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#76 He's playing a rogue

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"We don't have a cave." Night division's heavy lips slightly close to her ears, whispered, the voice with a part of the temptation hook people's soul.

At first, he married her because he suspected that she was the woman five years ago, but he didn't tell her that since he was married, he didn't intend to leave.

Therefore, for the normal activities between husband and wife, he should not feel less.

Because from the beginning, he knew that he didn't exclude her. He didn't like other women approaching, but he liked the feeling when he approached her.

”As you said, we are married by agreement and do not fulfill the obligations of husband and wife. "Wen ruoqing was shocked at the bottom of his heart. His body was stiff. He never thought of it. What he said was this.

”When did I say that? "The night division is very careful. He doesn't remember that he said such things. It's absolutely impossible for him to say such things.

During the conversation, the night secretary's face was close to her neck and smelled of natural fragrance. He felt very comfortable. She seemed to love perfume, and she always felt this faint natural fragrance.

He drank wine, and his breath at the moment has a light smell of wine. Wen ruoqing can't touch any drop of wine. There is a kind of person who can get drunk just by smelling the wine. Wen ruoqing can't fall down just by smelling the wine, but he will definitely fall down if he takes a sip.

In other words, if she had drunk enough wine at the moment and kissed her again, she might be drunk.

It's true that she is drunk. It's no exaggeration at all. The doctor said that she is actually allergic to alcohol, so if she smells too much, she will be dizzy, and if she drinks, she will faint.

”On the agreement, it's clear. You signed it. "Wen ruoqing breathed the smell of wine. He felt dizzy and couldn't think as calmly as usual.

Feel his breath in her neck spread, Wen ruoqing only feel what has passed through the body, causing a pimple.

”I didn't see it. "The night division sank his lips and the corners of his lips were slightly hooked, and his voice had a slightly sinister smile.

"Then go to the agreement. It's very clear. "Wen ruoqing exhaled in a dark way, her head became more and more dizzy, and her face became more and more red. She knew that he was intentional, but now she could not push him away because he was so pressing.

No look. "What night division sinks back is more direct and decisive, leaving no room.

”You're a rascal. "Wenruoqing's eyes are a little more angry, because she is less calm, her brain seems to be dull, and her mood is very fast. She glares at him angrily. This man is totally a rogue and unreasonable.

”I'll be a rogue. What do you think of me? "The night Secretary raised his head and looked at her. His lips were slightly hooked. He had some ruffian evil spirit in his charm.

Wen ruoqing is very angry. She only feels an old blood blocked in her chest. She can't go up or down. She didn't expect that night Secretary Chen would be such a rascal.

But if he is really a rascal, what can she do to him?

Because he breathed too much wine, and also because of anger, at this moment, her face is red, her lips are delicate as petals, her eyes are hazy as the moon, although separated by thick lenses, it still shows a temptation that can hook people's souls.

Yesi Chen didn't know why she smelled the wine. It was just like this that he saw her for the first time.

Looking at her so attractive at the moment, night division sank her eyes, suddenly bowed her head and kissed her. Her body was so soft, her lips must be softer, and the feeling of kissing must be good.

At this moment, such a gesture of her made him unable to help...

Wen ruoqing seems to be in a daze. His brain seems to stop working. He just looks at his actions in a daze and does nothing.

He breathed with the smell of wine, her brain is slow at the moment, and her response is slow.

Night division Chen did not know the truth, see her stupefied did not refuse, his lips slowly raised.

However, just at the moment when his lips were about to touch her lips, his phone rang suddenly, and Wen ruoqing seemed to suddenly return to his senses and suddenly reached out to block him.

Night division Shen's face is a little more cold, just to see her charming face that seems to be dripping blood, a little stupefied, "how? So shy? "

He didn't know the truth but thought she was shy.

”You, you answer the phone. "At this moment, Wen ruoqing's words are stuttering.

Night division heavy lips Cape raised Yang, took the telephone to connect.

”What do you mean, get married, don't tell me. "As soon as the phone was connected, the hot voice of the other party came.

”Grandpa, you know I'm married. Do you think it's right for you to call me at this time? "Although the good thing was interrupted, the night Secretary Chen was not in a bad mood when he saw Wen ruoqing's appearance at the moment.

Wen ruoqing's lips are slightly pulled. This is the way he talks to the old man. She suddenly finds out tonight that yesichen doesn't seem to be exactly what she knows.

”What's the matter with you? "The old man's voice is obviously weak, it seems that there is a little more strange worry:" then I'll hang up first, you go on, I'm still waiting to hold my great grandson early, you work hard to take your daughter-in-law back to the old house tomorrow. "

”You haven't eaten yet. I'll make you something to eat. "Wen ruoqing's face is redder. He makes an excuse and pushes him away.

In fact, she didn't want to do anything more. She certainly won't force her, but it's hard to see her in a hurry. It's very interesting.

In the future, he is not in a hurry. It takes patience to cook frogs in warm water.

See her figure busy in the kitchen, night secretary's lips slightly pull pull, she can cook? Can she eat what she makes?

However, since she did it, he would like to taste it. How could it be poisonous?

The phone on the other side rings. He takes a look and gets through.

”Third brother, the case was solved, and the woman was really powerful. That night, she sent all the information. However, it wasn't her own, but the eldest brother helped her. According to her information, the police soon solved the case, which I couldn't understand. She asked a few words at random in the interrogation room. How could she know so much? " As soon as the phone was connected, Qin wushao's voice came.

Night division Chen did not speak, a pair of eyes have been looking at in the kitchen busy warm ruoqing.

"In fact, things are not very complicated, but no one thought that mu Shaobai even had a brother of conjoined baby, and how did the woman know? "Qin wushao did not suffer from the influence of yeshishen, so he continued:" by the way, do you remember the shoes and cosmetics that Aunt picked up that day? I have all mentioned fingerprints. If you have doubts, you can bring them to check the fingerprints. There will be a new one in Baimi. I have found something new in those fingerprints. "