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#65 Father and son meet

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Turning around, He Tongtong, who took Tang Zixi in the car, turned to see that Tang Zhimo was not in the car, but also looked in the direction of Ye Sishen, and she saw Ye Sishen's eyes turning in this direction.

    He Tongtong was shocked by the cold sweat, and she quickly moved to Tang Zhimo's face, blocking Ye Sishen's eyes. Fortunately, Tang Zhimo was small, and Ye Sishen should have just turned to this side. Looking over, there should be no ink yet.

    He Tongtong directly picked Tang Zhimo and hugged him into the car.

    When Ye Si looked over, he saw Tang Zhimo, but before he could see clearly, he was blocked by a woman. Ye Si Shen frowned slightly, and did not withdraw his gaze, still looking at ...,

    "Third Brother, you have arrived." Xi Ji just came out and saw Ye Si Shen who had been waiting outside, but it was a bit unexpected. The third brother was a busy person. He thought he had to wait for a long time. Arrived so soon.

    "Yes." Ye Sishen took his eyes away, but he felt strange in his heart, as if there was something to attract him there.

    It was strange, he had never felt that way before, so Ye Si Shen glanced in that direction again.

    However, Tang Zimo was already in the car at this moment, and even He Tongtong was already in the car.

    "Brother, what do you see?" Xi Ji looked at Ye Sishen's eyes, but he didn't see anything, so it was a little strange.

    Ye Si Shen shook his head slightly, seeming to want to shake the strange feeling in his heart.

    He Hitomi, who was about to drive, subconsciously glanced back again, seeing Xi Jizheng standing in front of Ye Sishen, unable to stun.

    Ye Sishen came to pick him up?

    Yeah, she was nervous just now, and she forgot. He was one of the six youngsters in City A, and he had a close relationship with Ye Sishen.

    It seems that I was just too nervous and scared myself. Ye Si Shen came to the airport to take over the season. It has nothing to do with the two babies.

    She said, "The two babies came here this time, and even Qingqing only learned later. How could Ye Sishen know."

    Even if the man at that time was really Ye Sishen, Ye Sishen wanted to find out what was happening in that year. I was afraid that it would not be so easy, and it would not be possible to find out so quickly, and also found the two babies.

    He Tongtong secretly exhaled, only to see Xi Ji's brilliant smile, her eyes were a little more trance.

    Between her and him, after all, it was just a mistake, so, when it passed, it should be over, forever.

    "Third Brother, you came a little late, and the two babies I told you had just left. It's a pity that you didn't see them." Xi Ji couldn't help laughing when he thought of the two babies. You do n’t know, those two babies are really too cute, definitely the cutest baby I have ever seen. "

    Ye Sishen is not very interested in this issue of Xi Ji. No matter how cute the child is, it is not his. It has nothing to do with him.

    Since it is a child of someone else, he will naturally not be interested.

    "By the way, I took the picture. I will show it to you. You will absolutely love it when you see it. I do n’t think anyone sees it. They do n’t like it." Xi Ji was obviously poisoned by two cute girls. Even if he is not a father, he can't help showing off, the expression is obviously proud, and the one who doesn't know really thinks it is his baby.

    Ye Sishen saw him like this, shook his head secretly, and Xi Ji was a child who had not grown up yet.

    "Third Brother, I took several photos, and they were all very cute." Xi Ji took out his phone and turned it on, rummaging through the photos he had taken before and showed it to Ye Sishen.

    It's just that Xi Ji flipped the phone and couldn't find the photos he had taken before. He remembered that he took a few photos, why is there no one now?

    Xi Ji was stunned. He remembered something. When he first got off the plane, the boy said he wanted to borrow his mobile phone to make a call. Without much thought, he unlocked the phone and gave the phone to the boy. The baby said that the phone didn't get through and gave him back.

    Therefore, Xi Ji is 100% sure that the little guy deleted the pictures he took at that time.

    Because, there are no other things in his mobile phone, so he alone has fewer photos with two little babies.

    "It's too ungrateful, it's so sad, the little guy even deleted all the photos I took." Xi Ji's face was depressed, he helped two little guys take the plane, and the result was that the little guy repaid him.

    He deleted his photo.

    But why did he delete his picture?

    This child's IQ is too bad, and he was so inexplicably calculated by a three- or four-year-old boy.

    Xi Ji suddenly remembered that before he got on the plane, he made a phone call to his mobile phone with his baby's phone. He was thinking that if something happened, two babies could call him.

    After all, two children who are only three or four years old, and there is no adult around him, he is really worried, for fear of what happened to them.

    Xi Ji quickly opened the call log and saw that the previous call log was also deleted. Xi Ji's face went black on the spot.

    What the hell did that mean, took advantage of him, and kicked him off with one foot, which was simply crossing the river to demolish the bridge.

    "You said earlier that the two children were only three or four years old?" Hearing Xi Ji's words, Ye Sishen's face had a slightly different emotion.

    Under normal circumstances, a 3 or 4 year old child would never do such a thing.

    "Yeah, it should be about four years old." For this, Xi Ji was very sure that he had seen their birth certificate at that time and saw the year of birth, but he did not pay attention to the specific date. 'This thing was shocked, so many things did not pay too much attention.

    "Are you sure he deleted your photo?" Ye Sishen's eyes slightly squinted, the bottom of the eyes was more profound, I don't know what I was thinking.

    "Ok, I just got off the plane, only he used my mobile phone, and even the call records between me and him were deleted, so it must be him." Xi Ji thought more and more sad, more and more depressed.

    "Why did he delete these?" Ye Si Shen also seemed a little bit strange. This matter was a little unreasonable. How vigilant would a four-year-old kid do this?

    And Xi Jiming helped them, why did he do it?

    "I don't understand." About this matter, Xi Ji couldn't figure it out completely. He just thought that the two babies were too cute and took a picture to keep a memorial. Why did the little guy delete the picture?

    There are call records!

    "Brother, there is one more thing. I saw their birth certificate at that time. The father of the child did not fill in the column." At that time, because two children asked him to pretend to be their daddy, he was looking at their birth certificate. At that time, he paid special attention to this point, his words paused, and said again: "And the two babies came back this time to find their mum, listen to their meaning, their mum seems to have just finished in city A marriage."

    Xi Ji is not a person who likes to disclose the privacy of others, but the third brother suddenly asked at this moment, he naturally wants to know everything.