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Somehow, Wen Ruoqing believed that Ye Sichen could not do that, so Wen Ruoqing said very firmly.

When Yue Hongling heard Wen Ruoqing's words, she froze for a moment, and then she couldn't help but smile. The girl was very protective of Ye Sishen.

At the other end of the phone, Tang Baiqian's body stiffened, and the hand holding the phone tightened instantly, and a pair of eyes was obviously a bit more ruthless.

He never imagined that Wen Ruoqing would maintain Ye Sichen like this.

Ye Sishen would never do that? Does she believe Ye Sishen so much? She just maintained Ye Sishen.

"You believe him that way?" When Tang Baiqian said this, his heart hurt, and his eyes were hated, why? Why is this happening?

"Senior, I know that Ye Sishen has investigated our affairs, but he mainly investigated my affairs, so he will not leak any of our information to our enemies." Wen Ruoqing still insisted, insisting on Ye Sishen Trust.

"If this matter is really related to Ye Sishen?" Tang Baiqian's lips were a little colder, but Wen Ruoqing couldn't see it through the phone.

"It's impossible, Ye Sishen has no reason to do that." However, Wen Ruoqing insisted even more.

"Huh..." Tang Baiqian suddenly chuckled and said: "The couple who have been a couple of days, it really is different."

When Tang Baiqian said this, the tone was obviously a bit ridiculous.

Wen Ruoqing has always been sensitive, and naturally heard it, her brow frowned, and she suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, but she didn't say anything.

There are some words that she said represent her attitude. Others don’t believe that she said too much is useless.

The senior she heard did not believe her.

"Senior, I returned to China for the sake of my mother's affairs, to ensure that it will not have any impact on the matter of the senior, but if the senior disagrees, I will tell them to postpone the time." Wen Ruoqing did not want to argue with Tang Baiqian, she thought Under such circumstances, Tang Baiqian must be in a bad mood. She should not add to Tang Baiqian's confusion at this time.

She must not put everyone in danger because of her affairs.

As for the domestic matter, she can contact the other party. Now there is clearly someone in China who is specifically responsible for the case of human trafficking.

There are some things she can't go by, and she can get some clues, but it may not be as accurate as she got in the past.

"The thing about returning to China..." Tang Baiqian originally wanted to directly dispel her thoughts of returning to China, but at this time, Tang Baiqian received a text message on another mobile phone.

‘Ye Si Shen came to the country. ’

The moment Tang Baiqian saw the text message, a pair of eyes squinted, how could Ye Sishen come to the country so quickly?

Under such circumstances, when Ye Sishen came to the country, there was only one possibility. That is, Ye Sishen found him and knew that Wen Ruoqing was here?

If Ye Sishen arrived in the country of O, with the ability of Ye Sishen, Wen Ruoqing could definitely be found soon.

This is the last thing Tang Baiqian wanted to see.

He must not let Ye Sishen see Wen Ruoqing, absolutely not! !

"Qing Qing, if you want to go back, go back, and you know, your affairs, I will never refuse." Tang Baiqian's words changed directly at the next moment. At that moment, his voice also returned to his usual softness.

"Doesn't it affect the seniors' things? Doesn't it bring danger to everyone? The seniors don't have to be forced." Wen Ruoqing obviously didn't expect Tang Baiqian to agree so quickly, and couldn't help but ask, after all everyone followed Like her loved ones, she doesn’t want to bring any danger to everyone because of her affairs.

"No, I will give you a ticket immediately, you will leave now, and now there is just the last flight from country o to city a. You hurry up and come back, I will let you send you over." Tang Baiqian Not only did he change his mind, but all of Wen Ruoqing's arrangements were made.

"So fast? Senior, in fact, I don't have to be so anxious." Wen Ruoqing froze, she was going back, but this matter did not need to be so anxious.

Now that the two babies are asleep, she can't explain to them.

In fact, Wen Ruoqing had already planned to contact the other party and wanted to postpone it for a few days. At this moment, Tang Baiqian suddenly changed her mind and was so anxious suddenly, making her a little uncomfortable for a while.

What the seniors she knew decided never changed so easily.

The senior said he would not refuse her, but at first the senior had obviously rejected her, and he refused very firmly.

"Today I went out to do something and happened to lead the other person away, so at this time, it is safest for you to leave. If you wait until tomorrow, I am afraid that they will be discovered." Tang Baiqian now wants to let Wen Ruoqing do it as soon as possible Leave, because Ye Sishen may appear at any time.

Tang Baiqian knew that domestic affairs were most likely arranged by Tang Ling. If Wen Ruoqing went back, Tang Ling would probably have Wen Ruoqing returned to the Tang family.

He did not want Wen Ruoqing to return to the Tang family.

However, it is better than letting Wen Ruoqing return to Ye Sishen's side.

Of course, Tang Baiqian also knows that if Wen Ruoqing returns to his country, Ye Sishen will definitely get the news soon, and Ye Sishen will definitely return to China soon.

However, Ye Sishen is now approaching the country of O. He is completely unprepared and unprepared, and he cannot compete with Ye Sishen at all.

At this time, Wen Ruoqing's return to China will at least temporarily relieve her urgent needs.

Waiting for Wen Ruoqing to return home, he can think of ways to make Wen Ruoqing avoid the night Si Shen.

After all, he still has a certain influence in a city.

I have to say that Tang Baiqian's thinking is quite good at the moment, but there are many things that may not be able to develop as he thinks.

Back to the country, back to a city, it is Ye Sishen's world, how could he control it.

"Senior, or wait for your matter to be resolved, I'll go back, things are not so urgent there." Wen Ruoqing has always been sensitive, she suddenly said such a sentence, Wen Ruoqing's eyes flickered when she said this.

Wen Ruoqing felt that Tang Baiqian was a little eager at the moment, and eagerly wanted her to leave.

Such eagerness, coupled with Tang Baiqian's completely different attitudes before and after, made her suddenly have a little more vigilance, which was the vigilance of the instinctive reaction.

She trusts Tang Baiqian, but it is also impossible to be that kind of blind trust. She has the ability to distinguish, and she is strong enough to distinguish, as long as there is a little suspicious, she can perceive sensitively, or This is the instinctive reaction of her profession.

So, at this moment, she had some doubts in her mind. She always likes to be clear and clear in her work.

She didn't want to be fooled by anyone.