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#129 Good play

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Wen Ruoqing's brows frowned slightly, and it was endless?

    Ye Si Shen slightly squinted and glanced at the string of numbers, his eyes subconsciously squinted.

    This number was played three times in a row, and apparently did not intend to give up. Is she planning to hang up again and again?

    She hung up, and the man will continue to fight, so in this way, is it still over?

    Ye Sanshao did not like this situation! !

    Ye Sanshao was thinking, the next moment, Wen Ruoqing opened the car window, raised his hand, and threw the phone directly out, the action was clean and neat! !

    Just like her style of doing things, when it is broken, it will never be left behind.

    In fact, she can cut her hands off, but she doesn't do that. When some things need to be determined, she will never be indecisive.

    This is her attitude, and the attitude towards her relationship with Bai Yirui is so decisive! !

    Moreover, she saw Ye Sishen's gaze that she had just looked at. If she turned off the phone, she felt guilty, and he was afraid to doubt again.

    It was a busy city at the moment. After her cell phone was thrown out, the car behind shattered it directly.

    Ye Sanshao's lips and lips couldn't help but lift up, his wife's movements were so cool! !

    "Her husband, my mobile phone broke, you have to pay me a new mobile phone." Wen Ruoqing felt she had just thrown away her mobile phone, partly because of the lack of Ye San, so she felt that she could blackmail Ye San One less phone.

    Well, this is very reasonable!

    In fact, she just threw away the old mobile phone that she used a few years ago, and the number was also provisional. She came back this time and did not intend to stay long.

    Yesan Shao slightly stunned, did she just fall off the phone and is it related to him? Why should he pay? And she has such a straightforward tone! !

    He never knew that his wife could be so unreasonable, but why did he like it so much? !

    Since she wants him to pay her cell phone, he naturally wants to pay, but just can't pay casually! !

    When returning to the villa, Wen Ruoqing advanced into the room, stopped the car at night, and took out his mobile phone and dialed out directly: "Is my mobile phone available for couples?"

    "President, your mobile phone is specially customized and unique. How could there be a couple's model?" Secretary Liu was directly ashamed. The question asked by the President, President, is strange.

    "Then make another female model." This is not a problem for Ye Sanshao. Is there anything he could not do that Ye Sanshao wanted to do?

    "Okay, I get it." Secretary Liu froze for two seconds, then suddenly realized that the president must have set it for his wife. He really didn't expect the president to be such a "sullied" person. For couples.

    "President, when will it be." Secretary Liu then asked again.

    "Tomorrow." The one that Ye Sanshao returned to was called a direct and fast one, and that was a matter of course.

    Secretary Liu: "..."

    Can he take back the problem?

    This is specially customized. Instead of just going to the mall to buy one, the president wants to kill him directly tomorrow.

    However, Ye Sanshao had already hung up the phone, and Secretary Liu could not even speak out the protest.

    "This is my previous mobile phone. You use it first." After Ye Sanshao entered the house, he went directly to the study and took out a mobile phone and handed it to Wen Ruoqing.

    Ye Sanshao knew that customized mobile phones were not as fast, and it would take a few days at the fastest.

    He could have bought her a new mobile phone for temporary use, but if that's the case, when the customized mobile phone arrives, he will find reasons to change it. White set.

    In fact, the mobile phone he gave her is not used before, but has been used, but his mobile phone is only contacted by one person, except for his mobile phone number, except for the person he contacts. No third person knows.

    But now he took out this phone with this number for her.

    "Thank you." Wen Ruoqing didn't know about it, and she didn't care about the old one he used. Anyway, the mobile phone was enough for her to call, it was used in City A.

    Ye Si stared at her, her eyes flickered, her lips flickered, and she just wanted to say something, but just then, his cell phone rang suddenly.

    "Grandpa Ping is gone, would you like to come here?" Tang Ling called, and Tang Ling's voice was so low that people felt depressed.

    "Good." Ye Si Shen Weizheng, his voice also suddenly lowered.

    This night, Ye Sishen did not return.

    The next day, Sanshao made various headlines and various hot searches. The photos and videos of Yesanshao kissing in the car spread madly in major media.

    Everyone guessed who the woman was?

    All the videos and photos can't see the woman's appearance, not even the side. It can be said that the woman covered by Ye Sanshao is a complete one.

    The only thing I can see is the woman's hand wrapped around Ye Sanshao's neck. The hands are slender, slender, clean, and white, which is very beautiful, but there are nothing on the ten fingers, and nothing is decorated.

    Therefore, no clues can be found from those good-looking hands.

    Wen Ruoqing breathed a sigh of relief after viewing all the photos and videos.

    Even though there is no clue, the major media and the melon-eaters still use their imagination to guess who will be the woman who kisses fiercely in the car with Ye Sanshao?

    In the end, there are two guesses. First, the woman is the only model who has had a scandal with Ye Sanshao—Meng Ruoting.

    Second, that woman is Qiao Yunan, because Ye Sanshao is special to Qiao Yunan. At many banquets, the only woman who can stand beside Ye Sanshao is Qiao Yunan.

    And someone broke the news that yesterday saw Qiao Yunan entered Wen's.

    Wen Ruoqing saw the news of the bottom person, her brows frowned, Qiao Yunan went to Wen's yesterday afternoon?

    real or fake?

    "You help me check Wen's monitoring yesterday to see if Qiao Yunan went to Wen's yesterday afternoon." Wen Ruoqing called Murong Duanyang directly, which is Murong Duanyang's best, she didn't believe other people , And other people may not be able to find.

    "Yes, she did go to Wen's yesterday afternoon, but she avoided monitoring and didn't know what to do." Soon Murong Duanyang wrote back to her, and Murong Duanyang's voice was cold: "No matter what she wants to do , Don't let her go today. "

    "Okay, I know." Wen Ruoqing's lips slightly sneered. It seemed that Qiao Yunan didn't stop at all. It seems that there must be a good show today.

    She wants to see what Qiao Yunan wants to do?