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When he checked everything, found the evidence, and then slowly settled the accounts with her, Ye Si Shen would never admit that he was at the moment because of his heart.

    After a long morning, it was time for lunch.

    "Come on, let's go to dinner first." This time, his voice was clearly out of the lull.

    Secretary Liu's eyes blinked fiercely, and it seemed that he didn't quite believe what he was seeing. This, this is over?

    Was the CEO so coaxing?

    Wen Ruoqing was relieved, but what Wen Ruoqing didn't know was that at this moment, her pro son and pro girlfriend were conspiring about a major event.

    Ye Si Shen relaxed and suddenly felt a severe stomachache. His body stiffened, and when he turned around, he held his stomach inadvertently with his hands, but when Wen Ruoqing walked to his side, his hand again Put down without trace.

    Wen Ruoqing noticed his strange appearance, his eyes flashed, but he didn't speak.

    In the car, Ye Sishen didn't speak, leaning slightly on the seat, his face slightly pale.

    Wen Ruoqing noticed his hand, the direction of his finger was slightly pointing to the stomach, he subconsciously wanted to hold the stomach, but he could hold back.

    He looks like he should have a stomachache?

    You, a person like him, have more entertainment on weekdays, and most of them have stomach problems.

    Although Wen Ruoqing decided not to brush his presence in front of him as much as possible, he still couldn't bear to see him like this, or he usually took care of two babies and took care of it. Do something.

    Moreover, he felt that Ye Sishen's stomach illness was offended, it might be angry, she was angry!

    Therefore, she is responsible.

    "Secretary Liu, stop in front of the car." After all, Wen Ruoqing still softened.

    "Oh." Secretary Liu was stunned. Seeing that his president did not object, he parked the car on the side of the road.

    As soon as the car stopped, Wen Ruoqing opened the door and got out.

    Ye Sishen was a little bit painful at the moment, and he hadn't thought about controlling her, so he didn't ask her why she got off.

    "President, did you have a stomach problem again? Would you like me to buy you some medicine? There is a pharmacy in front." Seeing that Wen Ruoqing got out of the car, Secretary Liu turned around and looked worriedly at his president.

    Wen Ruoqing got out of the car, and Ye Sichen pressed her stomach. This time the pain was so bad that he couldn't help it. Just hearing Secretary Liu's words, his eyes flickered: "Wait."

    "President, you don't need to hide your wife. Your wife knows that you can take care of you." How could Secretary Liu not see that his president didn't want to be known by his wife, but he didn't understand, why did the president hide his wife?

    Take care of him?

    Since his mother left, he seems to have missed these two words in his life, and he has been taking care of himself for so many years.

    For so many years, he has continued to make himself strong. What he wants is conquest, not care.

    Because of the things his parents had in the past, for so many years, he never even had a woman beside him, except for the accident five years ago, and this time to marry her.

    "Huh, my wife went to the pharmacy? Would you buy the medicine for the president?" Secretary Liu suddenly exclaimed, interrupting Ye Sishen's thoughts.

    Ye Si Shen's eyes subconsciously looked at the door of the pharmacy and saw Wen Ruoqing just entering the pharmacy.

    Just, buy him medicine? He really doubted that this was not what the woman would do.

    He knew very well that the woman was not willing to marry him, so he would not expect her to really care about him.

    At least not now.

    That wallet, she must have thought that he would be angry, so he bought it to appease him, and he is not angry now, and nothing threatens her. She does n’t have to try to please him.

    And these days, he can also see that the woman pays little attention to and cares about things that are not related to her.

    What's more, he didn't tell her that his stomach hurts. She didn't know that he had stomach problems.

    It didn't take long for Wen Ruoqing to come out of the pharmacy. The speed was very fast. He took a box of medicines in his hand.

    "President, it seems that I'm right. My wife really went to buy medicine for the president." Secretary Liu's face was a little more excited.

    Ye Sishen's lips were slightly ticked, with a somewhat arc of self-deprecation, he really didn't dare to think about it.

    If you do n’t want to be disappointed, the more you think about it, the greater your disappointment will be.

    Wen Ruoqing ran over, opened the door, quickly got on the car, and hadn't sat down yet, he handed the medicine in front of Ye Sishen.

    After sitting down, he took a bottle of water and handed it to Ye Sishen.

    Ye Si glared at the stomach medicine in her hand, and her eyes looked at Wen Ruoqing, and suddenly felt a little dazed for a moment.

    Over the years, there has never been a woman around him, so he has never been taken care of like this, of course, it is not that no woman is willing, and he never gave them a chance.

    He can't see those hypocrisy.

    However, he knew that she was not hypocritical, because there was no need at all. The woman was very disgusted by him, afraid that she would be able to get rid of him immediately and go back to M country.

    Although they were married, she kept thinking about the divorce.

    It's just that he didn't say anything, how did she know he had a stomachache?

    By the way, her observation power has always been very powerful.

    But, she is not afraid to expose this time?

    "What's wrong? Don't you eat? I bought the wrong one?" Wen Ruoqing stared at him, and suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

    "How do you know my stomach hurts?" Ye Si Shen has never been a talkative person, but at the moment he couldn't help asking.

    Wen Ruoqing was stunned, her eyes flickered, and with her keen observation, it was not difficult to find that he had a stomachache, but he said nothing, and she ran to buy medicine. Was she just pumping her brain? Isn't this exposing yourself?

    Secretary Liu saw that Wen Ruoqing didn't say anything, thinking that Wen Ruoqing was shy, and said deliberately: "Ma'am, he really cares about the president, so even if the president doesn't say it, his wife can perceive it."

    "Don't you just cover your stomach? Isn't it stomach pain? It can't be liver pain, lung pain, or intestinal pain. If that's the case, things can get serious." Wen Ruoqing was very depressed at the moment, and wanted to hit the wall. She thought She must have taken care of two babies, so she made such a low-level mistake.

    Secretary Liu was stunned. Is this what a normal woman should say in this situation? How does this sound like President Mantra?

    Hearing her, Ye Si Shen was not angry, but his lips raised slightly. He suddenly found out that this woman is actually a knife-tofu heart.