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However, he had to be grateful to Ye Sishen, and thank him for his mercy.

    At this moment, Leng Rong got a conclusion, Ye Sishen! He is not human at all!

    This time, he couldn't accept it.

    Ye Sanshao's arrogance and arrogance when facing Leng Rong, but Leng Rong's words just made him particularly mindful.

    That was when he actually forced Wen Ruoqing to marry him, and he also signed a damn agreement.

    Ye Sishen thought of the last time Wen Ruoqing said when the lord called her ‘premier’ when she said that she would leave after the agreement expires a year later.

    Ye Si Shen Jue, he now needs to deal with that marriage agreement as soon as possible.

    However, he knew that his wife was not an ordinary person. His wife was too clever. In front of her, he could find it with his thoughts.

    Therefore, in extraordinary times, he can only use a little extraordinary means.

    Married to a wife of ‘human essence’, and still the one who can guess people ’s hearts, the ‘sweet talk’ of ordinary men to women has no effect on her.

    Even gentle coaxing and tough persecution are useless on her.

    Not only that, his wife is still being remembered by many people, and remembering that his wife is not a simple character, Leng Rong can be solved, but there is also Tang Baiqian, and Tang Ling, these two Personally, he had to guard.

    Tang Baiqian and Tang Ling are both people who know that he and Wen Ruoqing are married and still do not give up. There is also Tang Zhimo who still does not know that he is a ghost.

    Under such circumstances, her heart is not yet on him.

    Is he easy? Do you say it's easy for him to marry a wife?

    Therefore, it is easy for him to marry his wife, and he must not let her fly.

    Therefore, he has to think of a perfect solution.

    Ye Sanshao's eyes flickered, then smiled, and he suddenly thought of a very good idea he felt.

    Ye Sanshao returned to the villa at the fastest speed. In fact, the matter that had just been coldly finished was finished. Now that it is not early, he should go back.

    "Sir, you are back." Liusao was still afraid of him, so she was restrained.

    "Well, ma'am?" Ye Sishen asked casually.

    "Mrs. is upstairs." Liusao came back quickly, and Ye San asked less, she didn't dare to delay for half a minute.

    Ye Si's lips were slightly hooked and she was at home. As long as she was at home, then he would be good at doing things.

    He must solve this matter tonight, or this matter will always be his heart disease.

    Ye Sishen didn't go upstairs immediately, but walked to the wine cabinet and took a bottle of red wine. He didn't use a wine glass and drank it directly.

    Liusao was stunned. What is the situation?

    What's wrong, sir? Why drink alcohol as soon as you go home? And still such an irrigation method?

    Drinking alcohol like this should be a very bad time, right?

    Is Mr. in a bad mood? What happened?

    Just now Mr. seems to ask if his wife is at home? Did Mr. quarrel with his wife?

    Will Mr. go and dry with his wife after drinking?

    Liusao thought more and more likely, more worried, more afraid.

    Ye Si Shen quickly drank a whole bottle of wine. He thought about it, and was afraid of not enough, and took another bottle.

    Liusao looked at it, and a heart sank straight. Although she was afraid of Ye Sishen, she couldn't help but say, "Sir, my wife is a woman, and a woman needs to be coaxed. In fact, the woman's heart is the softest A few good words will be fine. "

    Ye Si Shen turned his eyes and looked at Liusao. Was it really like Liusao said?

    The woman is soft-hearted. Is it okay to listen to a few good words?

    Wen Ruoqing will be soft-hearted, will it be fine to listen to a few good words?

    He thinks that Liusao's theory may be useful to ordinary girls, but it is absolutely useless to Wen Ruoqing, so he still needs to use his extraordinary means.

    Ye Sishen picked up a bottle of wine again and planned to drink it.

    "Mrs. was originally younger than Mr., and Mr. should ..." Liusao wanted to say that his wife was younger than Mr., and that Mr. should let his wife.

    But when Ye Sishen heard her, her face sank slightly.

    Is he very old?

    He seems to be four or five years older than her. Isn't it an old age for her?

    Seeing Ye Sishen's face suddenly changed, Liusao shivered in shock, her voice suddenly stopped, and she dared not talk anymore.

    Ye Sishen had finished drinking the second bottle of wine before going upstairs. Of course, he walked directly to Wen Ruoqing's room.

    Liusao stood below, and her terrified legs were really trembling. Seeing this, Mr. Li was really going to find his wife, and the wife ’s small body could never be Mr. ’s opponent. The next wife would be miserable!

    Liusao didn't dare to think about it.

    However, when passing by the study, Ye Sishen's footsteps stopped, he suddenly thought of something, he thought about it, entered the study to get something, and then went to Wen Ruoqing's room.

    Ye Sanshao opened the door, and did not see Wen Ruoqing, but there was a sound of water flowing from the bathroom, indicating that Wen Ruoqing was taking a bath.

    Ye Sanshao hid his hand in the bedside table, then sat on the bed and waited for Wen Ruoqing. Ye Sanshao thought about his perfect plan, his lips could not help rising, and you smiled a little more.

    When she comes out, he can ...

    In the bathroom, the sound of the water continued, Wen Ruoqing was still taking a bath, and Ye Sanshao listened to everything in the bathroom.

    Ready ... waiting for the opportunity! !

    Wen Ruoqing always pays attention to efficiency, and does not take too long to take a bath. The sound of water stops in the bathroom.

    Ye Sanshao got up and walked quietly outside the bathroom door. He didn't go in, and didn't make a sound, so he stood outside and waited for her.

    Wen Ruoqing wiped her body dry, put on her pajamas, and opened the bathroom door.

    She hadn't stepped out of the bathroom, didn't even see what was going on, she was taken into the arms by Ye Sanshao.

    Before waiting for her reaction, Ye Sanshao bowed her head and kissed her.

    His movements were so sudden that Wen Ruoqing didn't even see him, and she was shocked at first. However, she knew that no one would enter her room except him, and no one would treat her like that.

    For such a night three young, she has begun to get used to it slowly.

    He has always been like this these days, and it is difficult for her not to get used to it.

    But, at the next moment, Wen Ruoqing's body stiffened slightly.

    "You, you drank?" Wen Ruoqing was particularly sensitive to wine. At this moment he drank and kissed her. She felt her head start to feel dizzy again.

    He drank and kissed her? What does he want to do?

    "Don't drink much, only two glasses of red wine, it's okay." Ye Sanshao smiled. He just poured two bottles of red wine, but now he said that he only drank two glasses. Ye Sanshao said nonsense The skill is really getting more and more harmful.