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Ye Sishen turned on the phone, turned around, and walked away a few steps before speaking: "Sister, what's the matter?"

    At this moment, there was a little more worry in his voice.

    "How? I have bothered you?" With Zhuo Anan's IQ, he already guessed something.

    Just when the night secretary Shen answered the phone, she didn't say anything for a while, she knew that it wasn't the right time for her to call, but it was almost eleven, how could it bother the young couple?

    "No, the elder sister has something to say." Ye Si Shen was so kind and patient.

    "About your daughter-in-law, you said she was injured and could not get pregnant, it must have been checked. I know you might be inconvenient to bring her over, so you give me her information, I will check where she did the check I should be able to find out some situations, and I will be able to understand some of them based on the information I checked. "When it comes to business, Zhuo Annan's tone is obviously a little more serious.

    Last night, after Ye Sishen called her, she called Xiao Qi because she was too curious. She wanted to know about the situation, and then Xiao Qi told her that Ye Si Shen was married.

    Therefore, she knew that it was Ye Sishen's daughter-in-law, not a girlfriend. Since she was Ye Sishen's daughter-in-law, this matter was absolutely sloppy.

    In the phone call last night, Ye Sishen didn't make it clear, but she knew that Ye Sishen wouldn't take his daughter-in-law to check. Of course, she also understood that there must be other reasons.

    Therefore, she came up with such a method. In fact, this method is very troublesome to check, but for her family to be heavy, she must do so.

    "Okay, I will pass on her information to you in the future." Ye Si Shen naturally understood Zhuo Annan's meaning and was grateful.

    He really couldn't take Wen Ruoqing to check, because, he knew, she didn't want to mention the previous injury. He did not want her to suffer any harm.

    However, he really wanted to know how Wen Ruoqing was injured? Moreover, Zhuo Annan's medical skills are really powerful, maybe Zhuo Annan will have a way to cure her.

    Therefore, he did not reject Zhuo Annan's good intentions.

    Yes, he had to admit that he really wanted a child-a child he and her, after the idea emerged that day, the idea became stronger day by day.

    Wen Ruoqing saw him standing up and answering the phone, slightly stunned, then she saw Ye Si Shen turned around and walked a few steps away.

    Then she heard Ye Si Shen shouting her elder sister.

    In fact, she just saw the name displayed on Ye Sishen's mobile phone-Zhuo Annan.

    Zhuo Annan, she is no stranger to this name. At that time, when she was suffering from heavy bleeding, Hong Ling sister asked Zhuo Annan to do the surgery for her.

    If it was n’t for Zhuo Annan, she might have died.

    But, how could Zhuo Annan call Ye Sishen, is this Zhuo Annan the same person as Zhuo Nanan she knew?

    Ye Si Shen shouted elder sister?

    Wen Ruoqing suddenly thought Zhuo Ershao was also a doctor, as if he was Zhuo Annan's younger brother, Zhuo's family is a medical family.

    Therefore, it should be the same person.

    Wen Ruoqing's brow frowned slightly, and saw Ye Sishen back calling her, and she got up and walked to the bathroom.

    She didn't want to overhear Ye Sishen's phone. She walked into the bathroom and planned to close the door. Then, at this moment, she heard Ye Sishen's words.

    Ye Sishen said that he would pass the TA information to him. What he meant was to pass the information to Zhuo Annan.

    But, who is this TA that Ye Si Shen said?

    However, Wen Ruoqing did not think deeply. At the time, Zhuo Annan was invited by Hong Ling, she was not familiar with Zhuo Annan, she had only said a few words, and they were all about her condition.

    However, Wen Ruoqing knows that Zhuo Annan's medical skills are really powerful, or Ye Sishen wants to ask Zhuo Annan to help someone to see a doctor, so Zhuo Annan asks for that person's information.

    Wen Ruoqing closed the bathroom door, turned on the faucet, and began to wash.

    Ye Sishen knew that Wen Ruoqing had gone to the bathroom and exhaled secretly. However, she lowered her voice slightly and said, "Sister Sister feels that her condition can be cured, right?"

    For other things, Ye Sishen has never been so nervous, and has suffered so much. If he would never be able to ask such things at ordinary times, he would never ask another word at all.

    "I also hope to be healed. After all, she is your wife. Rest assured, my sister will do her best." Zhuo Annan was so anxious because he felt Ye Sishen really cared about his daughter-in-law. Complicated, if Ye Sishen's daughter-in-law can't have a baby, the grandfather of Ye Family can't pass that level.

    Ye Family knew how strong and overbearing she was. She knew that year, if Ye Sishen had asked her to secretly take Aunt Meng away, Aunt Meng and the child would be dead.

    At that time, Aunt Meng didn't make any mistakes, obviously it was Yejia's fault, but Yeya's grandfather let Aunt Meng bear all the sins. Finally, Aunt Meng was kicked out of Yejia, Yeya Not even let Aunt Meng see Ye Sishen.

    She remembered that it was winter. Ye Sishen stood in the snow and stood all night, but he did n’t cry, just stood so stubbornly.

    That year, Ye Si Shen was only nine years old, still so small, so weak, and so distressing to watch.

    Ye Si Shen has finally found a girl he likes. She doesn't want to affect their marriage because of anything.

    "You pass me the information first, and I will check it out before I say it." Zhuo Annan remembered the past, and the voice was slightly heavy.

    She wanted to watch Ye Sishen happy, she must be happy, she had to help him, she had to help him.

    Zhuo Annan thought, first to come over the information, she went to check first, if she could not find out, she went over in person.

    Zhuo Annan knew that Ye Si Shen didn't bring that girl over, because she didn't want to hurt that girl. But if she can't find it, she must go by herself to see what happened to the girl?

    However, Zhuo Annan did not tell Ye Sishen her thoughts at the moment.

    Ye Si Shen hung up the phone and heard the sound of water flowing from the bathroom. He knew Wen Ruoqing was still in the bathroom. He opened the mailbox and clicked on one of the emails. data.

    This is some of her situation in M ​​country.

    Ye Sishen summed it up and passed everything he knew to Zhuo Annan.

    Including Wen Ruoqing's identity in City A, as well as her identity as a criminal psychology expert in Country M, it can be said that what Ye Sishen has found is very detailed.