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#28 Reborn

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"Master Wen sent Miss Wen to a well-known nursing home. These are photos of Miss Wen in the nursing home." Secretary Wu explained.

    Ye Si Shen stopped working in her hand, picked up the photos, and looked at them one by one. From the photos, she couldn't see anything strange. Most of the photos in the photos were sitting on the balcony, very quiet, very quiet, quiet. There is only her in the whole world, her eyes are very simple, she seems to have nothing, to be precise, she should be in a daze.

    These photos were taken secretly at first glance, she did not know.

    "Continue to stare." Ye Si Shen put down the photo, there was not much expression on his face, just listened to his meaning and did not give up.

    In the following month, there were constant photos from Wen's nursing home in M, all of which were photos of Wen Ruoqing. The woman in the photo was still that quiet, and her eyes were still that simple, one month. Time has not changed.

    "President, do you still want to stare?" Secretary Wu asked carefully while looking at his president's unpredictable face.

    "Withdraw it first." Ye Sishen's voice could not hear any emotion.

    However, Ye Sishen went there in person. M country went to the nursing home in person. What he saw with his own eyes was exactly the same as in the photo. Ye Sishen stood for a moment, then turned and left.

    Five years later, MG.

    "I heard that the old man has made an ultimatum. If you don't want to get married again, you will transfer the company to your younger brother. It seems that your old man is really anxious. Next, what are your plans?" Qin Wushao slightly took it. Smiling at Ye Sishen.

    Ye Sanshao's life is self-disciplined. In the past five years, there hasn't even been a woman around him. Could Mr. Ye be in a hurry?

    Ye Sishen did not respond in any way, it seems that this matter has nothing to do with him.

    "Otherwise, from now on, you will marry her, the first woman who meets the marital status of the MG, how?" Qin Wushao certainly knew that Ye Sishen did not take the threat of the old man too seriously, But life is too boring, always find a different fun.

    This MG was originally from Qin Wushao. Every corner of the MG was equipped with surveillance, but these outsiders rarely knew.

    "Oh, a woman happened to be here." Qin Wushao just turned the monitor out, and saw a woman walk in. The original casual expression changed a little bit, "Huh? Why is this woman so familiar? It seems to be Miss Wen ......... "

    "However, this Miss Wen is not quite the same as it was five years ago. It's not as earthy as it was five years ago. It's a little more special. If it's not the freckles on her face, and her glasses, I can't recognize her anymore. "

    Ye Sishen shook the hand of the glass slightly, slowly raised his eyes, and looked over. When he saw Wen Ruoqing in the portrait, his eyes narrowed slightly.

    Five years ago, he suspected that the woman in the hotel that night was her, but all the evidence proved that it was not her. He even went to country M to check it in person, and found no flaws.

    I did not expect to see her again here five years later. As Qin Ting said, she looks different from five years ago.

    Is it different?

    The appearance has not changed, the dress is still the same, the difference seems to be revealed from the bones, five years can make a person reborn?

    He has always believed that all essential things are difficult to change.

    Or something about five years ago, he should check it again. Ye Sishen took the wine glass and drank slowly, his eyes slowly becoming deeper.