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He is standing on the fifth floor at the moment, and he can see yesichen standing on the second floor. At the moment, yesichen obviously also sees wenruoqing. Yesichen is standing on the second floor and looking at wenruoqing.

Men's eyes slightly narrowed, night division Shen this is tracking her?

At the same time, Wenjia mansion.

"Dad, you can call Qingqing and let her come back to lie down. Even if not for Ruan, if Qingqing doesn't go home for so many days, don't you really worry about it?" Wen Ruan was arrested in the police station because he drugged Wen Ruan Qing at the party. These days, Wen Zhiyang and Li Yun tried their best to save Wen Ruan.

Their husband and wife can only come to ask the old man, hoping that the old man can persuade Wen Ruan Qing to let him go, because the key to this matter is Wen Ruan Qing.

However, Li Yun's mouth is dry, but the old man is not moved. She can only let Wen Zhiyang appear.

"Dad, please call Qingqing and ask about it." Wen Zhiyang is also worried. He looks at old man Wen pleadingly.

Old man Wen looks at Wen Zhiyang and finally dials up Wen ruoqing with his cell phone.

Li Yun is happy. As long as Wen ruoqing comes back, it will turn around. At that time, she will try her best to let Wen ruoqing promise to let Ruan go.

In the shopping mall, Wen ruoqing saw the phone call of the old man and was stunned, then connected: "Grandpa."

"Eyes, have a good time outside?" Old man Wen's face softened for a moment, and his voice was even more merciful.

"Well, it's good." Wen ruoqing was not sure what the old man meant when he called suddenly, so he said it vaguely.

"Well, you'd better be happy and remember to come back to see grandpa when you are free." Old man Wen smiled, smiling gently and lovingly.

"OK." Wen ruoqing chuckles and feels a little warm in her heart. She knows that Wen Ruan is still in the police station. She will beg for grandpa with Li Yun's character.

She guessed that the phone call was probably made by Li Yun and their grandfather.

But grandpa didn't mention anything about Wen Ruan, and didn't even urge her to go back.

She knew grandpa really hurt her.

"Dad, why don't you let Qingqing come back?" Li Yun's eyes were so stupid that he could not help but roar.

"Don't you worry about Qingqing? I just called to confirm. Qingqing is OK. Have a good time. You can rest assured. " Old man Wen gave her a cold look.

“……” Li Yun is speechless and gnaws his teeth more hatefully.

Old man Wen ignored her and went upstairs.

"What now?" Wen Zhiyang is also a little confused. It's better not to call him.

Li Yun's eyes are a little more cruel. She is also a granddaughter. The old man is too eccentric. Where is that fool better than her family Ruan Ruan?

But it's no use getting angry now. The most important thing now is to find a way to save Ruan.

At the moment, Li Yun received a phone call: "madam, I see the eldest lady. She is shopping in the silver dragon mall."

"Wen ruoqing is in Yinlong mall. Let's go to find her." Li Yun hung up and went out.

Wen Zhiyang thought of another question: "but Wen ruoqing will certainly not listen to us."

Li Yun stops and her eyes sink slightly. The dead girl is obviously different this time. She is really smart. She is not as easy to fool as before. When they go to find the dead girl, she is unlikely to be obedient.

Her eyes suddenly brightened: "I have a way to let Ye Yunan come out."

"Ye Yunan? Is that all right? " Wen Zhiyang frowned slightly and doubted.

"Sure. When ye Yunan fell out of wedlock, she was so sad that she suddenly fell ill. That means that she really liked Ye Yunan. The dead girl was already a bit dead hearted. Now she must still like Ye Yunan, so let Ye Yunan come out and make sure it works." Li Yun's face is a little more complacent and calculating.

"But I heard that Wen ruoqing did a lot of embarrassing things at the last party." Wen Zhiyang frowned more tightly, and he felt that it was hanging.

"Just because it shows that she cares about ye Yunan in her heart, she cares about ye Yunan on purpose. As long as the dead girl cares about ye Yunan, it's easy to do." Li Yun's idea is the opposite of Wen Zhiyang's. she calls Ye Yunan as soon as she finishes talking.

Coincidentally, ye Yunan happens to be in Yinlong shopping mall.

"Yunan, Ruan Ruan has been put into the police station. You must save Ruan." As soon as the phone was connected, Li Yun cried directly.

"How do you want me to save her?" When mentioning that day, ye Yunan's face sank directly. If it wasn't for Wen Ruan to prescribe medicine to Wen Ruan, if it wasn't for Wen Ruan to ask him to test Wen Ruan, he would not have fallen into Wen Ruan's plan, let alone made a fool of himself.

He hated Wen Ruan more than Wen Ruan.

Now Li Yun even wants him to save Wen Ruan? It's funny.

"In fact, Qingqing did this because of you. Qingqing always liked you very much, because she liked you. Qingqing always hated Ruan. So this time, Qingqing didn't let the police let Ruan out. Yu Nan, do you understand what I mean?" Li Yun directly distorts the facts. It's clearly Wen Ruan's fault. It's Wen Ruan's fault to hear that.

"You say wenruoqing because I deliberately deal with Ruan?" Ye Yunan was stunned, her eyes were light, some doubted, some didn't believe: "but she was clear at the party that day..."

Ye Yunan thought of the party that day or can't help the frustration, can't help the anger.

"That's because she's still thinking about you. She's just trying to get your attention." Li Yun doesn't know what Wen ruoqing thinks at all, but she is very positive when she says this to Ye Yunan at the moment.

"What you said is true?" Ye Yunan asked again, but he couldn't help but feel a little more happy and, of course, satisfied with a little more vanity.

Li Yun's statement is quite reasonable.

He knows that Wen ruoqing is not the same as before. He is not stupid. He has even become smart. And he has given the whole Wen family to Wen ruoqing. If Wen ruoqing still likes him, he can marry her.

"Apart from this, I can't think of any other reason, so you must save Ruan. Now only you can save Ruan." Li Yun heard the change in his tone and added one sentence after another.

"Yes, I promise." When ye Yunan looked up, he just saw Wen ruoqing, and his lips began to smile.

He quickly hung up the phone and went to Wen ruoqing's face: "Qingqing."

"What's the matter?" Wen ruoqing glanced at him with some surprise, but there was no change in his cold face.