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"If you know you can't get it back, why do you still want to grab it? What do you mean? How do I tell Xiaowu." Chu Ling'er had too many questions in his mind at the moment.

    "You tell Xiaowu, as long as you can touch Ye Sishen's wallet, don't go to the memory card." Wen Ruoqing spit out a word slowly.

    "So it's also vain to grab the wallet." Chu Ling'er was stunned. She finally recovered, and her lips couldn't help but smoked fiercely: "Qing Qing, will you play your husband like this broken?"

    Wen Ruoqing turned her eyes and glanced at her. Can she speak well?

    What does it mean to break her husband's play? How does that sound ...

    Wen Ruoqing knew that Ye Sishen should have recognized her last night, so she must first dispel Ye Sishen's suspicions.

    Yesterday night, Ye Sishen put the memory card in her wallet in front of her. No one except her knew that the memory card was in Ye Sishen's wallet.

    Therefore, she can't directly start Ye Sishen's wallet, which will make Ye Sishen directly identify her.

    Therefore, both Qin Wushao and Secretary Liu were smoke bombs designed to eliminate Ye Sishen's suspicion of her.

    Of course, letting Xiao Wu grab Ye Sishen's wallet will definitely arouse Ye Sishen's suspicion of her, but in this reality, even if Ye Sishen suspects her, it is not her.

    What's more, Xiaowu will not take away the memory card.

    And as long as Xiaowu does not take the memory card, his doubts will become another kind of suspicion.

    All she wanted was another guess from Ye Sishen.

    Ye Sishen's wallet was robbed, and even if the memory card was still there, he would doubt whether the memory card in the wallet was replaced by someone.

    He had such suspicions that he would definitely check the contents of the memory card. As long as he checked, Murong Duanyang had a way to get the information back.

    Yes, as long as she has information, she doesn't have to take back the memory card.

    Among all the plans, the only thing she was not sure about was the last step. She was not sure if Ye Sishen would check the information on the memory card as she designed.

    If Si Shen didn't check the memory card last night, all her arrangements would be wasted.

    In the office, Ye Si Shen received a call from Secretary Liu: "President, I have searched the entire study in your home and have not found the memory card you said."

    "Are you looking for a memory card in my house?" Ye Sishen frowned, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

    "Yeah, isn't it the President, did you call me to find it?" Secretary Liu was ashamed when he heard his President, what happened?

    "Why should you go?" Ye Sishen knows what's going on without asking. With her ability, it's really easy to deceive Secretary Liu.

    Hanging up the phone, Ye Sishen suddenly smiled, but that smile looked somewhat unpredictable.

    Qin Ting first, then Secretary Liu, he wants to see who will be next?

    He was really looking forward to her coming out in person!

    At night, Ye Sishen had an important entertainment. When he walked outside the restaurant, a little girl who bought flowers stopped in front of him.

    Usually, there are such little girls selling flowers outside this restaurant, but they usually find that kind of couple.

    "Sir, buy a bouquet of flowers for your girlfriend or wife, she will definitely be very happy, like it." The little girl took a bouquet of flowers and handed it to Ye Sishen with a sweet face Laugh, of course more is still expected.

    Ye Sishen had never bought flowers by himself, and originally he did not intend to buy them, but when he heard the sentence behind the little girl 'Give it to his wife, she will be very happy and like it', he stopped. Footsteps, then took the flowers in the little girl's hands.

    Someone watching next to them couldn't believe it. Ye Sishen was so fooled by such a low way?

    When Ye Sichen took out his wallet and wanted to pay, his lips slightly ticked, revealing a radiant arc of laughter.

    At this moment, the little girl selling flowers suddenly reached out to grab the wallet in his hand, and the little girl moved very quickly.

    At the same time, a figure rushed over quickly to grab Ye Sishen's wallet.

    Originally, the little girl had distracted most of Ye Si's attention, and the reaction and speed of Primary Five were extremely fast. It can be said that few people can exceed the speed of Primary Five, but even so, Primary Five Just touched a corner of Ye Sishen's wallet.

    Xiaowu just touched it for a while, and then Ye Sishen avoided it with his wallet.

    Xiao Wu was stunned. His face was unbelievable. He couldn't believe it. In this case, he actually missed it?

    Come on, Ye Sanshao's reaction is faster than his boss.

    Sure enough! !

    Worthy of being Sister Qing's husband!

    Xiao Wu responded quickly. Although he was very surprised at the moment, he quickly recovered. Sister Qing meant that as long as she touched her wallet, then he was considered to have completed the task, so he should withdraw.

    At the next moment, Xiaowu ran away at the fastest speed.

    Ye Sishen thought that Xiao Wu must have come to the memory card. He thought that Xiao Wu had a hand on his body once, and he would definitely find another way. He did not expect Xiao Wu to leave so soon!

    Xiao Wu's speed is indeed too fast. When Ye Si Shen wanted to catch him, he had already run a distance, and then disappeared in the blink of an eye.

    Ye Sishen didn't move any more, just looked at Xiao Wu's direction of escape, his lips slowly raised ...

    Ok, very good, this is getting more and more exciting!

    After feeling that he was out of danger, Xiaowu took out his mobile phone and called Chu Linger to report the situation.

    "What, did you fail to grab his wallet in that situation?" Chu Ling'er was shocked directly after hearing Xiao Wu's report: "Yesi Shen Zhen is so powerful?"

    "Well, I designed all this, but in the end I only touched a corner of his wallet." Xiao Wu's voice was a little depressed, which was definitely the most frustrating time in his history.

    "However, you said that as long as you touch his wallet to complete the task, I am also considered to have completed the task?" Xiao Wujue's this should be regarded as the last bit of comfort.

    Chu Ling'er's lips couldn't help but smoke, she hadn't really thought of this in advance.

    "Qing Qing, Xiao Wu only touched a corner of Ye Si Shen's wallet. Can this be considered a success?" Chu Ling'er hung up the phone and looked at Wen Ruoqing, his voice weak.

    Wen Ruoqing's lips twitched slightly, and she didn't speak. She knew that Ye Sishen was powerful, but she didn't think that Xiao Wu was out of the horse, or she had arranged obstacles, but she just felt the corner of Ye Sishen's wallet.

    If the wallet didn't leave Ye Sishen's hand, naturally he didn't leave Ye Sishen's line of sight. This time, Ye Sishen wouldn't have much doubt.

    So, her plan was a failure, not only that, but she was afraid ...