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Ye Sanshao will of course not admit that at this moment his heart is actually envious and jealous.

    What shit luck did Xi Ji go to be so dad? And still two at a time?

    But isn't it just a child? He can have the same.

    He is a man with a wife now, and now he works so hard every day, and they don't have contraception. I believe he won't be long before he can become a father.

    It's just that Wen Ruoqing had no contraception, he was very surprised, and he couldn't figure it out.

    They signed the agreement before they got married. He knew that she had always remembered the agreement, and she also planned to leave after one year.

    If so, why did she not have contraception?

    However, Ye Sanshao did not say anything at the moment. He was afraid that if she did not think about contraception because of lack of awareness in this respect, he would remind her if he said that she would have another contraception at that time. Dad?

    However, Ye San Shaoju's kind might not be too big, so he was even more puzzled.

    Xi Ji finally hung up the phone, and it was necessary for He Tongtongjue to explain to him clearly, and he should not be misunderstood again: "Actually, these two children are not yours."

    It ’s not hers, it ’s Wen Ruoqing ’s. He is still at least a stepfather at night, and he ’s nothing.

    Xi Ji froze, a pair of eyes looked at her, thought for a while, then slowly said: "There is something, I want to tell you that two years ago, I had a car accident, the doctor said I lost some memory, so, I I do n’t remember you, but I think that we must have known before, and you must be a very important person in my life, because every time I see you leave, my heart will hurt and I will be particularly upset. "

    He Tongtong was shocked, he had a car accident two years ago? She did not remember her because he lost part of his memory.

    So those things two years ago were not his original intentions? Or, he didn't even know! !

    That should be all the tricks designed by Yang Qingqing, of course, and Mrs. Xi ...

    So, she actually misunderstood him.

    "Did we know it right? We used to be a lover's relationship, right?" Although Xi Ji still doesn't think about the things between them before, but at the moment, he feels right, absolutely not wrong.

    He Tongtong was too surprised, and because of the remorse in her heart, she did not answer him for a while, and of course, she did not refute his words.

    Seeing that she didn't refute, Xi Ji's lips and lips laughed. It seems that he guessed right. They must have been a lover before.

    However, he didn't recognize it. Thinking of this, Xi Ji couldn't help feeling annoyed or heartache. He looked at her, and his eyes became deep: "Can you forgive me for not recognizing you? "

    Xi Ji paused slightly, and said again: "If you can't forgive me, can you give me a chance to make up? I promise, I will guard you well in the future, even if I forget myself, I will never forget you again. "

    The love story of Xi Ji's words is touching and sensational, fearing that any woman will be touched after hearing it.

    Not to mention a woman who has always loved him deeply.

    He Tongtong has tears in his eyes but a smile on his face. If this is the truth two years ago, then he did not make any mistake. Instead, she misunderstood him and it was her fault.

    Seeing her like this, Xi Ji was even more certain. He reached out, wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, and gently rubbed her face.

    He saw the two babies staring at him with big eyes and couldn't help laughing: "Is these two children mine?"

    He thought that she had just denied it because she was angry with him and deliberately concealed him. Since all the misunderstandings have been explained clearly now, then she will definitely not deny it again.

    "No?" He Tongtong froze, shaking his head slowly.

    Xi Ji froze, looking at her in disbelief, is she kidding him?

    However, he can see that her expression is very serious, not a joke, what should be said is true.

    "Really not mine? You lied to me?" Xi Ji could not accept this cruel blow, and could not accept that the children who had just arrived had just flew in this way.

    "I didn't lie to you. The children are really not yours. They are not my own. I am just their godmother." He Tongtong couldn't help laughing when he saw him.

    Of course, her explanation is enough, and Xi Ji can't believe it.

    None of them were born by his woman, can baby be his?

    Xi Ji suddenly froze, he just so proudly flaunted with the third brother, did not expect that in the end it would be such a result.

    What is going on?

    "You are a godmother, then I am a godfather." However, Xi Ji recovered and quickly added a sentence.

    "Bah, you're going to take advantage." He Tongtong tweeted him lightly, his face slightly flushed.

    "The baby just shouted at my father, and I am their father." Xi Ji's face was a little more proud.

    "Will you not have to mention the things of two babies in the face of outsiders in the future, and their family members do not want their affairs to be exposed, fearing that they will be hurt." Hitomi He thought of the special situation of Wen Ruoqing and the two babies, afraid of Xi Ji Too much talk will cause unnecessary trouble.

    "Who are their parents?" Xi Jiwei stunned, and there was a little doubt in his eyes. Under what circumstances would parents worry about their children's exposure?

    At this moment, he is particularly curious about who is the child's parents?

    What kind of mom and dad have such a cute and beautiful and so smart child?

    "This can't tell you for the time being." He Tongtong thought of Ji Ji and Ye Sishen's relationship, it is impossible to tell him more.

    "Even I have to keep it secret? I'm their godfather." Xi Ji was not happy, he was not happy mainly because she didn't want to hide something from him.

    Originally, he lost part of his memory and forgot their previous affairs. That kind of feeling was very bad and uncomfortable.

    "Why do you ask so much? You don't know what you said." He Tongtong can only temporarily find a reason to fool him.

    Tang Zhimo raised his eyebrows, but did not refute He Tongtong's words.

    Tang Zixi's small mouth was straightened, and Hitomi's mother deceived her, and her uncle and dad worked in a company, and she had previously heard others call uncle and deputy general manager.

    However, Hitomi's mother did not agree with her to find her father, so Tang Zixi didn't say anything at the moment. She decided to secretly ask Uncle when Hitomi's mother was away.

    Uncle must know her father, and she will be able to help her find her father, when she can secretly go to find her father without Hitomi's mother.

    He Tongtong didn't notice Tang Zixi's expression at the moment, so he didn't know Tang Zixi's plan.