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Wen Ruoqing is real and really doesn't want to wear it, even if she is killed!

    However, at this moment Ye Sichen's face was cold again, and a pair of eyes were once again stained with dangerous breath.

    Wen Ruoqing exhaled secretly, thinking that she had slept with him so many times. Is there any good feelings, is not just wearing a pajamas? No less meat.

    I thought so, but Wen Ruoqing couldn't help feeling depressed. When she entered the bathroom and opened the pajamas, her eyes almost fell out.

    Come on, is this clothing? How poor is this manufacturer? Can't we use more fabric?

    She was already mentally prepared, but she wanted to repent when she saw the look of this pajamas.

    Want her to wear such a ragged dress to show Ye Si?

    If the wolf does not toss her to death tonight, then it is not Ye Sishen.

    After finishing the shower, Wen Ruoqing put on the pajamas, but she put the hotel pajamas on the outside again.

    The hotel's pajamas are thick, long, and airtight that can be wrapped.

    After wrapping himself, Wen Ruoqing opened the bathroom door and went out.

    Ye Sishen heard the sound, looked up quickly, and looked over. There was obviously a little expectation in his eyes, and then he saw the airtight Wen Ruoqing wrapped.

    Ye Sishen's brow frowned slightly, her lips moved slightly, and she just wanted to speak.

    "Her husband, my stomach hurts." Wen Ruoqing walked over and lay directly on the bed, a look of weakness.

    "Stomach hurts? What's wrong?" Ye Si Shen's expression changed slightly, thinking of her injuries, she couldn't help worrying.

    "Dysmenorrhea." Wen Ruoqing's face lay on the bed, and his voice sounded muffled. As a result, it sounded weak.

    Wen Ruoqing knew that in this situation, Ye Sishen would never let her go tonight, so she couldn't want to order other methods.

    "Dysmenorrhea? Isn't your menstrual period about 15th?" Ye Sanshao frowned slightly. He had seen the problem of dysmenorrhea when he checked the question about the safety period last time, so he understood.

    Her menstrual period is around the fifteenth, and now she suffers from dysmenorrhea?

    Wen Ruoqing was stunned, remembering that she had told him that her menstrual period was around the 15th of every month.

    "Premature dysmenorrhea." But Wen Ruoqing was not guilty at all, so he blushed nonchalantly.

    "In advance? Can you make it more than ten days in advance?" Although Ye Sanshao didn't know much about this kind of thing, although she was very serious at the moment, Ye Sanshao still felt that it was a bit wrong.

    The pain of dysmenorrhea written in the materials he reads mostly started after menstrual cramps, and appeared as early as 12 hours before menstruation.

    "Well, yes, I do this every time." Wen Ruoqing still doesn't have a slight guilty conscience, but the dull voice is even more feeble to listen to.

    She just bullied Ye Sanshao and didn't know these things.

    Wen Ruoqing thought, his stomach "pained" for half a month before menstruation, and his stomach "pained" for another half a month after menstruation, and then one month passed.

    Well, this idea is really good.

    To her, Ye Sishen knows, knowing that she can do everything to "escape" him.

    And what she said is really unreliable. Who can dysmenorrhea more than ten days in advance?

    Ye Si looked at Wen Ruoqing, who was lying on the bed softly at the moment, and sighed secretly. Even if she knew she was pretending, he could no longer do anything to her in this situation.

    Ye Sishen took out his mobile phone and dialed Secretary Li's phone: "Buy me a bag of brown sugar and some hot compresses."

    Wen Ruoqing could not help but turned to look at him when he heard him, and saw that he had just hung up the phone.

    At this time, he made people prepare these, only let her think of a possibility-he was prepared for her, to be precise for her dysmenorrhea.

    Does he even understand this?

    In fact, she really has problems with dysmenorrhea, so drinking brown sugar and applying hot compresses is something she must do every time.

    But how can he understand this as a man?

    If he understands all this, will he also know that dysmenorrhea cannot be advanced more than ten days?

    Wen Ruoqing looked at him, wanting to see some clues from his face, but Ye Sichen pulled a thin cover over her, and his eyes were extremely gentle: "First rest for a while."

    Then he got up with his mobile phone, went to another room, entered the room, and closed the door.

    Wen Ruoqing blinked, what is the situation?

    are you angry? It does not seem.

    So this is going to sleep with her?

    Since she was drunk that night, he didn't seem to sleep with her in a separate room. She had such a powerful effect and went directly to a separate room.

    Knowing this already, she has already used this trick.

    Ye Sanxiao entered the room, and after closing the door, made a call.

    "Sister, is it possible that a woman's dysmenorrhea will be more than ten days in advance?" As soon as the phone was connected, Ye Sishen asked directly, which was direct enough.

    Zhuo Annan, the eldest sister of the Zhuo family, heard Ye Sishen's words, and almost spewed out the coffee she just drank from her mouth. She sighed smoothly and said quietly, "Shen Shen, the hen does not lay eggs. , That's wrong. "

    In fact, Zhuo Annan was only two years older than Ye Si Shen, but she always shouted and used to calling Shen Shen.

    Zhuo Annan is a genius, and his IQ explodes. He went to college at the age of 12 and went abroad to study at the age of 14. At the age of 20, he was well-known in the domestic and foreign medical circles. Now, Zhuo Annan is like a legend.

    With Zhuo Annan's IQ, he guessed everything at once.

    Shen Shen, there is a woman! !

    Each of her younger brothers is a big boss, but she doesn't even have a girlfriend. She has a girlfriend and she must help Shen Shen.

    "Shen Shen, if it is really dysmenorrhea, there is a way to solve it, such as touching more, rubbing more, rubbing more things, doing more things, these are the best ways to relieve dysmenorrhea, sinking, you have already When I grow up, these should be understood. "Zhuo Annan said this enough enough.

    "Sister, she has been injured, and even caused infertility, will it hurt because of the previous injury?" This is Ye Sishen's most worried. He is afraid that she is not dysmenorrhea, but the pain caused by the injury.

    "Injury? Cause infertility? You bring her over, I will help her to see what is going on? The most important thing is to figure out what is causing it, everything is absolute, and find out what is causing it, Only then can we find a cure. "Zhuo Annan's face was a little more serious, and her heavy girlfriend could not get pregnant. This problem was a little serious, so she certainly couldn't ignore it! !