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How did Si Shen know where they were going that night? How did Ye Sishen catch up with them?

    Wen Ruoqing really couldn't figure this out at this moment, and Wen Ruoqing subconsciously looked at Ye Si Shen again.

    "Third Brother, the man is called Tang Baiqian." Qin Ting still thought he could atone for the merits, so he told Tang Siqian the name of Tang Baiqian.

    Wen Ruoqing's face sank, and a pair of eyes narrowed slightly. What does Qin Ting mean?

    Since Qin Ting had deceived Ye Sishen and concealed the seniors, he would betray the seniors again. Who is this?

    The seniors are also true. Why did you tell Qin Ting your real name? Now that is all right, Qin Ting told Ye Sishen directly.

    The identity of the seniors needs to be kept secret, and several forces in the M country want to take the life of the seniors.

    Murong Duanyang said that Ye Sishen also had a certain influence in country M, so she kept concealing her identity as a senior, because she didn't know if Ye Sishen's power in country M would conflict with the seniors.

    Ye Sishen now knows the identity of the senior, will it be dangerous to the senior?

    "Well, I know." However, Ye Sishen returned to Qin Ting very lightly.

    After Ye Sishen finished talking, he hung up the phone directly.

    Fortunately, Qin Ting called to apologize to him at the moment to explain the truth.

    If Qin Ting continued to lie to him, saying that he was fooled by someone who had lost something, then this brother really did nothing.

    However, even though Qin Ting apologized to him at this moment, he explained the truth, and some things might never return to the original.

    At least when he is in danger, it is impossible to give Qin Ting his back.

    Ye Si Shen hung up the phone and looked as usual, but when a pair of eyes looked at Wen Ruoqing, it was slightly different.

    Wen Ruoqing was shocked, his eyes flashed, Ye Sishen just said he knew?

    Ye Sishen means that he knew the identity of the senior long ago?

    How did Ye Sishen know the identity of the senior? When did you know? Could it be that Ye Sishen’s forces in M ​​really have conflicts with the seniors, would the seniors really be in danger?

    When Ye Sishen saw the worry on Wen Ruoqing's face, his chest suddenly felt a little stuffy. Of course he knew that she was not worried about him now, but Tang Baiqian. To be precise, she should be worried that he would be detrimental to Tang Baiqian.

    This damn woman, does she know who is her husband and who is her man?

    It was him, he was her husband, her man.

    As a result, she was worried about other men in front of him! !

    "I have known Tang Baiqian's things for a long time." Seeing her looks, Ye Sanshao's heart was called a boredom and a suffocated one, so he deliberately added another sentence: "I know, including him in M ​​country Of everything."

    Ye Sanshao said so deliberately at this moment.

    In fact, Ye Sanshao's remarks are not false. During this time, he did let people find out many and many things about Tang Baiqian in the M country.

    Of course, including Wen Ruoqing.

    "Seriously, Tang Baiqian really hindered me." Ye Sanshao knew what Wen Ruoqing was worried about, so he deliberately added such a sentence, he deliberately ambiguously said.

    "So?" Wen Ruoqing exhaled secretly, looking at him. Although his face didn't show much, he could still hear some ups and downs in the voice.

    Those ups and downs are her worries.

    Ye San Shaojue's chest was even more stuffy. He said this deliberately, obviously wanting to frighten her, but he found that he was completely abusing himself now.

    Seeing her worried about Tang Baiqian, he couldn't kill him.

    "So, it depends on what you mean." Ye Si stared at her, which was more ambiguous, but the meaning was obvious. He knew that Wen Ruoqing was clever, she would definitely understand.

    Ye Sanshao is now thinking that no matter what method is used, she must be kept by her side. Only by keeping her by her side, other things are possible.

    Ye Sanshao is now thinking of using all available conditions and resources.

    However, next, Wen Ruoqing made Ye Sanshao a little surprised...

    "What does your man's affairs have to do with me?" Wen Ruoqing gave him a direct look, and then his eyes were different from Chi Guoguo, saying Ye Sanshao was an idiot.

    She was indeed concealing the identity of the senior, because she did not want to expose the identity of the senior, because she did not put the senior in danger.

    But now that Ye Sishen knows everything, then she doesn’t have to hide it. As for the next thing, that is the thing between their men, it has nothing to do with her.

    Ye Si was stunned, completely stunned, looking at her so straight, how could this woman never play the card according to the routine?

    At this time, shouldn’t she agree to all the conditions he proposed for her seniors?

    He was still thinking, or could use this opportunity to stop her from thinking about divorce, as long as she didn’t divorce, as long as she stayed with him for a long time, she would definitely fall in love with him slowly.

    Isn’t it all the same in the play?

    Why is it different when she arrives here? Why doesn't it matter to her?

    However, the next night, the three young men recovered and scolded themselves fiercely in their hearts,

    Come on, Ye Sishen, are you sick?

    If she really promised him all the conditions for that shit, Tang Baiqian, then he is estimated to be angry.

    Then, Ye Sanshao was instantly satisfied with Wen Ruoqing's answer again.

    Well, his wife is different, so cool.

    Ye Sanshao looked at Wen Ruoqing, who smiled exceptionally... strangely.

    Looking at the smile on his face, Wen Ruoqing suddenly felt a little hair in his heart, what did he want to do?

    "What about your cell phone?" Ye Sanshao remembered that he had called her before and couldn't get through. He always felt strange.

    "My phone fell off." Wen Ruoqing was still a bit puzzled when she heard this. Her cell phone fell off. She didn't even notice it. It seemed that her vigilance was getting worse.

    Will she be with Ye Si Shen, not doing business every day, and then her skills are slowly deteriorating?

    Wen Ruoqing's possibility is very high, so she feels that she really needs to stay away from Ye Sishen.

    Of course, Ye Sanshao didn't know Wen Ruoqing's idea at the moment, and his eyes were slightly more contemplative.

    He believed what she said. She said that her phone had dropped. Maybe she thought her phone had really dropped.

    But this thing he felt was not that simple.

    Because Tang Baiqian was with her at that time, Ye San wasn't aware of it. It is likely that Tang Baiqian secretly took her mobile phone and secretly turned off her mobile phone so that he could not contact her.

    I have to say the truth about Ye Sanshao! !