishen. She finds that he eats soft but not hard, so sometimes it is necessary to take proper soft.

    Ye Sichen seemed to sneer coldly. Who dares to bully her if he is there?

    Even without him, who can bully her?

    But seeing what she was like at the moment, he didn't say anything after all. I don't know if she was persuaded by her misconception or softened by her attitude.

    "Secretary Liu, did you find that your president is actually quite arrogant." Out of the elevator, Wen Ruoqing couldn't help but want to laugh at the thought of Si Sichen just now.

    Secretary Liu looked at her with a serious reply: "Madam, you are wrong ..."

    Wen Ruoqing was stunned. Was she wrong? She feels right, not wrong at all, is Ye Si Shen arrogant?

    Then Secretary Liu slowly added another sentence: "The president is not mys, it is yours."

    "..." Wen Ruoqing's lips twitched fiercely. Is this the point? Is this the point?

    Shen Si of her family? What a horrible feeling, do you?

    When Secretary Liu took Wen Ruoqing to the business department, the staff of the business department had already arrived.