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Bai Yirui let go, and Wen Ruoqing didn't stay any longer, turned around and left.

Seeing her leave unrequitedly, Bai Yirui's face was a little more decadent, and the deep eyes were filled with uncontrollable pain.

At that time, he did approach her with other purposes at first, but then, with more and more contacts, he really fell in love with her.

In the past six years, he has been thinking about her all the time, he even thought that as long as she can return to his side, he can put down everything, just like now, he can completely destroy Wen Shi, but he did not do that, just However, she did not give him such an opportunity at all.

Could it be that he and she really missed it forever?

No, absolutely not. Six years ago, he missed her. Six years later, he must find her back and chase it back.

No matter how difficult it is, he will never give up.

Even if he knew that she had an unclear relationship with Ye Sishen, he would never let go!

"President, my wife went to see Bai Yirui." Secretary Liu pushed open the door of the office and walked in, seeing the gloomy face of his president trembling.

I thought the wife was finally back. His life should have been a little better, but I didn't expect it to be more sad now.

"What are you talking about?" Ye Si Shen quickly raised his eyes and looked at Secretary Liu, his face obviously sinking a bit: "You said, she went to see Bai Yirui?"

"Yes." Secretary Liu shook his own president's cold eyes, and his terrified legs were a little trembling. If he could, he really didn't want to report the matter to the president.

"Why did she meet Bai Yirui?" Ye Si frowned, how could this matter be related to Bai Yirui again?

He knew about the relationship between her and Bai Yirui, but before Bai Yirui came to her, she had never seen Bai Yirui. Even though the last time Bai Yirui stopped her under the Wen's building, she was also very indifferent to Bai Yirui, so he I thought there was nothing between her and Bai Yirui.

Why did she suddenly take the initiative to see Bai Yirui?

No, she obviously went to meet her sweetheart!

Is Bai Yirui her sweetheart?

Thinking of this, Ye Sishen's eyes became a little colder.

"You said that it was Wen Yi who was hurt by Bai Yirui?" Ye Sishen's eyes narrowed. The cold and dangerous breath made people tremble.

"Yes." Secretary Liu bowed his head slightly, and whispered.

"She doesn't know this matter?" Even though Si Si asked this question, her expression was a bit inconsistent with the question, or should he say that he hoped she didn't know about this matter, but...

"Mrs. should know, Mrs. said, what Bai Yirui does, she will not block, but it can't hurt Mr. Wen." Secretary Liu secretly exhaled. He knew that this was not the answer the president wanted, but this Is the truth.

"You mean, she knows that all this is done by Bai Yirui. Or she should have known for a long time." Ye Si Shen's eyes suddenly became dangerously cold.

He suddenly remembered her reaction to Wen's when he was in the car.

Because she had long known that Bai Yirui did it, so she indulged all this? Because she knew it was Bai Yirui, she didn't want Wen's to protect Bai Yirui?

In fact, Bai Yirui's handling of Wen's affairs is not a secret. The last Wen's crisis was caused by Bai Yirui. Although she didn't understand business matters, she took over Wen's after all, so she must be clear about those things.

So she must have known for a long time that Bai Yirui did everything.

Therefore, she does not need his help, not only does not need his help, but also does not want him to intervene in this matter, just because that person is Bai Yirui.

She is really hardworking! !

What is good about Bai Yirui? Is she doing that?

Ye Sishen suddenly felt that there was a fire in his chest, seeming to burn him.

However, before Bai Yirui took the initiative to find her more than once, she avoided it, but now she took the initiative to see Bai Yirui?

Obviously, this time she took the initiative to see Bai Yirui because of Mr. Wen’s body, which should be regarded as Wen’s, but she could come to him to save Wen’s?

He can help her save Wen's, he can even give her an absolutely powerful Wen's, as long as he wants, there is nothing he can't do.

But she just went to see Bai Yirui!

This damn woman is really damn angry.

"What did Bai Yirui say?" Ye Sishen sat up slowly, leaning his back on the chair slowly, and the pen he held suddenly broke.

Secretary Liu's legs were soft, almost kneeling.

"Bai Yirui said that he did all this for the purpose of seeing his wife, and said that he would not move Wen's." Secretary Liu exhaled secretly and had to sternly say: "Bai Yirui also said that he would start again with his wife. "

"Huh, he really dare to think." Ye Sishen's lips slowly raised, but there was no slight curvature, but it was terrible cold.

"How did she react?" After a pause, Ye Sishen's voice sounded again, this time a little more nervous.

Will she not be moved? After all, it was her sweetheart.

"Mrs. didn't say much, and left after not sitting for long." Secretary Liu's expression was obviously relaxed.

Secretary Liu felt that the news should be something the president is more willing to hear.

Ye Si was stunned. This made him a bit surprised. She took the initiative to see Bai Yirui. She didn't sit for a while. So she left quickly?

What is this situation?

Ye Si Shen's eyes flashed slightly, he picked up the phone and dialed it out.

But, soon, he hung up again, and then he took Secretary Liu’s phone and dialed it again.

He thought that after the previous things, she probably would not answer his phone at all.

Secretary Liu saw his president took his phone to call his wife, and her lips twitched fiercely.

"Secretary Liu? Is there anything?" On the phone, Wen Ruoqing's voice was as gentle and soft as usual, and he couldn't hear much.

"Where are you?" It was extremely uncomfortable to hear that she was so gentle with Secretary Liu, but so tit-for-tat against him.

"Mr. Ye, what's the matter?" At the other end of the phone, Wen Ruoqing was stunned, and then changed his name. The words were obviously kind, and even a little deliberately alienated in the kind.

Ye Sishen listened to her name, such a tone, she could not be strangled to death.

"What do you say?" She dare to ask him what's the matter? And it's completely like an innocent person, as if that thing she didn't do this morning: "It's impossible, what do you think you did, just passed?"