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"My old arms and legs are no longer good. If you want to play, let my family Qingxin play with you for two games." Mr. Gu's face sank, and his heart was annoyed, and he directly breathed his anger on Ye Ye.

    The reason why Mr. Gu called for Gu Qingxin is to let Gu Qingxin play chess with Mr. Tang, in order to embarrass Mr. Tang.

    Ye Ye's complexion changed rapidly for a while, he thought that Mr. Gu just wanted to embarrass Mr. Tang.

    He thought that now that he was sitting here, Grandpa Gu would definitely not let Gu Qingxin play again, and did not expect Grandpa Gu to let Gu Qingxin play.

    The old man of the night rides a tiger for a while.

    Come on, he has already sat down, and Mr. Gu is obviously mad at him at the moment, and he will certainly not be given the opportunity to repent.

    But Gu Qingxin is the world champion, how could he win Gu Qingxin?

    Gu Qingxin counts as his grandchildren. He lost his age to such a hairy boy. Where does his old face go?

    At that time, everyone will not say what kind of world champion Gu Qingxin is, but only that he has lost such an elder to an junior.

    This is the heart.

    Otherwise, Grandpa Gu would not specifically call Gu Qingxin to embarrass Grandpa Tang.

    At this moment, Ye Ye hopes that Gu Qingxin can refuse, but Gu Qingxin sits directly opposite Ye Ye.

    "Grandpa Ye, come on." Gu Qingxin glanced at Grandpa Ye, his eyes were almost crazy, and he deliberately added a special tone to the word "Grandpa".

    Wen Ruoqing glanced at Gu Qingxin, his lips slightly ticked.

    Ye Ye at this moment is to catch the duck on the shelf, only to bite the bullet.

    It must be said that Master Ye's chess skills are usually good. He thought that even if Gu Qing is even stronger, he will not lose too badly, as long as it is not too bad, it is not too shameful.

    But, after a few steps, Ye Ye began to sweat on his head.

    At this moment, Grandpa Ye really understood the intention of Grandpa Gu. Grandpa Gu not only wanted to let Grandpa Tang lose to Gu Qingxin, but also made Grandpa Tang lose so badly that he lost face to face.

    Next, Master Ye became more and more chaotic, and it didn't take long to lose. It really was a mess.

    Old Master Tang's eyes narrowed slightly, and Old Man Gu originally intended to make him ugly.

    Old man Gu is really cruel.

    The Maotou boy who lost to a grandchildren was already disgraceful, but Gu Qingxin is a world champion after all, which is not too embarrassing, but it is embarrassing to lose like this.

    Mr. Tang was a little grateful and apologetic when he looked at Mr. Ye, but he was helpless.

    Because Gu Qingxin is too powerful.

    Those who were present were afraid that anyone who had changed with Gu Qingxin would lose miserably, miserably.

    "Come again." Gu Qingxin did not show mercy at all, and he did not mean to converge at all. What he was even more uncomfortable was that he was forgiving and forgiving.

    Gu people have become a habit of bullying others.

    At night, Grandpa Ye already saw the sweat on his forehead. He was angry and anxious. The first one lost so badly, not to mention the rest. If he keeps losing like this, how can he still see his old face?

    But Gu Qingxin pressed tight, and Ye Ye really had no way.

    Ye Ye can only pick up the chess pieces again, but he didn't know how to go for a while, he didn't move for a long time.

    "Hurry up, I'm going to fall asleep." Gu Qingxin glanced at Ye Ye, who said nothing polite and merciless, and naturally there was no respect for him.

    Master Ye was almost vomiting blood, and he was always proud, feeling uncomfortable. His hand holding the chess piece shook obviously.

    Some fairly neutral people have some sympathy when they look at Ye Ye, but no one can help Ye Ye.

    First, I didn't want to offend Gu's family. After all, Gu Zhengxun was about to be promoted to commander.

    Second, Gu Qingxin is too powerful.

    Mr. Tang's eyes were a little cold, and Gu people were really overdone, but at this moment he didn't have a very good way to help Mr. Ye.

    Of course, most people look at the bustling and not too big.

    "Senior man, the old lady said that her body is a little uncomfortable, let you pass." At this moment, Wen Ruoqing suddenly walked to the side of the old man and said a little lightly.

    "Ah? Okay, okay." For the first time, Ye Ruo felt that Wen Ruoqing looked so unobtrusive. However, Ye Ye thought it was Mrs. Ye that let Wen Ruoqing come to help him out.

    Ye Ye exhaled secretly, and then stood up quickly, intending to leave.

    "Why? Is this about to escape?" Gu Qingxin said suddenly, with scorn and even humiliation in the words.

    Ye Ye's body froze and his face was even more ugly. He was so old that he was said to run away?

    Gu family kid is humiliating.

    This is really embarrassing to face the night old man.

    "We don't run away." Wen Ruoqing raised his eyes and glanced at Gu Qingxin: "The old lady is a little uncomfortable and needs the old man to come and see. Otherwise, I'll take the old man for a while."

    Wen Ruoqing's gently fluttering words instantly resolved the embarrassment and embarrassment of Ye Ye.

    In this way, it would be logical for Mr. Ye to leave again without any problems.

    Ye Ye quickly looked at Wen Ruoqing, and his eyes were a little bit more stunned. Wen Ruoqing deliberately relieved him? It just so happened? Or was his wife teaching her?

    Gu Qingxin is so powerful, she plays Gu Qingxin for him? It is estimated that he died before he started.

    However, Grandpa Ye thought she and Gu Qingxin were ordinary people, and she was already stupid, and it was not too embarrassing to lose any more.

    "Do you want to continue?" Wen Ruoqing never had the habit of being a strong man, so she looked at Gu Zhengxin and asked politely.

    Mrs. Ye looked at Wen Ruoqing's actions, and for a while, she couldn't get back. What did Wen Ruoqing want to do?

    Ye Ye's eyes are also a bit more complicated.

    "Of course, continue, there is a death, why not continue? The old man don't want to escape, come back quickly." Gu Qingxin is more arrogant and arrogant at this moment. The reason why he didn't show his sympathy to Master Ye is so secret , Because he had been trimmed by Ye Si, and the whole life was better than death.

    Therefore, of course, he must take this opportunity to take revenge today, and humiliating Ye Ye is tantamount to humiliating Ye Sishen.

    Wen Ruoqing slightly lowered his eyes and said nothing more. Instead, he walked to the seat where the old man at night just sat and slowly sat down.