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If Grandpa Ye met Grandpa at the banquet, I don't know if it would make Grandpa deliberate.

    However, Wen Ruoqing then thought that Grandpa had been in the mall for so many years, which was naturally not so bullying, and she knew that Grandpa Ye was dissatisfied with her ten thousand or ten thousand, so Grandpa Ye would definitely not take the initiative to mention it. She married Ye Sishen.

    Old Master Wen sighed softly, and finally did not force her.

    "Grandpa, I asked someone to design a piece of jewelry for Grandma He. I wanted to give you a wedding gift. It's just that you were in a hurry to get married. The jewelry was only rushed out now. It can be worn when attending a banquet in the evening." Wen Ruoqing naturally changed the subject faster.

    "Did you design it yourself?" Grandpa Wen froze for a moment, and suddenly smiled: "Grandpa saw the design draft you drew when you last entered your room. It's great. Grandpa is very pleased. Of course, your heart makes Grandpa Even more pleased."

    Wen Ruoqing didn't refute, since Grandpa had already seen it, she didn't need to deny it anymore.

    "Qing Qing, Grandpa, thank you." Grandpa Wen's face was full of relief. His Qing Qing was really sensible and caring.

    Because of his remarriage, his son and daughter-in-law are still resolutely unacceptable.

    Only his Qingqing understands him and knows that he loves him.

    Mr. Wen got the jewelry that Wen Ruoqing sent him. When he opened it, he was shocked at first glance. He had seen Wen Ruoqing's design drawing before, but it was only a sketch, and it was only a part of it. In front of him, he knew how great his family Qingqing was and how powerful it was.

    "Embroidery, you come here to try this jewelry." Old Master Wen shouted to his wife after recovering.

    He Xiuping walked over and was completely shocked when she saw the set of jewellery. There were obvious surprises hidden in her eyes, but then the emotion on her face was depressed again: "This jewellery must be expensive and I don't wear it properly. "

    She knows that in this family, there are many people who can't bear her and look at her discomfort, so she thinks about doing everything as low-key as possible, so as not to cause dissatisfaction with those people, she doesn't want to embarrass Wen.

    "You have to wear this set of jewelry, but Qingqing designed it for you." Mr. Wen naturally understood her thoughts, and when he looked at her, there was a smile on his face.

    "Is Qingqing designed for me?" He Xiuping's eyes suddenly brightened, and his face was a little more excited. "Qingqing was specially designed for me? Qingqing's child is really warm-hearted, this jewelry is really beautiful." , Qingqing is really powerful."

    He Xiuping was excited and incoherent.

    "Come on, try it on." Father Wen took out the jewelry and put it on for herself.

    He Xiuping thought that this was Qingqing's intention, and she really liked this set of jewelry, so she didn't refuse it.

    "It's really beautiful, and it's especially suitable for your temperament. Qingqing's child really used his heart." After Wen He helped the jewelry to He Xiuping, his face was a little more amazing.

    "Well, it's really beautiful." He Xiuping also likes it more and more, and his heart is as sweet as honey.

    When Mr. Wen took He Xiuping to the banquet hotel, there were not many people. Mr. Qin was very enthusiastic and personally came to greet him. Mr. Wen and Mr. Qin had been in friendship for many years, and the relationship was very good.

    Grandpa Qin is the Lord today. Naturally, there are many things to be done. Grandpa Wen chatted with him and took He Xiuping to a quieter position to sit down.

    "Lady Ye and Mrs. Ye are here." Time passed slowly, more and more people came, and suddenly there was a commotion in front of the hotel.

    When everyone heard the movement, they all stood up, and naturally they all tried to find an opportunity to say hello. After all, Yejia was in city a. That was something that no one could ignore.

    Old Man Wen was still sitting with He Xiuping. He knew that He Xiuping was not very comfortable with such occasions, so he didn't want to take her to crowd it.

    Grandpa Ye and Mrs. Ye walked in with everyone in the crowd, and Qiao Yunan followed him.

    Everyone saw Qiao Yunan, who was right next to Mrs. Ye, with some surprises on her face, but they all thought a little bit more.

    After Grandpa Ye walked in, he didn't know whether it was casual or deliberate, he turned to look at Grandpa Wen's position, and then walked over.

    "Grandpa Ye and Mrs. Ye." Mr. Wen saw that Mr. Ye came to him. It would be inappropriate for him to sit still for a long time, so Mr. Wen stood up and greeted him. The natural kind, not Bring any flattery.

    "Humph." Ye Ye glanced coldly at him, and then snorted directly. That attitude can be said to be very unfriendly. At this moment, Ye Ye can say that he did not show sympathy to Mr. Wen at all.

    At such a banquet, even if everyone had any dissatisfaction, they would not show it face to face. At this moment, the old man was very obvious.

    Everyone froze, wondering why this is Ye Ye? After all, Yejia and Wenjia seem to have no holidays, and the two have recently cooperated, so Ye Laizi's attitude is really intriguing.

    Mr. Wen's face was dull, and there was a hint of coldness in his eyes. He greeted him also because of the politeness of this kind of scene. The elder Yejia wanted to embarrass him intentionally?

    But Mr. Wen couldn't think of a reason for a while.

    "Today the old lady specially brought Miss Qiao to the banquet, does it mean something else? Will the good things of the night three are approaching?" Grandpa Qin changed the subject again and again, and it was a half-truth. After all, the night club’s friendship may cause changes in the a city’s shopping malls. Know the situation early and plan well.

    "If we want to marry, we naturally want to marry a beautiful and generous, smart, and blue-hearted girl like Yunan." Although Mrs. Ye Lao did not say this clearly, she also conveyed a little meaning, Ye Laofu. The words of the person paused, and then looked at Mr. Wen, and again deliberately added a sentence: "Those who are stupid and ugly and shameless don't think about it."

    Although Mrs. Ye Lao did not directly point it out, it was too targeted, and everyone knew that the old lady of the Wen family, Wen Ruoqing, was ugly and stupid, so when Mrs. Ye Lao said this, anyone could understand Ye Lao Who do you mean?

    It's just that everyone doesn't understand why Madam Ye Lao suddenly said something like this?

    But first of all, the attitude of Grandpa Ye, plus the words of Mrs. Ye at this moment, this matter...